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  1. I really enjoyed The Sadist and Wild Guitar I hope they would show chopper someday.
  2. Thought I would let everyone know... El Topo,Holy Mountain,and Fando Y Lis will be released in a box set on 5/1
  3. Sisters comes on tonight.Im so excited this is the last Brian De Palma film I have wanted to see
  4. I read that "El Topo" was coming to Criterion early 2007.
  5. I cant even tell you how long I been waiting to see this, and Mudhoney well thats great news as well. Anybody else waiting to see this movie like I am?
  6. In september I remember going through all the movies that were gonna be shown In october and remember seeing branded to kill and a couple a days ago I looked and It was no longer there? I hope they didnt make a change. Message was edited by: floyd2006
  7. Anybody else excited about Branded To Kill coming on In October?
  8. obviously your not a fan, But I dont understand why you had to make your little comment. Im sure TCM will show Bring Me the head of alfredo Gracia sometime In the future because I heard It is one of Sam Peckinpah's best movies. Thank you.
  9. http://www.spaghetti-western.net/forum/ Is a great site If your a spaghetti western fan, so check It out. By the way my member name is ME. Hope I will be hearing from you.
  10. There are a couple of cult movies aka underground movies, I keep hearing about that should be on TCM Eraserhead,El Topo, and The harder they come. tell me If you think they should be too.
  11. Im dying to see this movie. does any one else want to see this on TCM.
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