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  1. In the Portland Oregon area ME TV is antenna sub-channel 2.2 from our ABC station KATU. Comcast remaps ME TV to 302.
  2. You might find the full synopsis for A Stranger In Town to be of some interest: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/1175/A-Stranger-in-Town/
  3. Here is Kyle's intro/outro for Meet John Doe from 16 April 2009:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JARGQmxitZc
  4. Even as I type this post TCM's online schudule for Innocent Sinners is wrong. TCM has this 95 minute long movie on the schedule at 2:00-3:30 p.m. local time whereas Comcast has it at 1:45-3:30 p.m. local time. It's time for TCM to post corrected schedules online as well as with cable companies.
  5. TCM scheduling looks like wishful thinking. Here are two upcoming examples: On Thursday afternoon Innocent Sinners is listed at 95 minutes scheduled into a 90 minute programming block. On Friday morning Reefer Madness is listed at 65 minutes scheduled into a 60 minute programming block. Perhaps TCM will correct the timings or the scheduling before running these movies. Or, TCM might just leave viewers to guess how to set the time-shifting devices.
  6. Your description brings something to mind. I think the fellow with glasses was Johnny Arthur. https://www.google.com/search?q=johnny+arthur&hl=en&qscrl=1&rlz=1T4ADFA_enUS449US449&prmd=imvnso&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=ifhOUJvfLZDsiQLinYDQDQ&sqi=2&ved=0CC8QsAQ&biw=1024&bih=529
  7. TCM provides the programming. If I wish to record the programming it's up to me to best determine how to record TCM programming in order to avoid disappointment. It's really as simple as that. I don't use DVRs because they don't lend themselves to easy and convenient archival recording and, as mentioned in these pages, the "dumbed-down" DVR program scheduling system doesn't (automatically) work well with TCM's scheduling. I prefer to record TCM and most other programming for viewing at a more convenient time, even months or years later. With this archival approach to time-shift recor
  8. > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote} > > God Bless TCM. > I often think of us all here at TCM as being in a big lifeboat in the middle of the ocean. We are being battered around by high waves and strong winds, adrift on an angry sea filled with hungry sharks. If this lifeboat ever goes down, it will be the end for all of us. > > > > > > > > > > Most of what I record, mostly early talkies through the film-noir era, is archived for such a (time-shifting) eventuality. Currently there are more than 11,000 home recorded DVDs in
  9. Fred, The per subscriber monthly fee for TCM was $0.26 back in 2009. Thanks for posting a clear version of that table. I don't use a DVR because it is only a temporary storage device. My time-shifting devices are DVD Recorders and HDD/DVD Recorders. I'm still watching for the first time material I originally recorded on videotape back in the 1980s and 1990s. In 2007 I transferred selected portions (5,200 titles) of my twenty year accumulation of home-recorded videotapes to DVDs. My archive now has more than 11,000 home-recorded DVDs. Edited by: talkietime on Jan 29, 2012 4:50
  10. When scheduling a recording be sure to build in some buffer timing to account for intros and outros. Murder, My Sweet is listed as a 94 minute long movie. A recording should be scheduled for at least 100 minutes to allow for buffer timing..
  11. My "TalkieTime" screen name refers to my favorite era of movies, the early talkies, and that I always make time to watch them. I also use "TalkieTime" as my screen name at the BenzWorld Forum. I'm like Mr. Ed in that I speak only when I have something to say. So, my BenzWorld screen name alerts folks that I have something to contribute to the discussion. My AVS Forum and CD Freaks/MyCe screen name is "DigaDo." This was originally meant to convey my preference for Panasonic "Diga™" ES and EA series DVD recorders and EH series HDD/DVD recorders. Those recorders "Do" what's expected of
  12. musicalnovelty, It seems to me that very few of these early Vitaphone mystery shorts make it into the posted schedules. Why do you suppose TCM has singled out these early Vitaphone mysteries to be Phantom Shorts?
  13. Another of my 17 October 2007 posts gave this advice: "Some time ago MGMWBRKO mentioned that shorts were shown before or after movies of about the same vintage. It is well to keep this in mind in looking for 'phantom shorts.'"
