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  1. a quick up date..[02] months after i met with ms.charisse-martin at her residence in the beverly hills,calif area. I decided to write her a thank you note and deliver her a HUGE bouquet of lillies @assorted flowers. For nearly two hours i constructed a letter as i sipped on a cup of tea and sandwich in brentwood,calif. Then i drove to the best florist in the area and selected the flowers i felt that resembled her personality and performances the most. I delivered the assortment to the security detail and i was asked if i would like to hand deliver them personally?? I declined because i value
  2. I wanted to say how much of a fan that i was of the late ms.judy garland. I appreciate her more now that i work in show bizness..here in hollywood,calif. This is a tuff ,long grind and a very lonely field. I wish she could have found the nuturing support team that every dancer,singer,actress so needs in this town. She was an outstanding vocalist,actress and performer. I have many of her old lp's,viewed her films,documentaries and read many books that are out of print from the 1950"s. Thanks to the salvation army stores i frequented in orlando,fla..during the 1990's. My past b-day i was given
  3. last fall in 2005...a pal approached me that he was conducting an interview..in that interview he would be speaking to a lady for an upcoming book. Well he briefly quized me about my style of dance,..my influences and my earlier training. I told him that next to the late elanore powell,ann miller,kathryn dunham that there was only one lady..that taught me..that i observed her every move,technique and style..that was ms.cyd charisse...not to bore you all. i sat in on the interview and after it was conducted. We taken pictures..then i finally had the courage to tell her that im a entertainer...a
  4. hello my name is gigi and i work in the entertainment industry..i saw your post and wanted to say that im a big fan of the late actor mr. orson wells..what a director..and actor in the old studio system. He stood up against those and his career may have suffered but at least he left a legacy of footage behind. I assume he was married to ms. rita hayward in his life? They should have had a child..i've been afan of tcm since the 1990's..as well as amc..except those annoying commercials....well keep the faith and keep watching tcm..
  5. I have been watching old films from the studio system,independent producers since i was a little girl in 1976. Many of those films and entertainers were the driving force that convinced me that i should do something in show biz. Now that i've arrived and carving out my niche in show biz.Im very dissappointed for two reasons that the industry that i adored as a little girl no longer exist here in hollywood,calif. Second the children,grandchildren of the great film stars of the 1930-1960's have abandoned their thrones. I was very fortunate to meet and befriend the son of THE KING OF HOLLYWOOD..
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