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  1. I'm very happy to see Eleanor Parker as Star of the Month. Robert Osborne is also in fine form making comments on her movies!
  2. Excellent choice of Angela Lansbury and the Private Screening. Message was edited by: rhlover
  3. Please show these movies together again soon along with Kelly the Second.
  4. I have to vote for my favorite actress Vivien Leigh in "Gone With the Wind". As actor I would vote for anything with Lon Chaney.
  5. All this is true yet I still think she's the best thing about the recent 007 movies.
  6. Bob's Picks were fantastic this time especially the Late George Apley. Also the next night with Graham Greene. I like those British films--good show! Message was edited by: rhlover Message was edited by: rhlover
  7. If you watch any network news show, they all slur their speech, even the young ones. I think it might be the choice of words he uses.
  8. I really enjoyed these 2 films back to back. I watched them in my horror film class in college but this time they really grabbed me. I liked the previous version music from the Hunchback even though the print was better. The soundtrack from the Phantom was fantastic. Very scary! Message was edited by: rhlover
  9. Breakfast at Tiffanys Gone with The Wind The Third Man
  10. ccbaxter: And let me just add another point. This kind of film conversation between RO and SF is part of what I come to TCM for. I don't want to just watch classic film; I also want to understand classic film with greater depth and appreciation. Not only that I want to hear what great actresses like Sally Field have to say about the movies and watch them being themselves. Message was edited by: rhlover
  11. I love watching Sally Field on TCM. I wish she was a regular!
  12. This movie may be bad but Jill, Elke, and Eleanor melted the TV. I hope I get it fixed in time for Sophia and Marcello tomorrow night!
  13. A great singer and actor, not to mention great dancer! I have really enjoyed watching him this month and I hope you show a lot more of his early movies.
  14. I'm glad you decided to Have Hedy as Star of the Month. In fact I think she should have her own channel!
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