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  1. Felix Aylmer was in Henry V (1944) with Griffith Jones.
  2. 4. She played Claude Rains' wife on Broadway in The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (1932). The 1934 film would be made with Rains but with Joan Bennett in the role of the wife. .
  3. Gone with the Wind (1939) Next: The really best film from 1939, which is not Gone with the Wind.
  4. The real Bonfire of the Vanities would make a great film. Has it ever been depicted in the movies? Savonarola is featured as a character, but a feature film devoted to him, from his childhood up to his execution, would be fascinating. He's one of history's enigmatic characters.
  5. On Svengoolie tomorrow, September 18, 2021:
  6. The Dead (1987) -- "Snow is general all over Ireland." -- that whole speech, delivered by Donal McCann. Next: Slash and burn
  7. Roddy was also an excellent professional photographer. Here's a link to a few of his photos: https://brierhillgallery.com/roddy-mcdowall-1928-1998 I guess (along with How Green Was My Valley) my favorite performance of the youthful Roddy is in Molly and Me.
  8. When Gypsy, Fiorello, and many other legendary musicals were gracing Broadway in 1959, there was a musical with a delightful score having a very successful Off-Broadway run. Little Mary Sunshine, a sendup of and homage to operettas, with Eileen Brennan in the eponymous role, played for three years in theaters in Greenwich Village. Little Mary Sunshine opened downtown three days after The Sound of Music opened on Broadway. Here's the title song and a couple of hits from the show.
  9. Actually, her Irish half (mother Volga Hayworth) was half English. Quinn was one quarter Irish.
  10. I think Donat was the best choice in a difficult year. Laurence Olivier as Heathcliff was a strong contender as well.
  11. Happy Birthday! And let's not forget that before there was Doris Day, there was the original: Janis Paige as Babe Williams.
  12. Bela Lugosi (in Devil Bat) Next: Evil doctor but not in a horror or sci-fi film
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