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  1. *Sydney, Pride of Australia (1938)* is scheduled to air on Thursday, April 5th at approx 9:30am. Cheers!
  2. Dear Web - Yes, we are aware. Normally, we would select one version as the definative version and broadcast just that one. But, there are major footage differences in these two cuts. One is the British version and the other the US release version. There are distictly different scences that exist in each version. For that reason, we have decided to enter these into the system as "Unique" titles and schedule them as such. Cheers.
  3. Listen, Darling (MGM-1938) w/ Judy Garland, Mary Astor, Walter Pidgeon, Freddie Bartholomew, Scotty Beckett, etc.
  4. Raquel - Thanks for the alert. We are correcting the error and will reschedule the "Sydney" short sometime next week. Cheers.
  5. She called into the Today show. She did not appear on camera. The 8:39/Long version is scheduled to run today at 4:32pm The 6:21/Short version is scheduled to run today at 9:50pm.
  6. Doris recorded her narration at her home about 10 days ago. There are 2 versions of this interstitial. The first one is 8:39 in length and the second shorter abridged version is 6:21. The short version airs at 2:37pm (3/26/12) and the longer version at 2:09am (3/27/12). Enjoy!
  7. The bug that was keeping some of the scheduled Shorts from appearing in the online schedule has been corrected and they are now fully available in the online schedule. Thanks for your patience. Enjoy!
  8. 2/16 at approx 10:32am - Cavalcade of Dance 2/17 at approx 10:18am - So You Want To Be in Pictures 2/17 at approx 2:16pm - Story of a Dog 2/17 at approx 10:10pm - The Tanks Are Coming 2/18 at approx 6:19am - Strikes and Spares 2/18 at approx 10:19pm - Wanted - A Master 2/19 at approx 5:47am - That Mothers Might Live 2/19 at approx 10:40pm - The Public Pays 2/20 at approx 5:48am - Sword Fishing (I'll do my best to post these here until the technical glitch that is keeping them from appearing in the online schedule has been resolved). Cheers.
  9. All of our regularly scheduled franchises (including Silent Sunday Nights) will be back in March.
  10. He's been on the slate for May 2012 since last June 2011.
  11. 2/11 at approx 12:52am - Teddy the Rough Rider 2/11 at approx 9:30am - Menu 2/11 at approx 7:37pm - So You Think You're Not Guilty 2/11 at approx 7:48pm - Seeing Hands 2/12 at approx 2:19am - Marines in the Making 2/12 at approx 4:18am - Luckiest Guy in the World 2/12 at approx 7:49pm - Penny Wisdom 2/13 at approx 8:35am - A Gun In His Hands 2/13 at approx 10:34am - Don't Talk 2/13 at approx 5:16pm - Kings of the Turf 2/14 at approx 4:47am - More About Nostradamus 2/14 at approx 9am - Forty Boys and a Song 2/14 at approx 2:49pm - Stairway to Light 2/14 at approx 9:45pm - The Great
  12. You guys must be psychic: Joel McCrea is the SOTM in May and Leslie Howard is the SOTM in July.
  13. There is a one (1) year moritorium for all new Warner Archive remasters. TCM can't access the new master until one (1) full year after the new version has been available through the Warner Archive Collection. This is mandated by Warner Home Video. That is why TCM continues to run the old masters. Edited by: MGMWBRKO on Feb 6, 2012 11:31 PM
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