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  1. > That?s a very good point, and you might have > discovered the real truth behind the ?tattooed lady? > promo. It?s not a ?promo? at all, not for the > specific ?films of the month?, but for TCM in > general. It?s a little mini-video designed to let > some of the young people in the audience know that > TCM is ?hip? and that it?s ok for young people to > watch TCM. Is that bad?
  2. > I'd love to > know what that film has the person sliding sideways > along a wall. It's "Orpheus," directed by Jean Cocteu. Careful: it's a foreign picture.
  3. Promos for these films don?t need a > tattooed dame with a brass telescope gimmick to ?tie? > them together. So this promo didn't need something to tie it together, eh? Well what made the much-vaunted Myrna Loy--three windows--falling leaves thing from several years ago so effective? That is, if it wasn't the three windows and falling leaves? (you know, the theme that tied together Loy with Ulmer, Carl Dreyer, and one other one) Or how about the Year End parade of dead people from three years ago, the one with the candles? Would that have made a better piece without the candles? When promos are simply clip, clip, clip, clip, info, clip, clip, clip, info, that's not something artfully done. It's sloppiness aspiring to be a Wal-Mart ad. > The dame with the telescope interferes > with the scenes of the old films. If she were inserted into the actual films, then she'd be interfering. > TCM could have done this promo with three separate > themed promos or one long promo with three sections > to it. It IS one long promo with three sections to it. > The narrator or titles tell us the meaning and > connection. That?s what narrators and titles are > for. No, it's the script that suggests meaning and connection. The narrator reads the script. Titles give us hard facts, like when the spotlighted festivals are on.
  4. Meaning is up to the beholder. You can't consciously create 'meaning' to something, but you can attempt a narrative arc that might suggest something going on subtextually. Now, you might disagree with it, but you can't say that the promo doesn't need something other than just a collage of clips. Otherwise it's a family photo album, which some folks might want. And the holding the telescope business...not only is she a '****' but now she can't hold the telescope correctly?
  5. > "My favorite types of promos are ones that use only > scenes from the films." Those kinds of promos, like the one for Double Indemnity and The Third Man, are called 'topical' promos (I know someone who works for another cable network). With those, you can can and should use only clips from the films. But these all-encompassing "This Month on TCM" things, you can't just use the clips from the movies. There has to be something that ties together such disparate themes as "WillIam Holden," "Janus films" and "Movie Shorts." Otherwise, it would just be a collage of clips with no meaning.
  6. It > will always be contemporary even if we aren't. Don't > be too upset when younger generations appropriate, > explore, reassess, and reinterpret it in ways you > don't like. It's a sign that cinema is alive and > well, challenging, thrilling, amazing new audiences; > telling our stories from our times. In this, we can > live on long after we're gone. stunningly put. Hear, Hear.
  7. Have you watched MTV lately? Nothing as good as this promo will ever be on that network. And calling the actress and trendy looking idiot? Is that a great way to argue your point? By attacking the actress? Marlon Brando was a weirdo, but yet I still enjoy his films. You can easily dislike the promo without making an attack on the person in it, couldn't you?
  8. I think also that there's some confusion about what a promo is supposed to do. They are to promote. Not mimic. Think of the commercials out there. Some of them, I could argue, have nothing to do with the product its selling. And yet, because the spot is so well produced, you can't help but A) be entertained, and remember the product being sold. A crowd of hippies collected on a small hill doesn't automatically bring to mind "Coca-Cola." And yet, the makers of Coke created a classic commercial and sold untold numbers of soda when they claimed these hipsters "would like to buy the world a Coke, and keep it company." Or something like that. Similarly, this Hate-it-or-love-it promo may not, on its face, say "CLASSIC MOVIES HERE! WE GOT 'EM! RIGHT HERE! DON'T LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE!" But it does promote TCM, and you certainly remember where you saw it. You may not like it, but then again, you may not like some of Coca-Cola's commercials. And yet you still drink Coke. Gulp that one down. I'm thirsty.
  9. The producers of the promo were probably constrained by a budget. Could you imagine how much it would cost to license a Sinatra tune? And what does any Sinatra tune have to do with William Holden? Or Janus Films? Or movie shorts? That being said, I love Sinatra.
  10. do you believe there are any horrors that are classic? I mean Halloween is a classic that spawned and endless genre of explotation of the film. Or is that too late...or too bloody... or too close to the present... or too many sequels to be a classic??? The attack is not personal, but to observe the mindset as nostalgic vs.realistic is the point. Camera angles, sound design, special efx as well as budget restraints and storyline should not be limited by the restraints of timeliness.
  11. does anyone have an approx. start and finish date for the good old days?
  12. I just saw the new spot for "This Month September". Wow, Victoria Secret meets Sergei Eisenstein. I love it. I've never seen so much whining about such a cool add. And the chick is hot- whats the problem? Art and sex have gone together for years. Oh reminder, Eisenstein films delt with, war, adultery, sex and good editing. I don't think TCM invented any of them...But they are keeping up the concepts that have always been about a good story. Whats the problem again? Tatoos??? They're everywhere, times have changed. deal with it. Your old movies are still on. And when did TCM become the babysitter for America? Movies, since TCM has started, have run unedited. I don't think the station has ever been a place to prop up your young child and tune out. TCM isn't the Disney channel. Oh and your Elvis comment regarding the Beatles, I'm not sure where to begin. Elvis was the fall of western civilization to your parents, and you didn't like the Beatles cause they were... british??? Have your views changed? Sorry to tell you but modern times are the best ever. More freedom in America, less racism, and a wonderful vacuous bubble were can freely whine about too much sex in an ad, while wars continue, empires collapse, and countries decay under totalitarium regimes. Isn't it nice to look through the telescope?
  13. Yes, Pan and Scan is so much better than letterbox. Who needs to see the entire picture? I couldn't care less what the Director and Cinematographer intended. Just fill up every inch of my screen with picture! By all means, let someone completely un-related to the production of the film dictate what we're looking at by electronically sliding the image around. I didn't spend all this money to waste it on a couple of black bars at the top and bottom of my screen. Oh, and with regard to Leonard Cohen. Huzzah!
  14. party pants- Part of the relevance of modern cinema, circa 1970s to present, is its base design was on these earlier films. There would be no Raiders of the Lost Ark, without Gunga Din. Maybe the effort should be between bridging the gap between past cinema and present, not disregarding it.
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