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  1. i think you mean PAT & MIKE--but anyway, wait till wednesday & you can see him as, of all things, a beatnik sculptor in THE SANDPIPER!
  2. frees looked familiar, so i just confirmed that he was the priest in the cell with montgomery clift at the end of A PLACE IN THE SUN!
  3. casa beat me to it, but i also like marshall in THE ENCHANTED COTTAGE...also in 1957's STAGE STRUCK
  4. brooklyn-born here! i know those street names well, but not of their relation to westley. wow! my fave version of lovely to look at is the one astaire did in the 50s with oscar peterson.
  5. sir cedric hardwicke as frollo in the hunchback of notre dame
  6. {font:Verdana, Arial, sans-serif}http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/15/oscars-2012-mother-dolores-ha rt-elvis_n_1279731.html|http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/15/oscars-2012-mother-dolores-hart-elvis_n_1279731.html {font}
  7. rick, cassavetes is a great answer! how about louise fletcher's nurse ratched in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST?
  8. is there always one per year? has an announcement been made about this year?
  9. and at the end of the spot comes the usual tag about how they are commercial-free!
  10. it even had the "R" rating logo, which made it look even more like a real commercial! the intercutting of older films made it seem patronizing, like, they think they are putting one over on us. if i knew how to do it, i'd post a picture of curly stamping his feet in frustration!
  11. i just looked at it again to get the names of the other movies they referenced: "british agent" & "north by northwest"--the voiceover suggesting that the new movie had taken cues from the older ones--it was very underhanded! the piece was in fact called "in theatres now" but you know what? i don't watch tcm to find out what's in theatres now...i am not interested in what's in theatres now! Edited by: cee on Jan 11, 2012 1:46 PM
  12. i tried to see if this topic was covered already & could not find a thread, so here goes...i was watching "the bishop's wife" which i recorded last week & after it ended & the next movie started, there was something that was trying to look like a little filler about spy movies but i'm telling you, it was a commercial! it started out like a subdued-style trailer for "tinker tailor soldier spy" but it wasn't a modern-day loud trailer, it was very sly & it interspersed clips/comparisons to older such movies like "3 days of the condor" & others that i can't remember. then i not
  13. saw part of one of her silents years ago with charles farrell & fell in love with this hunk--but every time i see him in a precode i am disappointed...& i don't want to be...his voice does not go with this looks & he is not a great actor--but he is good in silents...i don't know if this link will work--i don't know how to upload pictures here--but google his image & see if you agree... "http://www.listal.com/viewimage/2467688#.Tu0Fmk7JWwM.livejournal"
  14. moreso than other monday mornings, it really pained me that i had to leave for work today--antenna tv showed THE SWIMMER & 2 BOSTON BLACKIEs back to back...i grew up in a family where everyone said my dad looked like chester morris! wonderfully written, economical series & you never know who will show up!
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