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  1. On Svengoolie tomorrow, June 19, 2021:
  2. "What the World Needs Now Is Love" -- Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) Next: An Otto Harbach song in a film
  3. It's nice to see The Day of the Locust as a premiere on Stevo's schedule. Maybe TCM will show it someday! If there's any film that cries out to be shown on TCM, that's it!
  4. Albert Dekker was in Kiss Me Deadly with Ralph Meeker.
  5. Nels -- Steve Brown in I Remember Mama (1948)
  6. That's probably my two top candidates: Kathryn Garcia and Eric Adams (who was a cop in earlier days, working for the Transit Police and then the NYPD, retiring as Captain, after 22 years of service).
  7. No, to tell you the truth, I had never even heard of her until the accident. She was evidently visiting New York.
  8. This is so tragic. It happened just a few blocks from where I live. We have a big election coming up in NYC -- primary next week -- and I've told all the candidates I've met that some control of the bicycles and motorized scooter-type vehicles in New York should be a priority.
  9. There is a lot of good history in some non-documentary movies, you just need to know what's factual and what isn't. Best to check the facts. I'm watching Becket at the moment, a film I have not seen in years. There are many inaccuracies, the worst being making Becket a Saxon, and making that so important to the plot. Becket was pure Norman. In fact, it was Henry II who was of some Saxon lineage, through his grandmother, who was descended from the kings of Wessex. That's an egregious example of messing with history. However, many films do present, at least in part, real history as part of the p
  10. Andrew Yang is also running to be the Democratic candidate for Mayor. This poster shows how many people (including me) feel about him:
  11. Crawford played the role at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles in May 1989, which must have been the start of the tour. I saw the show in London in December, 1986, with Crawford and Brightman (who was married to ALW at the time), at Her Majesty's Theatre, where it will reopen next month, Covid permitting, on July 27.
  12. The mayoral race is hotting up. The primary is next Tuesday, June 22, although early voting has begun. I've made up my mind. Since we can rank up to five choices, this will be my order: 1. Kathryn Garcia 2. Eric Adams 3. Scott Stringer (This for old-times sake, as he has been a good public servant for many years. He's fading for a number of reasons.) My first two choices are among the more moderate Democrats in the large group of nominees. The more leftwing group is led by Maya Wiley, who has been endorsed by AOC. Polls are not very useful in this race, due to the ranked wa
  13. Li'l Abner (1959) -- The "Put 'Em Back" scene Next: Favorite mad scientist
  14. Great actor, I've seen him on stage a number of times. In addition to Mr. Cinders, I saw him in an excellent production of The Importance of Being Earnest in which Wendy Hiller played Lady Bracknell; and in a production of Pal Joey, in which he played the lead. Here's Sian Phillips as Vera in that production, singing Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.
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