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  1. Yes! Carnival of Souls is sooooo creeeepy! That movie gives me goosebumps, I like when she plays that big pipe organ and then goes off on her tangent and starts to play that really creepy music.
  2. I was totally scared by the second movie "Aliens". I watched that with 2 friends at an almost empty theater in Hollywood on a rainy Sunday night. The scene where they are in that cavernous room and they don't see the creatures then the walls seem to move because the aliens are all over the walls. That night I couldn't close my eyes without seeing them everywhere. I have other all time favorites though. Like Legend of Hell House; when they are talking in the dining room and they hear that voice calling out and when they enter the chapel their colleague has been murdered. Very Creepy! I also
  3. I watched the Big Street on Wednesday and was totally blown away by Miss Lucille Ball!!! Henry Fonda wasn't bad either! I was amazed at all the movies she did. She was great in the Big Street, totally out of character but really awesome..... Since I was a kid I remember her as Lucy Ricardo, I remember seeing the Long Long Trailer when I was a kid too. I think back then I would have been really disappointed to have seen her without Ricky or Ethel & Fred. But now that I am older I can really appreciate her as an actress. When they say she didn't make it as a really big movie star and s
  4. I love neo-noir films, and am so glad you mentioned Johnny Handsome. That is going on my list of DVD's to buy! I also loved After Hours, but never thought of it as noir till now... I'm also going to check out After Dark My Sweet. Thanks KT
  5. What an unforgettable man! What a great actor and even greater loss. I'll really miss him.... Thanks KT
  6. > > > Your more than that ..your "Lovable" That is very nice of you. Thanks, I'm at a loss for words, I think I'm turning red.... KT
  7. . You people who love Rob Zombie are > unpretentious and I will now aline myself with you. > "LONG LIVE ROB ZOMBIE"! > Aftermath I always thought I was unpretentious!! Thanks KT
  8. Oh yeah and I still am not going to watch AMC, unless I > feel the mood for crappy editing and countless ads > for **** pills, Now that's classic horror! KT
  9. Did you really just say (or type that) I can't believe my ears??! What happened??? I think your funny! KT
  11. Oh Gosh Golly Gee Whiz! Could it be true, that Rob is going to stick around and this isn't all going to end in October?! I'm Soooo happy soooo, sorry MRSL & Aftermath enjoy the sunshine while you can before it turns black...... Ha Ha just kidding Message was edited by: KT 10/28/06 KathleenT
  12. I Love James Cagney! Angels with Dirts Faces really struck a chord in my heart. It was all so believeable. This hardened criminal who would spit in the eye of any law enforcement including the guy who has to pull the lever for the electric chair, and here he does his friend the ultimate favor. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I would love to be able to see James Cagney on the big screen maybe someday they will show some of his films at one of the offbeat theaters that do revivals.
  13. I agree that Gary Oldmans portrayal of Dracula was very intense and moving. The first time I seen it I was totally in awe (and in love) with his character. This movie was so well done! I loved Lucy's house, Dracula's castle, the clothes they wore and the ride through the Carpathian mountains.
  14. I've seen Mark of the Vampire a couple times. And yes, the first time I seen it I was thrilled until the end when Bela and his Lady friend reveal that they are just hired actors! What a shocking dissapointment!!!!!! I've never gotten over it...... Am I to understand that Todd Browning directed this movie? Perhaps he succumbed to pressure, do to Universal letting him go because "Freaks" was not accepted. They kind of "freaked out" over his movie. Message was edited by: KT KathleenT
  15. Who is K Gordon Murray? And why I haven't I heard about him?? What movies did he make and when?? I'd like to know.......
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