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  1. I think that's the reason I remember the scene so well. Because of our young ages, we did not know what ruining a career meant. Thanks to the scene, we thought it literally meant to kick someone in the rear. So for about a month, we would playfully kick each other's rears while saying, "I'm going to ruin your career!" I would dearly love to see that movie again, and if it's in DVD, to play it for his grandkids to see if they would enjoy that scene as much as we did.
  2. I hope someone can help find a movie title. The problem is, I only remember one scene. I don't know the year of the movie, but my brother and I saw it on TV as kids in the 1950's. A disheveled young man is sitting on the floor, and a young woman is standing over him. I think the woman is a performer, and something went wrong with the performance. The man whines, "You've ruined my career!" The woman then says, "I'll ruin your career!", lifts him up, and then gives him a hard kick in the rear. Then he yells, and stumbles off-camera. My brother and I were literally on the floor laughing. I would
  3. Thank you so much, but from another source I found out that it was Wit, with Emma Thompson. I appreciate you responding, though.
  4. I am trying to find the title of a movie that I saw several years ago. I don't know the year of the movie. It involves a British teacher who is despised by her students because she is ridiculously hard. She ends up in a hospital dying from cancer. Her doctor, a young man, turns out to be a former student of hers. He admits that he liked her, but was afraid of her. Towards the end, before she dies, she is visited by someone who, to comfort her, reads to her from a book that her father used to read to her from. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  5. It's a 1937 Vitaphone short called Romance Of Louisiana. It was shown after the movie A Southern Yankee.
  6. Does the girl actually speak to the unborn sister? If so, it might be The Blue Bird with Shirley Temple. This movie was made in 1940. She and her brother are guided by a fairy. The people about to get born ride in a ship with Father Time. Except in this movie, we do not see the actual birth - the sister says she will come later. But the girl, who originally was selfish, gives her sick friend Angela the Blue Bird on her return, and Angela recovers.
  7. Thank you so very much!!! That was it. No wonder I had trouble finding it, with my dates so way off. I mistakenly assumed that Million Dollar Movie showed only old, old movies. Thank you again - you have been such a help!
  8. I have been trying for years to find the name of a movie I saw on Million Dollar Movie during the 1950's, possibly early 1960's. I presume the movie was made in the 1940's or early 1950's. A brother and sister are stranded on an island. I don't remember what happens to the brother, but he must get killed, because the sister ends up alone on the island. Later, another woman comes to the island. The sister keeps saying that she wishes she could understand what she is saying. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  9. I checked the synopsis for Gypsy Wildcat, and it said it took place in a Renaissance town, and involved a tribe of gypsies. The movie I'm looking for takes place in modern times. The family are not really gypsies, they get called that because they drive from place to place, and camp out. Thank you for your suggestion, though. I appreciate your trying to help.
  10. Thank you for your suggestion, Ayres. I tried it, but came up empty. It was a good suggestion, though. As for you, FredCDobbs, that is a cute cartoon, but it doesn't answer my question.
  11. I hope someone can help me with this. I have been trying to find out a movie title for years. I saw it as a child on Million Dollar Movie, so I would presume that the movie is 1940ish. I can only rmember bits and pieces. In the beginning, a little girl is riding in a car with her parents, and there is a voiceover with the little girl as an adult woman saying, "We were gypsies, peddlers, bums." They are always on the move, so the little girl never stays in school long. Another scene I remember is the teacher calling her name during the roll call, and getting no response because the family has
  12. Quite some time ago, didn't someone ask about a movie in which June Haver did a black specialty dance, but not in blackface? My memory may be faulty, because the thread was posted quite a long time ago. If my memory is not faulty, I think I may have the answer. The other day, I saw June Haver do just that in Irish Eyes Are Smiling. She was not in blackface, but she had a black wig on.
  13. Thank you so very much! I checked the synopsis, and this is definitely it. One of the reasons that I had trouble finding it was that I said that the boy's nickname was "Killer", and it turned out to be "Nipper". I wish that I could have seen into the future in those days. If I had known that we would have VCR's and DVD's, I would have written down all the names of the movies I had watched. I am trying to find a couple of others, too, but I thought I'd start with just one, which was my favorite. Thank you again.
  14. I have been trying for years to find the name of a movie that I enjoyed as a child. I saw it durung the 50's on Million Dollar Movie, so I presume the movie was made 1940ish. It starts out with an orphaned brother and sister, and I think an old man is with them. The boy grows up, and he becomes a star athlete. He is very jealous of the men in his sister's life, and can't understand his feelings, and the sister is uncomfortable, too. At the end, they find out that they were both adopted, and not related by blood. So their love is not forbidden, and they walk away hand in hand at the end.
  15. I just rented Love And Death, and I am convinced that Jacqueline Fogt played Madame Orsini. The faces (and age) are identical. Thank you again for your help.
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