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  1. I know is it not a "classic" but has anyone seen "SOMMERSBY" with Richard Gere and Jodie Foster? It is wonderful...a mystery set after Civil War. It is an incredible movie and a definite kleenex film. SusannO
  2. > Has anyone brought up Now, Voyager on here yet? I > just lose it when Bette Davis says "No one's ever > called me darling before" > > Brad The part that gets me is when she holds Tina in the bed and says "This is Jerry's child, I am holding his child." It might be a Mom thing or just having had a deep love. I remember the first time I held my brother's son. I got teary-eyed and he (in his usual snotty way) said "What's up with you." He did not get that I was holding a part of me and most important my mother who had passed away 6 months earlier. SusannO
  3. silentfan66, you got it. One of my favorite movies because the dialogue was so witty. Take it away, and give me a minute, I am still thinking about John Gilbert!
  4. That's all you needed to see. > Won't see that kind of subtlety in today's films. No we won't and it is sad because I find scenes like this and so many others to be so sexy. I am certainly not a prude (at all!), but I remember when I began watching classics and did not know about "pre-code". I remember seeing Garbo and Gilbert in "Flesh and the Devil." Wow, I was thinking somebody was asleep in editing to let this movie be shown! Not that I am complaining (thank you Mr. Gilbert for many a good night's DREAM!)
  5. I was home yesterday with a (of all things) SORE THROAT! Hey Doc, why did we take out the tonsils???? Anyway, watched "Twelve O'clock High" which put me in the mood to watch "In Harm's Way" This is one of my favorite Wayne movies with a bonus. Everyone else in the movie!! Down to business: What movie and who said it.... "Why can't you make me feel like a woman instead of a piece of merchandise!"
  6. My friends (and you are), Please, please Do you guys realize that by leaving you are letting this nut job do exactly what he wants. I am so distressed, not by him but at the idea that the people I have grown to care about, look for at night to see how they are, we are a small group which cares about each other and if we let this bully break us up he wins. What would we do if this was our children. We would stick together and try to solve the problem. Luckily we have an advantage. We can simply pass right over his entry and continue our discussion. Treat him as you would a pile of crap on the
  7. Sigh is right... "Rio Grande" John Wayne to Maureen O'Hara I am "new" to watching Wayne's movies but all I have seen I find him most appealing when he is opposite O'Hara.
  8. a little twist....a few couples: Ginger Rodgers is to poised as Fred Astair is to energetic Paul Newman is to enduring as Joanne Woodward is to perfection Clark Gable is to majestic as Carol Lombard is to playful
  9. Another thing I loved was even though he had on his usual dark glasses, the lighting allowed us to see every move his eyes made. You could see when he was amused and sometimes a little puzzled...especially when confronted about his poetry. My husband wanted to watch football but I was tickled because in less than 5 minutes he was glued to the interview.
  10. by the way lamarrgarbo, I am so glad you are working on your counting but your finger is still 1. Let us know when we can help you move on to 2.
  11. Anne, Ignore this idiot. I have reported him and remember what I always tell you... people like this have only one way to avenge the fact that their genitals are too small along with their intelligence. Don't you dare leave. SusannO
  12. It is funny because we usually think no one else could possibly play a role so well known (like Gable as Rhett) but I can really see Mitchum as Patton. But I do love George C. Scott. My Dad only cries 3 times a year: 1. Veteran's Day 2. July 4th Fireworks when they play 1812 Overture 3. Christmas when we watch the George C. Scott version of "A Christmas Carol" Just another example of why my Dad's so great! SusannO
  13. I have not looked into it yet but was anyone else shocked by the comment he turned down "Patton" ? Wow! SusannO Just found on IMDb: (so interesting!!!) Turned down the lead role of Gen. George S. Patton Jr. in Patton, allegedly because he believed he would ruin the film due to his indifference. During a Turner Classic Movies interview with Robert Osborne, Mitchum said that he knew the movie could be a great one due to the script, but that the studio would want to concentrate on battles and tanks moving around on screen rather than on the character of Patton. Mitchum believed that with
  14. My two cents for a moment, I do not enjoy watching movies like "What ever happened....." I realize they have a "cult" following and that to get Bette and Joan together was exciting....I think I just place these women on a pedestal. I want them always beautiful and young, Joan romancing Clark Gable, Bette so beautiful in "Dark Victory." The same goes for my idol, Dana Andrews. I do not watch his later horror films which has also given him a kind of "cult" following as well. SusannO
  15. LueBMone is my screen name LOL. Do you think Louis B would like it? LOL Leda, He would like it but he would try to find a way to make you have to pay him for it!!! SusannO
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