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  1. Im not saying TCM should take out the classic moives that you love so much. Im just saying they should add in more modern classics. We dont want to wait for 2106 for them to start showing movies that are considered classics during this time period.
  2. Thanks for the sarcastic thought...
  3. > Another week of Mizrahi? Issac? Oh, no!!!!! What is with your spelling... i advise you to download the japanesepod101 podcast at itunes or go read the Wikibook on the subject and educate yourself on how japanese is spoken. You totaly butchered his name... its MIYAZAKI! There's nothing hard about spelling when its just Consonant, Vowel, Consonant!
  4. The sarcasm in your post wasn't abvious to me. Like i said I'm new to tmc. Besides why hate anime... Its just the common style of cartooning in japan. you do like American cartoons, do you not? Is the fact that its japanese just to much for the likes of you and your followers? I'm totaly with anyone who would say that tmc should take in more modern classics and become more culturally diverse. Oh... i don't even own an Ipod and hate gum. And yes, my school does have a film class and the local college does too, but if its like anything that they show on tmc that that discurages me from takin
  5. Its good to see some one else who likes anime out there!
  6. sure, theres not that much to do this summer... but i'll have to look it up and do a bit of research first...lol If its good enought for you to make a deal with to watch one of Miyazaki's films then i would guess its a really good movie.
  7. Ok, i didn't know about it being commercial-free. Im a bit new to the channel and its movies. The last time i saw a movie on the channel was during the week of miyazaki. That's my point though... if we had more films like Mr. Miyazaki's then there would be more fans from diffrent age groups. I think that TMC should have movies that target a wider range of age groups. People from about 13 to 30 and over watch miyazaki's films. As i channel surf i pass tmc and see that they have an old "classic" black and white soundless movie and i just turn to the next channel.
  8. yes, JackBurley, i now about schedule but i don't see why they couldn't change it if they have a lot to votes from their fans. After all the more people watching, the more advertisers would want to put adds on their station... meaning they make more money and will be more happy. But still i would like to see another week of miyazaki's films. I wouldn't mine seeing it a little late, but i would like to see more animated movies like his one tmc.
  9. I would have to agree with the first post here... I liked Return to Oz (aka OZ). I disagree however one what he said about disney. TMC has show some disney movies, includeing some of my favoirts, the films by Miyazaki (Spirited Away, My Neigbor Totoro, Castel in the Sky, ect.). The showing of these films were the reason i came to TMC. But back to the main subject... Return to Oz was alsome and they should have most defainanly show it. I have however posted a suggestion for them to show it... Tec
  10. how many of you out there think that TMC should have " A Week of Miyazaki". During this week at a specific time (about 8:00 or 9:00) they show films by the great animator, Mr. Miyazaki. His movies, like spirited away and castel in the sky, are what brought me to TMC. My final question is, How many of you out there think that TMC should put in a week of miyazaki this summer for all of us fan (which there are a great number of might i add!)?
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