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  1. Happy Go Lovely is in the public domain, and you can download it here: http://www.archive.org/details/happy_go_lovely
  2. I saw that yesterday on YouTube, but I didn't know it was on last night. I was very surprised. But it was cute! I love Anchors Aweigh and have it on DVD.
  3. Being But Men by Dylan Thomas. Message was edited by: sgd
  4. > By the way, wondering if anybody out there knows of > any other musicals like this, that have little or no > dialogue. I can't think of any offhand. Did anyone mention Umbrellas of Cherbourg? The dialogue is all sung, and in French to boot.
  5. Welcome, Katie. I'm always glad to see someone here my age. ^-^
  6. >and not only censor > posts, but go into them and edit them. > Ohhh that is spooky, I was on a message board once and I mentioned a guest star would be appearing in the final season of a show, because his website said so, and the moderator went in and edited my post. I couldn't post there anymore, it just struck me as a violation of... something. I would have taken the paragraph out myself if I'd been asked. What did you say that was so controversial?
  7. The American in Paris ballet sequence when the stage is dark and the couple is dancing to that horn solo or trumpet or whatever it is. Sexy piece of music, that one.
  8. Everybody loves Jimmy. ^-^
  9. > A girlfriend of mine once bought me the > colorized video of "It's a Wonderful Life." We're no > longer together. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
  10. > Judy Garland and James Mason should have both won for > "Star is Born". > > Grace got the Prince, Judy should have gotten the > gold. Yeah I heard about that and wondered why, then I saw The Country Girl and understood, because it's basically the same storyline but with a happy ending. A woman is married to an alcoholic who thinks he's a has-been and makes her life tough, but she remains devoted to him. The only difference is that the country girl's husband doesn't die at the end. I guess that's what tipped them. I think they should have tied. They've had Oscar t
  11. I like the bit that Gene Kelly does with the kids in An American in Paris.
  12. How dare the 40's fail in such a way. Have you tried scouring obscure beefcake? Message was edited by: sgd
  13. What did the grape do when the large man stepped upon it? IT GAVE OUT A LITTLE WINE
  14. I was trying to think of another someone tan with black hair. I can't think of anyone else, man. I have a thing for golden locks.
  15. Ohhh. Neat! The good thing about the rise of digital film is that you can alter the images on the computer, so maybe in the coming years we'll see a rebirth of the misty look.
  16. Gene Kelly was pretty popular in the 40s. I don't know if you would put him in your sandwich though. I won't make any jokes about mayonnaise.
  17. Julius Caesar. The "friends, Romans, countrymen" bit carried the entire film. It was genius. That kid spoke Shakespeak like he'd spoken it all his life. His apparent comfort level with the language was astonishing. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that.
  18. I got into classic movies through the music of that era, because there is a radio station here that plays what's called the "Great American Songbook" of c.1930-60. I started with musicals and followed my nose to the other genres. I especially like the look of classic film, but I haven't studied types of film or lenses or filters so I don't know what made those films look the way they did.
  19. I love actors in general, but I tend to favor blondes with unusual voices that are about 5'7''... My favorites are a) Marlon Brando- the acting! He brought the people of Rome to their knees; James Cagney- I will watch an entire movie just to see him tease a girl, and he is a fine actor; c) Bing Crosby- Louis Armstrong said that his voice was like "gold being poured out of a cup," and I can't argue; d) Doris Day- bright in every sense of the word. Like sunshine.
  20. I like when people kiss by putting their closed mouths together and twisting their heads.
  21. I love It's a Wonderful Life for its warmth and message, but I can't get the sweaty sensuality of A Streetcar Named Desire out of my mind.
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