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  1. thanks for the tip on the WC Fields sets! I got vol 1 for xmas!
  2. I need to pick up those Moto sets but quick from Costco before they sell out. The thing about Costco is the stock is always changing and it gets expensive trying to keep up, but I definitely need to head back down there and see if they got anything new in. The Clark Gable Collection I bought was really a steal at 15.99. I love Costco!
  3. I want Eddie Muller to be on TCM as a Guest Programmer. His Film Noir Foundation is awesome. I am hoping they ask him and he can bring some of the films that his foundation has recovered including *The Suspect and The Night has 1000 Eyes.* He came to seattle with the Noir City Festival and he was great!!!! I have sent a few emails to TCM begging them to put him on the air. It is hard to believe that he has not been on TCM yet.
  4. Sweet I am looking forward to Johnny Apollo being released on DVD! I need to get that first Tyrone Power box set asap!
  5. Wow this is great. Frank getting the attention he deserves on DVD. Some Came Running is an amazing picture and I believe it is the first movie that he and Dean Martin starred in together. Shirley Maclaine and Arthur Kennedy also star is this amazing drama. I look forward to these sets. None but the Brave is a great war picture. I own that one on video. I ordered a few months ago the Sinatra MGM Legends collection for a very fair price of 15 dollars. That set includes the following: Kings Go Forth Hole in the Head (amazing Frank Capra film) Guys and Dolls The Manchurian Candidate
  6. I have many, many of Alpha video and oldies.com releases. Though yes sometimes the prints are not that great, they have never been unwatchable. The best way to buy them would be used. I have spent sometimes no more than a dollar or 2 on many of their titles and for a dollar or so, it doesn't matter if the print isn't perfect. I love the little catalogs that come with the dvd's. I use them to make paintings with. I recently did this one with the alpha catalog: Unfortunately there is a little bit of flash effect on the painting. I do not have a pro set up for taking pictures and am st
  7. Unfortunately I have not seen many of the guest programmer nights this month. But I honestly did not like the way the video contest was. Nothing but a popularity contest of who has the most friends on the internet that can go and vote for them. There is no way a person could watch all those videos and be fair and impartial. There is no way. So the winner had to have many, many of his friends go and vote. People campaign online for these bits on TV shows. I have seen it many many times in bulletins and other message boards. Go and vote for this person or that person for this TV show or
  8. ok i changed my mind.... raiders of the lost arc..indiana jones trilogy original star wars trilogy titanic american history x saving private ryan platoon full medal jacket a clockwork orange saints and soldiers death watch
  9. NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are all crap...except for maybe titanic..which is only a classic thanks to the memory to all those that died on the boat........
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