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  1. This is probably a strange question, but is there a difference between the TCM DVD catalogue and the MoviesUnlimited DVD catalogue besides the cover? It looks like they both have the same recommendations from the critics, and one says 780 plus pages while the other says 800 plus pages. Wasn't sure if they were the same, or if one had content not in the other. Any help would be appreciated, I like the look of TCM's, and they're the same price so if they're the same, I'll go with TCM's.
  2. You folks all have the best of the best listed. I guess my favorites would have to include (not in any order): Session 9 Exorcist/Exorcist III Dracula/Frankenstein/Wolfman/Mummy (and their followups) The Grudge/Ju-On Ring/Ringu The Last Broadcast Suspiria Nosferatu(both silent and more recent) any Lon Chaney Sr. or Boris Karloff films Vampyr (the silent one)
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