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  1. Anybody like Mandy Patinkin?? As a singer. BTW this is "The Bride"(Carolann) of Chris, Movieman 1957!
  2. When my husband and I were dating we had a night planned to see "Citizen Kane." Something came up and he had to work. He insisted I go anyway. I didn't really want to but decided I would go. I was really unprepared as I only had two tissues. It really moved me. I've been hooked ever since. Since my hubby was already a classic movie fan it was easy to keep it going. 24 years later we still watch old movies together.
  3. Oh for just one kiss from Sam Eliott ! :>)
  4. Okay so how come nobody has my favorite cry-to-movies (except Goodbye Mr Chips- that is a definately a two tissue box movie). I didn't go back to the very beginning of the thread but 4 pages back and not a one of them on the thread. Tsk, tsk. I cry to : E.T. To Sir With Love Three Faces of Eve Citizen Kane (Rosebud) Conagher Message was edited by: Cacie
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