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  1. Alexis Smith reminds me of Jodie Foster. How about William Lundigan or Ralph Meeker?
  2. I remember the episode "Mail Call". I think that guest starred James Best. Caje was "okay". I tend to watch Vic Morrow though in that Combat show. I liked the way he walked, the way he talked, he played the part of the Sgt. so perfectly. I'm sure back in the '60's, even females watched the Combat tv show cause it was a great show and some of the actors were quite easy on the eyes for the female viewers.
  3. I'm torn between Marlon Brando, William Holden and Paul Newman. I'll play it safe and pick Richard Widmark, because from what I've read he led a very nice life and was a very nice person.
  4. Hi, thank you for replying. Out of all the new groups I listed, I like the Lumineers because of their most popular song, Ho Hey. Can you post a link to that song? Once you hear it, you'll love it. It's a "feel good" song. Thank you.
  5. LOL at the photo of Tony Curtis. I noticed the flute at the very end. :^0
  6. I wish Leonardo DiCaprio would make a film that is memorable and not forgotten after leaving the theater. He most closely resembles classic movie actors of the past. He just has a nice look about him, but unfortunately, he never makes a decent film.
  7. Thank you TopBilled (I really like your name - very creative). I wish TCM would expand their library. People will get very bored with the same old films and showcasing their favorite actors/actresses all the time. I enjoy classic films, but more variety is needed, and I'd love to see films with stars that I'm not as familiar with and films that I've never seen before. Sometimes, a lesser known film, can become one of your favorites.
  8. Anyone hear of the Lumineers? Great sounding group. How about Gotye with "Somebody I Used To Know"? How about the group that sings "Little Talks" from Iceland? How about the group FUN? I kinda like some of the above, newer groups.
  9. They seem to show some of the stars day after day, so why devote a day to them in the summer when all year long, their films are shown? How about showing some films of stars that aren't shown too often, if ever: William Lundigan Dana Andrews Vic Morrow Vincent Price Yul Brynner Aldo Ray Lee J. Cobb Ernest Borgnine Walter Pigeon Brian Aherne Richard Basehart Joseph Cotten Louis Jordan Earl Holliman Alexis Smith Joanne Woodward Doug McClure Clu Gallager Strother Martin Jo Van Fleet Lou Ayers People like Bogart, Taylor, Davis, Rooney, Holden, Gable, Douglas, Fon
  10. But it's great that it did turn into a Blackboard Jungle thread. That was a real good film.
  11. Sure, I'll elaborate a bit more. I mistakenly bought the DVD when Suncoast videos was going out to business and everything was marked down. One of the few DVD's left was this film and I got it for about $3.99 - that's about $3.99 too much. I watched the film, could barely get through it. It was boring and some of the characters were annoying like chalk on a blackboard. I couldn't stand listening to Buddy Hackett or the woman who played the dumb blonde with the screechy voice. The only bright spot was Aldo Ray, Vic Morrow and Jack Lord - all easy on the eyes. But the albino Michael Lan
  12. I think Morrow was able to pull off playing a high school student. He had a young face in that film. Potier looked like he could have played the teacher, which he wound up doing in a later film.
  13. How did the topic switch from Glenn Ford to Richard Nixon?
  14. I was looking for this thread. So glad I found it. I wanted to bump it up again cause Morrow rocked. He was great in every performance he ever gave. I thought some of his later films weren't very good, but he always gave top-notch performances. Why in the world didn't he ever get to be a bigger star? After Blackboard Jungle, he should have had some great films where he was the lead, and certainly after Combat tv series, you'd think the guy would have been offered many movie roles, but it seems he didn't get too many opportunities. I wonder why.
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