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  1. A co-worker and I were talking today about black and white horror movies, and we are wondering if anyone can help us find the name of a movie he remembers only bits and pieces of.

    All he can remember is a swamp/amphibian creature being captured, leading to other creatures resembling human-sized tadpoles descending upon where the main creature is being held.

    Sorry I don't have any more information to share to help in identifying the movie. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. After much begging, my parents took my older brother and me to see Gremlins. I remember laughing rather loudly at the antics of the gremlins, and screaming "NO!" and crying towards the end when Gizmo was flung into the department store wall trying to expose Stripe to the daylight (I thought Gizmo was hurt, and it freaked me out). My family was mortified at my vocal involvement throughout the movie, and it was years before my mom and dad would take me to the movies again. My brother still chides me about it, as he was forced to take me after that until I was deemed old enough to go by myself. We never told my parents that he made me sit on the side of the theater opposite him to prevent any possibility of embarrassing him with my outbursts.

  3. Having been a fan of this film for quite a time, I was watching clips on YouTube and found something I thought might interest other fans of the film.




    I was surprised at how much better the acting seemed in the screen test in comparison to the final film. I also am wondering why the final film version of the tested scene omits much of the dialogue between the characters, when the extended screen test version does such a better job of helping to develop the characters of Jennifer and Tony and their attraction to one another.

  4. My father and I were just talking yesterday about how much we both enjoy Ms. Grahame's screen performances. Both of us commented on how little we know of her personal life off screen. We came to the conclusion that all we know is that she married Nicholas Ray, and then Nicholas Ray's son (her stepson), and that it was quite scandalous at the time.

    Does anyone know of any books or websites with information about Ms. Grahame, besides imdb?

  5. Liza Minelli and Joel Grey singing "Money" in Cabaret.


    These aren't really show-stopping musical numbers, but two other favorite musical performances in films are Audrey Hepburn singing "Moon River" in Breakfast at Tiffanys and Marlene Dietrich singing "Falling in Love Again" in the German version of The Blue Angel.

  6. I would agree that biographies and autobiographies of film actors, actresses, directors, etc., are fascinating. My only issue with them (mostly biographies) is that sometimes the author will take liberties with the truth and present a confusing and/or dishonest picture of the subject.

    Some really excellent autobiographies I have read would include Goodness Had Nothing to do With it (Mae West), My Wicked, Wicked Ways (Errol Flynn), Swanson on Swanson (Gloria Swanson), Ava (Ava Gardener), Lana: The Lady, The Legend, The Truth (Lana Turner), and Lulu in Hollywood (Louise Brooks-- not necessarily a typical autobiography, but a good read none the less).

    I'm curious if anyone here has read Will There Ever Be a Morning, which was marketed as the "autobiography" of Frances Farmer. The book is truly horrific is describing Ms. Farmer's experiences, and I was rather dismayed after reading it to find that the ghost writer was accused of embellishing and all out fabricating stories to make the work more sensational. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, and, can anyone offer any information on an accurate biography of Frances Farmer?

    Also, does anyone have any recommendations for insightful books about Hollywood, whether they be about film stars or directors or simply about films in general?

  7. Eraserhead is one of my favorite films. It is rather disconcerting and stark in a sense, and I've never seen another film like it.

    There is a sort of documentary about Lynch and his work titled Pretty as a Picture, and it sheds some light on how Eraserhead was made (which is interesting). I can't recall if that documentary is where I heard it, but Lynch has claimed that Eraserhead is an expression (in part) of how it felt for him to become a father.

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