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  1. 3) Unlike the film Anna and the King of Siam, The King and I did not kill off Anna's son Louis, who lived into his 60s in London.
  2. I've seen Ms. Routledge on stage at least three times: in Noises Off; When We Are Married; and as Nettie in Carousel. I've seen Prunella Sales on stage as Mrs. Candour in The School for Scandal; and in Single Spies, two short plays by Alan Bennett. Oddly enough, much as I love British television, two shows which I didn't much like are Keeping Up Appearances and Fawlty Towers. I do love Prunella in Mapp and Lucia!
  3. And speaking of Bea Lillie, here's a song she introduced in Noel Coward's Set to Music in 1938. But this rendition is a very recent one, sung by Patricia Routledge in 2020, in conjunction with a pandemic benefit for various actors' charities in London and New York.
  4. On Svengoolie tomorrow, April 10, 2021: Another film from that great year, 1957, this is an intelligent film which ends with a message about man's place in the universe.
  5. You got it, Princess! The young couple he was particularly nasty to, whom I was thinking of, was Jon Hall and Dorothy Lamour in The Hurricane. Allen and Massey had two children: Daniel and Anna, both actors. Daniel Massey's godfather was Noel Coward. Daniel later played Coward in the movie Star! Both Noel Coward and Raymond Massey were mentioned in the Bells Are Ringing song "Drop that Name." And their divorce lawyers were married to each other, before they married their clients, Raymond and Adrianne. Well done -- your thread, Princess!
  6. Today's hint: The husband's supporting role in the TV show with the heartthrob was a medical show.
  7. Mary Nash was in Heidi with Mady Christians.
  8. More hints: 1. The song "Drop That Name" from Bells Are Ringing drops the names of both the husband in question (toward the end of the song); and the son's godfather (toward the beginning of the song), whom the son played in a film; 2. The husband had an important supporting role in a hugely popular 1960s drama series, the star of which was one of the great heartthrobs of the time (male).
  9. Completes John Ford's "Cavalry trilogy:" Fort Apache (1948) Rio Grande (1950)
  10. The couple had a son and a daughter, both of whom became actors. The son's godfather was the author of the now classic play that his mother had appeared in. The son later played his godfather in a movie.
  11. Thanks Lavender. She was primarily a stage actress who made several movies. One of her stage roles was in the original cast of a very famous 20th Century play. He was a stage and screen actor, nominated for an Oscar. He played many virtuous characters (was particularly famous for one) but was equally at home in roles that were villainous, dour, and unforgiving. In one film in particular, he was really nasty to a sweet young couple. Husband and wife inspired a movie that we all know well, written by one Hollywood couple for another Hollywood couple, though in some ways the real life e
  12. Charles Vidor and Evelyn Keyes. He was born in Hungary. She was in Gone With the Wind, a very famous film. He directed Gilda. He had problems with Harry Cohn at Colombia.
  13. Gandhi is a decent, noble movie, as is E.T. None of the Best Film nominees that year was really outstanding. Regarding some of the other Oscars mentioned, I think one of Oscars poorest choices was Chariots of Fire over Reds. As an Anglophile, I enjoyed Chariots, but it's not really a great film. Reds on the other hand is one of the greatest films of all time. I think at that time, the Academy members were so concerned about being called left-wing, that they were afraid to vote for a film about an American Communist. Two other points: I think Out of Africa is a great film, in fact, my f
  14. Shocking (to me) that Rebecca won the Best Picture Oscar, over The Grapes of Wrath! (I also prefer Foreign Correspondent, which was also nominated, to Rebecca.)
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