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  1. I'd like to amend Mongo's wish to see all copies of "Godzilla" destroyed, to state that all of the English versions of "Godzilla" should be destroyed. Many years ago the Public Theater in New York showed a print of the original Japanese version of "Godzilla" and you can't imagine the difference between the two versions. The Japanese version was stunning, like a kabuki play. Seen within the context of Japanese film and art the special effects, which I'd always thought were terrible, took on a startling realism. The plot, which was butchered when it was re-edited for American release, made p
  2. One of my favorite insults actually isn't from a movie, but from a cartoon. In the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Bewitched Bunny", Bugs discovers a witch luring two children into her house. The children turn out to be Hansel and Gretel. Bugs warns them that the witch is going to eat them and they flee the house, but on the way out they stop in front of the witch, kick up their heels, and yell, "Ach! Your mother rides a vacuum cleaner!" Every time I see that cartoon I just fall out at that line. I'm giggling now in fact. This is the cartoon where, at the end, Bugs tosses a bomb containing magic p
  3. How about the most romantic scene in a terrible movie? I'll nominate the stoop scene in "The More the Merrier", with Jean Arthur and Joel McCrae. That's the scene where the two of them are sitting on the stoop and she's babbling on and on about how wonderful her fiancee is. McCrae keeps on putting his hand on her knee and she keeps on swatting it away. Finally she gets annoyed enough to turn on him, but before she can tell him off their eyes lock and -- bam! They throw their arms around each other and kiss. I understand that McCrae and Arthur came up with this bit of interplay while fooli
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