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  1. I think John Gilbert's voice is perfectly fine - his delivery was not perhaps to everyone's tastes, but that's different, that's acting. The thing with the rumours of a bad voice coming from Mayer was the nature of the jibe: Gilbert was a big macho romantic leading man whose sex appeal was key to his popularity. To say he had a squeaky voice would have been extremely immasculating - the worst thing that could have happened to him and his career. It's the same case with Valentino - the easiest way to take someone down whose appeal lies in their image of sexual power is to call him a 'kept man'.
  2. There is a great movie blog called Greenbriar Pictureshows that had a really informative entry a while back on some examples of films the studios missed and why. You can still read the post - the guy indexes his entries - and he really knows what he's talking about. Yes, I think you're right. All they need to do is restore a film in a certain way - add a restored scene, add a musical score, something like that, and then they've got the copyright on that film.
  3. I love the Davis score, if the original scores were even better I'd love to hear this because for a film score to surpass a Davis job would have to be monumental! I'd be interested to see that! The Big Parade is probably my favourite film as well. I wrote my final year dissertation at university on The Big Parade's release and tracked it down for that purpose. It's almost impossible to find in the UK (especially considering it was Thames Television and Brit Kevin Brownlow who restored the damn thing - the only VHS copy on Amazon at the time cost ?75 - thats around $120!) and had to take a
  4. Is the rule for public domain basically everything before 1922 and then the rest of the films here and there the studios missed the deadline on for copyright renewal?
  5. I just finished watching The Half Naked Truth and the whole movie seems to be propelled by off colour jokes: - Lee Tracy crosses his fingers and says 'I'm like this with Farrell (big shot producer)' and the guy goes 'You mean that dirty?' - He tells the public he and the dancer are on a hunt for the man who 'decieved' her mother - thus bringing up rape and sex out of marriage - Tracy tells the hotel clerk that his friend is a eunuch - The song Lupe Velez sings, 'Hey Mr Carpenter'. It's one long innuendo - like an Ethel Waters song - and a pretty suggestive dance goes along with it.
  6. You're right, that Irish accent is a howler! But if it weren't for that Tone was pretty good in Suzy otherwise. But I don't think the movie was as much fun as her really ribald comedies before the Code. She was such a great comedienne and putting her in what was kind of an adventure/comedy kind of wastes her best talents to me.
  7. I love Babyface and Red Dust (any Jean Harlow movie floats my boat) but so far the best one I've seen is Blessed Event with Lee Tracy and Ruth Donnelly (and Dick Powell). Tracy is epitome of pre-code sarcasm and energy and there are really fast and funny scenes between him and Donnelly. Plus Dick Powell is the bad guy and I for one get a strange sense of satisfaction from seeing him ridiculed by Tracy's character - with a face like that you'd think Powell would have been a natural for such arch-rival type roles. Lee Tracy has become one of my very top favourite actors because of this movie
  8. Hi, just wanted to tell everyone to have a look at my John Gilbert website at http://www.silentfilmlegend.blogspot.com To my knowledge it is the only site on the web completely devoted to the actor. I update it often with pictures, reviews and video clips. Please have a look - and you are all more than welcome to leave comments - I love to hear what people think of the site and of Gilbert. Suggestions or corrections are more than welcome as well!
  9. Is there any way to improve TCM in Britain? The US and France seem to have a great selection of films on show all the time, plus websites that seem to encourage a bit of enthusiasm - but here in Britain the same films are shown week after week. There honestly must be one schedule that last seven days and is shown over and over again. Is there any way to encourage more variety for us over here? Or any way to watch the American TCM schedules on your computer? They are amazing and I'm so jealous of all the films I may never get to see over here.
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