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  1. I don't think Eastwood had any "influence" on Leone's film. It was Leone's show all the way, and Clint didn't become a movie star until after the spaghetti westerns played in the U.S. - Cinemascope Seems that I've always heard Clint's name in response to the quietness throughout the Leone movies he was a part of. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've also heard that Clint had some input in the dialogue and the actions. The fact that the entire movie was Leone's makes it Leone's... that's a given. But to say that Eastwood had nothing to do with it is absurd. Eastwood has always had input in the fi
  2. Can't stand modern gangster films. Too violent. Too boring. Too pretentious. Too long. They take themselves with utterly ridiculous seriousness (yes Martin Scorcese, I'm looking at you). And they're too badly acted. - dfordoom I was under the impression that the gangster life was pretty serious stuff. Bad acting? You really must have something against modern gangster movies if you think the acting is bad. Most gangster movies have good acting. Well, it's a lot better than that cheesy acting they did "back in the day." Hell, I like all kinds of gangster movies, but modern gangster m
  3. " Look, I know TCM has to continually reach out to new, preferably younger audiences, so that the number of eyes glued to TCM doesn't drop. This is the way of the media, and TCM is no exception. But Rob Zombie hosting a series of cult movies? How low can we go? Here is a guy who made, arguably, two of the worst movies ever made in movie history, a guy who celebrates his own stupidity, and a guy who represents the worst in popular culture. I am no bluenose, having spent a lot of my working life in the music business, but this is an insult to all of us who love TCM. I know TCM is trying to count
  4. Melanie Griffith reminds me of Judy Holliday for some reason. I think it's mainly because of her voice. It could be off though... it's been awhile since I've seen any Holliday movies but I remember, at the time, that the last one kept bringing Griffith to mind... and vice versa.
  5. Since when was it illegal to give movies away? You'd think if it was illegal thrift shops, pawn shops, ect. would be in trouble.
  6. You... you just laid it down on the 60's. I wish I was alive in the 60's more than any other decade.
  7. Seems they had tendencies to overdo make-up... Though I do think, at times, they did it to blend in with the colors and shadows, it seems that it could have been a fashion statement as well. Good thread..
  8. Tomorrow (1972) - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069393/ It was aired for Duvall's day a few days ago. Though the plot/subject matter are different, the way the main characters are portrayed make me believe Billy Bob Thornton was inspired by Tomorrow... thus, creating Sling Blade. To an extent, the main characters even sound the same. Anyway. Both are great movies... I prefer Sling Blade though.
  9. I can say that it is good for what it is and that it captured the lonely out-in-the-middle-of-nowere lifestyle that lacks technology and anything that resembles life as most of us know it today. But something came to mind as I was watching it, and that just happens to be the reason for this thread. I was just curious if anyone knows if Tomorrow was the main inspiration for Sling Blade, which came out much later. The characters Duvall and Thornton play resemble one another, though Thornton's is "slow" and Duvall's is not. Duvall's character is just lonely and unfamiliar with things ou
  10. "It's like throwing out your first born when the second one is born!" - TOOMANYNOTES Ummm... Technically, it is not like that at all. And if your DVD's are skipping and the sound is "garbled"... you may consider purchasing a new DVD PLAYER, rather than complaining about DVD's. I've found that it is usually the DVD players that have problems and not the DVD's. Well, unless you're scratching your DVD's... that would be your problem though.
  11. There are positive things to be found beneath the darkside of the things you mentioned. I never understood why people who love watching old movies involving Nazi's amd criminals in black and white hate "blood" in movies that deal with the same things in color. Perhaps it's too real for you or you just dislike seeing what has been known to be the truth just as much as you love seeing what hasn't.
  12. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Doris Day.. pfft!
  13. So.. I watched The Petrified Forest for the first time and I have to say that it is one hell of a movie. It's in my top 20 now. I love the acting and the characters. I'm sure there are many flaws, but it doesn't seem like it. That is a truly captivating movie.
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