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  1. I will grant you that during OSCAR month SVENGOOLIE and indeed any other programming on other channels is a welcome alternative to the banal programming on TCM, but for a steady diet, come on. Isn't SVENGOOLIE the classic horror film program for people that hate classic horror films? That's the way I view it. Mocking the films, cutting the films, cutting into the films, superimposing his visage over characters faces while the film is in progress may endear him to the sophomoric fan who giggles incessantly over bathroom humor, but it doesn't endear him to serious fans of the classic horror film
  2. But, it left the airways in a most memorable way. I can't think of any other series where the main character was gunned down and avenged by his no nonsense twin brother in the same episode, and the final shot had him, in effect, telling the townspeople to go blank themselves because none of them came to his brother's aid after they begged him to be their Sheriff.
  3. You're right, it was FOUR WIVES I was referring to. However, I don't think Dean and Garfield were promoted as a couple for the first film. It was Garfield's first film after all. Maybe they were promoted as a couple for reissues of the first film due to Garfield's popularity.
  4. TopBilled, I don't mean to be picky, but far from being lovers in the above two films, wasn't Dean's character really in love with Jeffrey Lynn's? Dean more or less ran away with Garfield as a kind of rebellion. She didn't seem, at least to me, too broke up, when his character died. And in the second film, he was kind of there in spirit only, no romance. It wasn't until DUST BE MY DESTINY that they really satisfied the lover criteria. I'm not questioning the chemistry, just the romance aspect, after all Garfield's big selling point was that of the misunderstood outsider that didn't always
  5. Who is paying for the films that TCM shows, is it TCM or TIME-WARNER? I have to wonder sometimes if TCM is still an independent entity or just a brand name that takes it's marching orders from the parent company, TIME-WARNER. If TCM(TIME-WARNER) has the money (and TIME-WARNER obviously does) to lease films from studios like Universal and Fox and doesn't it's not so much the TCM programmers as TIME-WARNER not giving a damn AND TCM not wanting to rock the boat. But, why would Universal prefer for their films to be showcased in such a disrespectful fashion on ME when there is an outlet (TCM)
  6. Sorry, but some of the longer movies are cut to make room for his shtick. He doesn't always comeback to where they left off after commercial breaks, anyone with a DVD or VHS tape would know that. And as for trashing these films, that's what he's all about and what he gets paid for doing. Funny that this kind of stuff is never done with films of other genres. I guess these classic horror and sci fi films lend themselves to this kind of low brow humor.
  7. I wonder if Sven is the reason we can't get these same DIGITAL films complete and uncut on TCM? I mean, like who in their right minds would prefer to watch butchered films on ME when they could be watched in their original glory on TCM? With all due respect to Sven, his program is a bad comedy show with the films used as material for his lousy jokes. I don't remember exactly, but I don't think Zacherly ever mocked these films the way Sven does.
  8. > {quote:title=TomJH wrote:}{quote}They were the three stars of Warner Brothers that most represented that organization's reputation as the studio of tough guys. > Only because GEORGE RAFT was a star over at PARAMOUNT. When he finally did make the switch to WARNERS, the "studio of tough guys" did everything they could to keep him down because of his close friendship with Benny Siegel and his close association with other well known mobsters. That bunk about RAFT's "bad decisons" ruining his own career is just alot of garbage. From what I've read, BOGART, CAGNEY, ROBINSON, AND GAR
  9. Sorry, any other month but October. October is reserved for stars of the macabre, unless that is your reason for choosing her for October. Personally, I'd like to see BELA LUGOSI as SOTM for October 2013.
  10. ok, but MOVIES UNLIMITED and CRITICS CHOICE are retailers, via catalogue it's true, but retailers nonetheless. Why should they have access to WARNERS ARCHIVES when BARNES and NOBLE does not? If it's more convienient for some, as well as instilling a "safer" feeling regarding credit card accounts to speak to a live sales rep, why not open it up to BARNES and NOBLE? Unless it's something that B&N dosen't want to get involved in and that's a whole other issue.
  11. I was wondering, is there any chance of DVDs from the Warners Archive Collection also being offered to EXCLUSIVE retail outlets like BARNES AND NOBLE? I do not like ordering over the phone or though the computer as it does not generate the same kind of rush that I got from browsing through my local Barnes and Noble's DVD shelves. Also, call me foolish, but I do not like sharing personal information like Credit Card Accounts over the phone or the computer. Besides, alot of my DVD purchases in stores were not planned out by looking through catalogues or WEB sites, they were based on something th
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