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  1. I was watching Gaslight and it froze into a pixilated frame on my den television. Checked in my living room TV and the screen is also frozen. It says "Rear Window" at the bottom of the screen but there is nothing playing. It is 1:38pm eastern. Sunday March1 I hope someone will fix this soon. All my other channels on both sets are working fine.
  2. Filthy language..."sh--, f---"...violent murders... I just changed the channel. I think TCM is slipping to an all time LOW airing this!!
  3. "Dec. 9, Sunday 8pm A Christmas Carol, (1938) In this adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic tale, an elderly miser learns the error of his ways on Christmas Eve. Cast: Reginald Owen, Gene Lockhart, Kathleen Lockhart. Dir: Edwin L. Marin. C-69 mins, TV-G, CC " Ooooooo my fav version and they replay it on Christmas Eve~!! Big Thanks to TCM. :-)
  4. I am enjoying these so Much~!! Many thanks to Turner Classic Movies for these treasures. :-)))
  5. The reason I became a fan of TCM is they show movies I generally can't rent at the local Blockbuster. I'm a new "buff" of the Black and White films, 1920's to 1950's. Classic movies to me are those years. I've been a good customer to TCM, my collection of unique old movies is growing. I appreciate TCM. No 1960's to 2000's movie compares to the sheer genius they put into creating movies like the Busby Berkley series. There wasn't the technology there is today. They had to be ultra creative to produce these priceless films. That's when Hollywood had Glamour~! Need
  6. I would like to thank everyone for all the titles you shared. I have quite a nice list of movies to get now. What a wonderful group of friends here~! :-))
  7. I would love to see any rare old movies. Bring them on, TCM~!! As for buying the DVD's, I am so grateful for "Commercial Free" classics that I buy all my DVD's from TCM. I give movies for Christmas, birthdays, and all occasions. (Got a whopper of a list to order for this coming Christmas, in fact.) I would hate it if TCM went the route of AMC with all the commercials and the "newer" movies every other channel is showing. :-)
  8. As the temperatures here in the Northeast begin to drop, I think about watching wintery movies. I Love old Christmas movies and any with good snowy scenery in them. My favorite is "The Bishop's Wife". Please tell me some of your favorites. :-)
  9. No replies to your post? Well...I want to say, "Bravo~!" I agree 100%. Love to see more trailers. :-)
  10. What a treat~!! I saw the Uninvited yesterday on TCM~!! Thank you again, Jack. :-)
  11. I am totally green with jealousy~!! You are so lucky~!!! I am equally as jealous of my Mom who met Clark Gable when she was 14. He signed her autograph book, then flipped her a nickel and with a wink said, "Call me when you're 18, Claire." I would have loved to meet either or both of these guys. :-)
  12. "Anything Goes" "42nd Street" "Porgi and Bess" "My Fair Lady" Oh Heck! I love them all. :-))
  13. Does anyone remember Thelma "Hot Toddy" Todd~? Hot Toddy I have only seen one of the movies she acted in. Would like to see more of them. :-)
  14. My heart would belong to Cary Grant. (((shhh...be still, my heart.)) One of my very favorite actresses is Lauren Bacall. If I was a man or gay, She would have my heart. I am a fan of every movie I've seen that they acted in. :-)
  15. Thank you so much~!! I will be looking for TCM to show these now that I know the Titles. :-))
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