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  1. I have to agree with Dayrlcam- Ava was NOT people like you and me.... What an amazing looking woman! I can't believe we belong to the same species. For menfolk I'll go with Robert Montgomery in NIGHT MUST FALL, Cary Grant in almost anything, and Fred MacMurray in his early pre-Disney days. Ever see him in NO TIME FOR LOVE, where he's shirtless for a third of the movie? Who'd have guessed the dad from 'My Three Sons" could ever have been such a glistening slab o' manmeat... And Buster Keaton- I don't think I've seen his name come up in this thread. What an incredibly beautiful face, and
  2. How about that whackin' the doctor gives Shirley Maclaine in "The Apartment"? I know her character is teetering between life and death from an overdose of sleeping pills, but geez! He looks like he's knocking her brains loose! That reminds me- the scene in "Airplane" where the hysterical passenger is slapped by a doctor, then another doctor, then the camera pulls back to reveal a long line of passengers waiting patiently with tire irons, brass knuckles, baseball bats,,,, Oh and of course "Milred Pierce". Taste palm, Vita!
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