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  1. Which version of Imitation of Life do you like better. I really like the Claudette Colbert version but the lana Turner version made me cry a river, few films made me cry but the ending of the Lana turner version made me ball. I was wondering what all of you guys thought about these two great movies.
  2. thank u for posting! she was on TCM many times for the underground advertisements, etc. RIP Tura!
  3. interesting observation. Film is mostly a lot of suspension of disbelief and that would probably go here. I will have to re-watch it to see how much water they say is on that mountain. If I can remember right they cart water to their dig site from somewhere.
  4. I highly disagree with anyone that says that TCM should not play political films. what goes through your minds? Does that mean that All The Kings Men should be censored? Or the Manchurian Candidate? Give me a break. Censorship does not go here, at all. People that dont want political films being played here are people that are AFRAID of the truth in any form. You cant hide behind the term "politics" to hide from the Truth or to censor people. I have learned alot about real history from classic films more than I did in high school thanks to films like All Quiet and all the kings men a
  5. Another thing there is a BIG difference between POLITICS and the TRUTH. What I speak is truth, not politics. As far as i am concerned the Rothschild's are not politicians, at all. If u dont believe me look into it yourself. This movie is full of inaccuracies and I mean full of them. I think that people watching this film would want to know this. Sorry if u dont.
  6. *Forty Guns* is one of my favorite westerns, but Sam Fuller as far as I know only made one other western and that would be *I shot Jesse James*, which is not really a western. Also the *Baron Of Arizona* could be considered a western, am I missing any? I am a huge Sam Fuller fan and for years I have been trying to get TCM to play the amazing documentary called *The Typewriter, the Rifle and the Movie camera*, which was one of the only documentaries that changed my life.
  7. I guess my point is, is that u can not bring up historical movies without bringing up the great inaccuracies within it. Dont get me wrong, I greatly enjoyed it and it was just on Wednesday of this week that I acquired it. But as far as it being a "true" story...hahaha....hardly.
  8. Fran Jeffries I too am very moved by that scene and that song.
  9. > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote} > 10 AM Eastern Time, Monday Feb. 7th: > > *The House of Rothschild* (1934) > > A Jewish family fights prejudice to build a financial empire. > > Cast: George Arliss, Boris Karloff, Loretta Young, Robert Young Dir: Alfred Werker BW-87 mins > > A fascinating film, not often shown on TV. With the great George Arliss. To quote your original post, it is most definitely important that people know the truth about what they are watching. when it comes to this movie I could give a DAMN about George Arliss,
  10. Fred sorry but you cant bring up this movie without bringing up the truth about it. It is not just about George Arliss's acting, sorry mate but it isnt. Do u want to believe the lies andlive in la la land or know the truth? I am sure many other people are interested in the truth. You cant just hide behind a TV your whole life without knowing the truth about what u see. I stand by what I said and not everyone wants to hide from the truth. too bad.
  11. I recently acquired this through a special source and it is very white washed and made to take any eyes off the truth about the family. The biggest part of how they got their fortune was based on a lie that Napoleon had won the war they had one of their agents tell the british crown and stock market this, giving them time to buy up every stock that had plummeted. they acquired their fortune based on treachery and lies and this is omitted in this movie. A few hours later the truth was announced that he had in fact lost and that the agent lied. Every war since Napoleon has been funded by
  12. weird I hardly use my photobucket anymore and it doesnt seem in jeopardy of being deleted.
  13. One step beyond is pretty good. I won a few dvds with some episodes on it. I agree that the Barbara Stanwyck show should be on TCM.
  14. Barbara Stanwycks show was highly enjoyable. I think TCM should play that one and others that stars hosted or had their namesake in the title. TV Land wont play these. One show I recently go into was Sgt. Bilko. Hahahaha lots of laughs there and *the dean martin Variety show* is one of my favorites. I own 6 of the hard to find and ludicrously expensive DVDS. TCM should play the Dean Martin Show, lots of interest to classic film fans there.
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