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  1. I met Carol a few years ago. Lovely woman. She actually came to my apartment. Back to Princess passing on the next turn, so anybody's thread.
  2. I think I'm coming to agree with you, although I have to think about it a bit more. There are people whom I venerate; still, others would not agree with me. What you suggest might be for the best. And it's not a question of "woke," or "cancel culture," which I abhor; it just makes good sense. We had a little problem in NYC a few years ago. The New York State Theater at Lincoln Center was renamed the David H. Koch Theater, after one of the Koch brothers. Koch gave $100 million for the renovation and operating budget of the theater, which houses The New York City Ballet. Naturally, the Koc
  3. I've come to the conclusion that there should be no religious holidays celebrated. The new attitudes toward violence and discrimination are not necessarily about the person who pulls the trigger, but the person in who's name the trigger is pulled. That it why I'm now convinced that Christmas should not be a holiday. Even aside from that, we're supposed to have separation of church and state. No religious holidays should be public holidays.
  4. Thanks to all you clever lads who have been commenting on this thread, I have a lot to think about. I'm beginning to think that maybe there should be NO holidays named for, or commemorating, anything. In England, although they do celebrate Christmas as pre-existing (before the public holidays were officalized), their holidays are called "Bank Holidays." They have no official public holidays celebrating any person or event, including veterans. They certainly commemorate/honour veterans, etc., on Remembrance Day (November 11), previously called Armistice Day. I've even joined in on some of thos
  5. People in whose name centuries of slaughter and torture have been committed should not be celebrated and venerated with a holiday. If people want to worship and celebrate days related to their religion, they can do that privately, without making it a national holiday. A statue of Mahatma Gandhi was removed in Ghana, because it was considered that Gandhi "denigrated black Africans." The whole woke business is blind and selective.
  6. I normally don't like to get involved in these political threads, but: One could say it's a thread about whether those who have caused harm should have holidays to honour them. We don't need to limit it to Americans. But -- there are religious holidays that we do celebrate in America, in whose name a lot of wickedness and murder have been committed (think late December). The issues are not as simple as people want to make them. (In fact, with a few exceptions, many of the holidays we and other countries celebrate, involve death in some way.)
  7. "Transcends" was probably not the best word to use.
  8. I gave the Arabs as one example of the violence that has shaped the world as we know it. It's important to recognize that this is the way the world goes. You are welcome to focus on Columbus and the statues; I am welcome to focus as I see fit.
  9. The subject is well beyond Columbus and his legacy. One wants to take a broader view of the world, and of history, rather than to limit one's perspective in order to suit one's prejudices and arguments.
  10. You sound like you are as cynical as the man you (presumably) have named yourself for: Balzac's gay character Vautrin! I consider myself to be pretty progressive, but one needs to think across the whole swath of history, instead of with the eyes of one's parochial times. Whole civilizations were brutally wiped out in other times. What we saw not that long ago among the Hutu and the Tutsi was commonplace at one time. What the Arabs did with their invasions of Africa, the brutal murders, the wiping out of indigenous African religions, the burning of priests of the old religion, the con
  11. Robert Redford was in Out of Africa with Malick Bowens.
  12. The Spanish were more brutal not because of the language, but because they butchered the locals (as the locals did to each other before the Spanish arrived). But colonialism was not a province of Europeans. It was just that better ways of travel made it easier for people to come from farther away to conquer. Before that, it was one local tribe against another, conquering and butchering. The hypocrisy comes from today's people focusing on one branch of colonialism. Today's boundaries and cultures the world over were largely created by war and migration, not by groups who sprang up from the lan
  13. If people want to make a big issue of questioning and trying to eliminate any remnant of colonialism (which btw is ridiculous), language is where it should begin. (Obviously, I don't think it should begin anywhere; but for those people who care, if they are being honest and not hypocritical, that's where it should begin. I live near Columbus Circle, I'm not Italian, but I certainly don't want that statue torn down.) But that's more about colonialism, and not about Juneteenth.
  14. More written and directed by Delmar Daves The Red House (1947) Dark Passage (1947)
  15. Pert Kelton Next: Played in the (ancient) classics
  16. Something I find interesting in this age of cancel culture is that, since the most brutal explorers were Spanish (Cortes, Pizarro, etc.), it's ironic that speaking Spanish and purveying Spanish as a second language is a kind of "woke-ness." Perhaps it should be cancelled, in the Western Hemisphere. The Spaniards were far more brutal than the English. (The French were pretty bad, yet they still speak French in Haiti. These languages are much more a part of the colonial culture than some old statue!) Peter Shaffer's play The Royal Hunt of the Sun, though fiction, is based on the encounter
  17. Pretty hot -- 90º -- in NYC today, but it will cool to 68 tonight. Not too bad, and the candidates competing in Tuesday's primary are out campaigning.
  18. I prefer Sunshine Dore to Jimmy Dore.
  19. This is where good progressives hold their noses and vote for people like Trump.
  20. More films shot in Africa Zulu (1964) The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)
  21. Much as I'm not bothered by the creation of the new holiday, I'm not looking forward to annual whining about "why are there no Juneteenth-related movies on TCM today?," or why aren't the right ones shown?, or why are too many being shown?.
  22. I haven't seen Curse of the Undead in years and don't remember much about it, but it has a decent reputation. As horror westerns go, it has a better reputation than some of the others.
  23. Have you seen the Ken Burns series about the Roosevelts? I think it's his finest, even better than the Civil War. It's about Teddy, FDR, and Eleanor, giving each a lot of time. It's fascinating and shows Eleanor for the extraordinary woman that she was. Regarding Robert Donat, although he wouldn't be cast today, he was superb in The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. His last line to Ingrid Bergman in the film is sadly prescient: "We shall not see each other again, I think. Farewell." Donat had been ill during filming, and died shortly after.
  24. Well, people work on Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving, etc. I don't think there's any holiday where every person in the country gets the day off! There are ways of making this work. In the early days of my career, we got Election Day, Lincoln's Birthday, and Washington's Birthday off (the business was closed on those days). Then, they dropped Election Day and Lincoln's Birthday and gave us two "floating holidays," because they wanted the business to be open and staffed. We were then able to use the floating holidays more or less when we wanted.
  25. I think the Juneteenth holiday honours us all. Regarding those who have a fear of the cost of giving people another day off, look at it this way: It gives people more time to go out and stimulate the economy! Holidays are good for business.
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