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  1. Here is Kyle's intro/outro for Meet John Doe from 16 April 2009:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JARGQmxitZc
  2. Recent TCM showings of Here Comes The Navy (1934) include those of 2/17/2011, 5/19/2008, 1/24/2008, 12/12/2007 and 7/17/2006.
  3. My copy of White Hot: The Mysterious Death of Thelma Todd comes from the NBC showing of 5/5/91. AMC featured Thelma Todd in the Hollywood Ghost Story episode shown 10/13/2000. It?s been a while since I viewed those titles.
  4. Twice in his intro to Hour Of The Gun Robert Osborne mentioned that it stars James Gardner!
  5. TCM has other "phantom" shorts that don't show up in the online schedule. I'm thinking of the S.S. Van Dine mystery shorts from Vitaphone. These are sometimes used as "fillers" with Silent Sunday features. So far I've been able to catch three of these but I've missed at least one, perhaps more.
  6. Four Parts, a Charley Chase short from 1934, was shown following Four Wives on Thursday morning 9/3/09. This short was not included in TCM's online schedule.
  7. DVRs are marvelous products but they don't record a showing that was in the past.
  8. Here are two more TCM showing dates according to my index: Another Wild Idea (1934) 9/23/06 Neighborhood House (1936) 10/7/06
  9. With regard to a "MGM fire" I have a commentary for the 1957 movie "Portland Expose" by Assistant Director Lindsley Parsons Jr. (found on VCI Entertainment DVD, Forgotten Noir Vol. 1, KPF543) where Parsons mentioned that, during his later career he was with MGM-where one project he supervised was taking millions of feet of MGM films and outakes out into the desert where the film was burned in a massive bonfire. Parsons also mentioned that the changeover to color film made the MGM black and white stock footage library obsolete. Parsons mentioned that the stock film library was also destroyed
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