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  1. I love TCM, and turn to that network more often than most other options, however there seems to be an obsession with showing movies about WWII recently. There are many different topics and stories depicted in a multitude of movies in the history of the cinema, yet each day there seems to be movies highlighting war. I love many of the war movies, (Patton, The Great Escape, All Quiet On The Western Front, Joyeux Noel, and Stalag 17 are amongst the few that I own in my private DVD collection), yet the endless airing of war movies within the same time as the current decade long war is in very ba
  2. I must say, after watching Grace Kelly movies, there was never a more beautiful actress in Hollywood history. I've always thought she was beautiful, but she was absolutely stunning. I also thought Myrna Loy was an incredibly under-rated beauty.
  3. Considering garbage of this sort as art is what is wrong with the music industry these days. The "American Idol" ilk is not music,it's simply posing as music. No heart,no soul,no talent. Sort of like the "celebrity" judge Paula Abdul,(a woman who had a voice as grating as Olive Oyl,yet consisdered to be a judge of musical talent).The fact that the film industry would commit this bunch of b.s. for posterity is horrendous.The dou Milli Vanilli should be as memorible as last weeks coffee.Any idiot who would attend a film about these posers should have a screw driver poked in their eardrums to for
  4. I just turned 50. I know what you're saying when you state that the performers I mentioned are not actors/actresses,however these people are being passed to the public as though they are multi-talented.None of them can actually act,and the art of acting is seriously lacking in most of what Hollywood produces anymore.That's why I perfer the older movies shown on TCM.
  5. I also cannot stand Jennifer Tilly,I liked her sis Meg (wish she wasn't retired),but Jennifer kills me when she opens her mouth.
  6. I have absolutely nothing against adult-oriented movies (porn),except for the underaged stuff. I also don't care for the preoccupation of breast implants etc. Those adult movies serve a purpose but will never be worthy of awards or recognition toward the art of film-making. I have nothing against those who sell legal porn as well as standard cinematic films
  7. Of the older performers that I couldn't stand: Mickey Rooney was always a horrible ham,Glenn Ford was always too stiff,and Joan Crawford was hideous on screen and off screen she was "mommy dearest"
  8. Amen to that.......and I feel the same for Aston Kutcher-Owen Wilson-and Tom Cruise
  9. Actor's/Actresses I cannot stand: Ashton Kutcher,Owen Wilson,Tom Cruise,David Schwimmer/Jennifer Love Hewitt,Jessica Simpson,Paris Hilton,Madonna,and all of the Desperate Houswives
  10. Thank you to everyone who offered opinions about this film. I never knew about Truman Capote's desire to see Marlyn Monroe cast as Holly. Interesting idea,but I'm glad it was Audrey. I also forgot to mention Henry Mancini's score.I have always loved Mr. Mancini's work,(my favourite score from him was the music from "The Odd Couple").
  11. I agree about her finer films being My Fair Lady and Sabrina,but I love her adult role as Holly.I remember when Barbara Walters interviewed her not long before she passed away,and Audrey was still an extremely stunning woman....even with her grey hair.Some actually think that Jennifer Love Hewitt looks similar to Ms. Hepburn,(however Ms. Hewitt doesn't have an eyelash worth of Audrey's talent).
  12. Watching this movies re-affirms what I have always thought about who was the most beautiful actress in Hollywood....Audrey Hepburn. If there were an actress around today who looked as good as Audrey,I doubt the lousy paparazzi would leave her alone long enough to provide us with such a wonderful charactor as Holly Golightly. I love her in this movie,and I also enjoy George Peppard (very handsome and All-American).The only horrible role within this fantastic film is portrayed by Mickey Rooney. His racist portrayal of a post WWII stereo-type of a Japanese man is greatly offensive,and despicable
  13. What's so sad about this news,other than the obvious fact that dying at such an early age is always tragic ,but that so much attention is being awarded to such an untalented person. Her life was a curiosity at best,and that curiosity should've been sated 15 minutes after she wed her sugar-daddy.The after effect that was her life was morbid and bizarre,as seen in her horrible "reality" TV program. She was a remarkably stupid person who was consumed by her own vanity and swallowed by a disgusting cast of paparazzi and "tabloid fans"......the same sort of "fan" who drives slowly
  14. I haven't read all of the entry's,but has anyone mentioned Shemp Howard? He was probably the biggest slob on screen (always looked like he needed a shower). On the female side I have to say Bette Davis.She was a great actress,but not even on my drunkest night!
  15. If I could bring back one actor from his peak time it would be W.C.Fields,just to see his "take" on the absurd & surrealist times that we live in.I'd love to view his humor through these weird times.For music I'd bring back a healthy Jerry Garcia.
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