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  1. Oh, wow what an awesome story! I probably wouldn't have thought much of him when I was a kid either, but as an adult---what a hunk of man!!! He really was a neat person from all that I have read about him. I mean he was a wild one for sure, but he was nice too. Maybe just a little too nice to the ladies for his wife's taste! Several actresses such as Ava Gardner & Shirley McClaine were in love with him and wanted him to leave his wife to be with them. As the story always goes he would tell them to call Dorothy (his wife) and see what she said about it. Mitchum always went back home to Dorothy--always!! Thanks for your story I loved it!
  2. If I could have lunch with any film star it would be ROBERT MITCHUM!!!! I am sure we would drink lunch and dance through supper, but it would be soooo much fun! I read a biography on him entitled "Baby, I Don't Care", and he was a character for sure. He had a lot of fun in his lifetime and he loved to travel, kind of a vagabond if you will. He's my pick for any meal, anytime, anywhere!!! Mitchumbabe
  3. Inglis Thanks for your story, it was wonderful. Madame X is a great movie! I have to wonder what it must have been like in the days of our parents "going out on the town"? I think it had to be magical, everyone all dolled up and the men were so galant and noble. I think I'd fall out if anyone ever called me a "doll" or a "dame" I'd be sooo excited! I am glad your dad is still here with you. Continue to make great memories with him. My dad served in WW II, he was in the Navy. OK, so my favorite actor is Robert Mitchum, who is yours? Although, I am also partial to Bogart, Gable, Tyrone Power, Jimmy Stewart, & Montgomery Clift( he was a dollface!). Mitchumbabe
  4. Message was edited by: mitchumbabe Message was edited by: mitchumbabe
  5. I grew up with parents that were into the Big Band and Swing Era. Harry James, Glenn Miller, etc...My mom met and had a drink with Harry James at a nightclub one time and I remember hearing this story and loving it. My parents loved all things music, acting, movies, dance, and Hollywood!! My parents were both born in 1926. My mother lived in Kentwood, Louisiana and in 1939 they let school out so all the kids could see "The Wizard of Oz"! Totally cool, right! Anyway, my dad passed away in 1992 and left a big void, but when my mother passed in 2002 this left an even greater void in my life. Now they were both gone. At the time I was home and I couldn't sleep well so I would flip through the movie channels and one day I found TCM and Robert Mitchum. From that moment on I have been hooked on the black & white classic movies. It reminds me of my parents and how they dressed up to go to nightclubs and dance and had so much fun together. Watching these movies actually soothes my heart and brings great comfort to me. It may sound crazy but it is true. I just sit back and escape into the movie as if I am one of the players! Mitchum reminds me of my dad very much-handsome and cool! A real ladies man. All of the women remind me of my mom. I love the black & white movies so much. I love TCM!!! And Robert Osborne is my dreamboat! So there is my story, hope you like it! Mitchumbabe
  6. Oh, for me its hands down Jane Russell!!! I think she was so beautiful. And Norma Shearer, Myrna Loy, Jane Greer, and Rita Hayworth too!! I love the "Old Hollywood" Glamour Gals!!!
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