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  1. I remember the episode "Mail Call". I think that guest starred James Best. Caje was "okay". I tend to watch Vic Morrow though in that Combat show. I liked the way he walked, the way he talked, he played the part of the Sgt. so perfectly. I'm sure back in the '60's, even females watched the Combat tv show cause it was a great show and some of the actors were quite easy on the eyes for the female viewers.
  2. Hi, thank you for replying. Out of all the new groups I listed, I like the Lumineers because of their most popular song, Ho Hey. Can you post a link to that song? Once you hear it, you'll love it. It's a "feel good" song. Thank you.
  3. LOL at the photo of Tony Curtis. I noticed the flute at the very end. :^0
  4. Anyone hear of the Lumineers? Great sounding group. How about Gotye with "Somebody I Used To Know"? How about the group that sings "Little Talks" from Iceland? How about the group FUN? I kinda like some of the above, newer groups.
  5. I was looking for this thread. So glad I found it. I wanted to bump it up again cause Morrow rocked. He was great in every performance he ever gave. I thought some of his later films weren't very good, but he always gave top-notch performances. Why in the world didn't he ever get to be a bigger star? After Blackboard Jungle, he should have had some great films where he was the lead, and certainly after Combat tv series, you'd think the guy would have been offered many movie roles, but it seems he didn't get too many opportunities. I wonder why.
  6. That photo of Rutger Hauer looks just like Ellen DeGeneres. Put those two side by side and see the resemblence!
  7. Nice to see the thread is still going strong. It would have been Vic Morrow's 84th birthday - February 14th. I watched the Rifleman a few times - I always liked Chuck Connors.
  8. I think Barbara Cook might have won a Kennedy Honor 2 years ago. I recall her name. Anyway, when will TCM show some more obscure work by Vic Morrow, like Posse from Hell, Portrait of a Mobster and Hell's Five Hours? I can't find these films out on DVD anywhere. Can't TCM show these movies?
  9. I think Noah Baumbach is the ex-husband of Jennifer Jason Leigh who is the daughter of Vic Morrow....I think Baumbach used his wife in quite a few of his films.
  10. I've seen that episode, A Little Sleep. Antenna TV shows Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Great show. I think the woman in that episode is Barbara Cook.
  11. I saw a Combat episode, the Little Carousel. It was very good and an emotional episode. I was looking at Vic Morrow closer. Did he have false teeth? Just curious.
  12. I prefer the black and white episodes as well. But you could see Vic Morrow's blue eyes in the color episodes. There was an episode with Sal Mineo that I liked and one episode with James Whitmore too. There were so many great episodes, but I don't know the titles to them.
  13. There are so many good Combat episodes, I'd have a hard time naming my favorites. I like Chapel at Able Five, One More for the Road, The Record, The Losers, The Medal, Survival, The Cassock, Hear No Evil, Gitty, The Furlough, Little Carousel just to name a few. There are many more I like as well. For Vic Morrow films, I like Blackboard Jungle, King Creole, Men at War, Glass House and he was also great in A Little Sleep which was from Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I'd love to see Vic Morrow as SOTM!
  14. Suggest a Film doesn't work for me, it keeps asking me to log in and I'm already logged in. So if anyone wants to recommend these films, please do.
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