  14. I've done enough fretting over Phantom Shorts in recent years that I'll just paraphrase Alfred Hitchcock, "It's only a (short) movie." This is the text from one my 17 October 2007 posts: "Today, and over the next several days, there are a number of deviations from the published Now Playing schedules. This, and the omission of interstitial shorts from the online schedule, has prompted me to program my time-shifting devices to record all 1930s and 1940s movies, even those I have recorded in the past, in the event that "phantom shorts" may be shown. Perhaps this PHANTOM SHORTS thread
  15. On the way to school we went through snow three feet deep and on the way home it was 98 degrees in the shade... Back in the old days, before there was electric light, folks had to watch TV by candle light...
  16. It appears that there is plenty of time following The Case of the Black Cat for something like an early 30s Vitaphone mystery.
  17. Yes, I watched Scenic Grandeur but there was no recorder at hand to preserve it.
  18. Gagman66, If the HDD/DVD recorder's tuner went bad just connect your satellite tuner or cable converter box S-Video or composite yellow video output, plus white and red audio outputs to the corresponding inputs on your HDD/DVD recorder and record through those line input connections. If it's time to replace your HDD/DVD recorder perhaps you should consider a new Magnavox 515, currently $219 at walmart.com. The Magnavox 515 has a 500GB hard drive. I own one of these outstanding recorders. In total, I own seven Magnavox HDD/DVD recorders, two Philips HDD/DVD recorders and three Panasonic HDD/
  19. This month TCM is showing Drive-In Double Features on Thursdays: http://www.tcm.com/this-month/article/385840%7C0/Drive-In-Double-Features-Thursdays-in-June.html TCM shows Ed Wood films now and then.
  20. From the Multnoman County Library (Portland Oregon) Title Wave Bookstore I purchased The New York Times Film Reviews 1913-1968. These contemporaneous reviews, including photos, are reproduced just as they originally appeared in the NYT. This six volume set, including a comprehensive Appendix/Index volume, runs to 4,961 pages. I purchased this set back in April for $45.00. During a more recent visit to the Tidal Wave Bookstore I saw, but did not purchase, the dozen or so 1969 and later volumes of this NYT series. These later volumes are each priced at $7.50.
  21. johnpressman wrote: "How interesting, talkietime. I spent ten years selling and installing audio/video. When my Panasonic ES30V finally gave out, I contacted Panasonic for any other "fixes" and when that failed, they sent me a reconditioned EZ48 that was defective out of the box! I purchased a new EZ48 that worked perfectly. Panasonic sent me another reconditoned EZ48 that has worked for about a year and a half, so far. I think the key is to periodically clean the heads with a DVD cleaning disc as these consumer models are not designed for heavy-duty continuous recording." John, Ro
  22. During a ten month period back in 2007 I selectively transferred around 5,200 home-recorded videotaped titles to DVDs primarily using Panasonic VHS/DVD "combo" recorders, two 2005 DMR-ES30V models and five 2006 DMR-ES35V models that had enhanced dubbing-copying features not found on lesser models. For Sony "V" T180 videotapes that the Panasonic recorders had trouble tracking I used circa 1996 Toshiba VCRs, models M781 and M745, as videotape players that provided better tracking adjustments than the Panasonic VHS/DVD recorders. The Toshiba VCRs were connected to Panasonic DVD recorder inputs.
  23. TCM, as with most network services, delivers their signal to local providers via satellite. Satellite transmission is subject to certain limitations and fluctuations, due to weather and other conditions, that are beyond TCM's control. In our area TCM HD and TCM SD are usually delivered satisfactorily through our local Comcast franchise. Since TCM HD and SD are Comcast "scrambled" services converter boxes are necessary for TCM reception. The TCM feeds are not found among the clear QAM sub-channels received by our digital tuner HD TVs and digital tuner HDD/DVD recorders and digital
  24. Our household main viewing TVs are 16x9 HD LCD or CRT models. My issue with TCM reception through our local *Comcast* service is somewhat different. TCM's standard definition (SD) feed (Comcast #501) has 4x3 and widescreen movies shown in their correct aspect ratio where widescreen movies have black bars above and below the image. TCM's high definition (HD) feed (Comcast #784) has 4x3 and widescreen movies shown in their correct aspect ratio *within a 4x3 frame* with black bars at each side and above and below the image, i.e., "postage stamped." If Comcast is doing this with the TCM HD f
  25. Right now, following The Birth of a Nation, one of the MGM Goofy Movie shorts is being shown. I guess TCM is back to the unscheduled shorts routine so one needs to set up a time shifting device to record the ten to twenty minute blocks between movies.
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