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  1. Lucy Gallant hasn't been shown on any movie channels that I know of in several years. When I happened to catch it, I had gone home to Wisconsin to bury my Dad, and was staying with my cousin. At that time "American Movie Classics" was on the cable line up, and it was a great commercial free movie channel for older movies, like T.M.C. is now. But at some point in time A.M.C. started running commercials (bah hum bug!!). Any way, my cousin taped the movie. It is a neat love story with Charlton Heston and Jane Wyman. I am going home for Christmas this year, and hope to make a c
  2. Thanks for the update,and the list of actors and actresses. I guess I thought it was in the late 50?s. I didn?t watch the TV series that much. But unless I have missed a post here, my questions stand unanswered: 1. Has it been on T.C.M. ? 2. Is it available for purchase somewhere? Thanks again
  3. Does anyone know if an old 50's movie titled "The Interns" is still available? Has anyone seen it on T.C.M. ? I have forgotton who all was in it, but remembered that it was a pretty good movie.
  4. I am trying to remember the name of a musical with (I believe it was) Danny Kaye. He sang to a little boy, the song:"There Once Was An Ugly Duckling." Can someone refresh my memory with the name of the musical ?
  5. Does anyone know of any websites that give historys of movie stars, including whether they are living or dead, and if living where they are now, and what they're doing? Sheesh - how's that for a l-o-o-o-ng question?
  6. Well, I'm with most of the rest of you, in that picking 3 or 4 favorite musicals would be hard. I enjoyed South Pacific, The Sound of Music, and believe or not: "Mary Poppins & several of the Elvis musicals too. And I'm not sure if the title of one I'm thinking of is the same as the name of an old song, but if it is - - There's No Bussiness Like Show Bussiness, with Dan Daily, Ethel Merman, Donald O'Connor, and Mitzi Gaynor was a good one too. Wonder how many of some of these old movie stars are still alive - not many, I suspect.
  7. There are 2 films that I really enjoy, and haven't been able to find anywhere. they are: Magnificent Obsession with Rock Hudson & Jane Wyman, and Lucy Gallant with Charlton Heston & Jane Wyman. They are great love stories. Anyone have a clue as to if or where I might find them?
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