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  1. hey... on tcm, when they show the video clips of stars, mostly centering on lucille ball, what is the name of the song that's playing with it??
  2. this will be a bit off topic, but i want to ask about any requests on good biographies/autobiographies on actors. i love actors like katharine hepburn, claudette colbert, cary grant, audrey hepburn, erroll flynn, fred astaire, and many others but i'm getting too tired to write anymore names haha. if you guys have any suggestions, i'd appreciate it
  3. i totally agree with you. one of the reasons why i love these classics so much is because they all have a story line, and a point. of course there are modern movies that do the same thing, but it seems there are a lot of modern movies with no point at all. or even looking at the actors... oy i'm not even gonna get into that. i'll just say this, i find few modern actors and actresses that even compaire to the older actors and actresses. -stefan
  4. wow... thank you soooooo much. i never thought i'd get a list of this many movies haha. all of you guys (and gals) are awesome. thanks! and i will reply with how they react and what not, i might have this marathon this week... but i'm not sure
  5. hello everybody, my name is stefan and i recently came upon this website last week. i'll be nineteeen in about 2 months... and practically none of my friends watch these movies. when i was younger i'd watch a lot of tv, and i'd always skip over the black and white movies cause i thought they were stupid. but one day last year or so i came upon TCM and for some reason i didn't turn it off. their star of the month was Cary Grant, and bringing up baby was on. i had no clue who cary grant was, or katharine hepburn (or anybody else for that matter. sad... i know). but since then i've been watching
  6. okay so i'm 18... and i'm trying to get my other friends into the old movies. cause they don't believe me when i say they can be incredible. so i'm starting different marathons off, and i wanna start with a sorta psychotic one. but not too psychotic. i know i'm gonna use The Bad Seed, and Gaslight. i was also thinking of The Children's Hour. but that movie just has a bitchy kid. and i was sort of thinking of Suddenly, Last Summer. that one isn't psychotic... but just deals with mental problems stuff. if anybody has any other suggestions for this... i'd greatly appreciate it
  7. thanks! i was just about to rent that movie actually haha. so i guess i'll have to go do that in the next few days. charles callas? i'm not quite sure who that is... and i'm really curious as to why you said that haha
  8. maybe you could suggest tcm to play that movie. and if they do... then record it? it's the only thing i can think of
  9. haha thats odd, thanks for the first one. i think it was astaire and rogers... i remember the backround for that tap dancing scene was like a stary black backround. and they were dancing on a stage like shiny black surface. so it probably is the berkleys of broadway. thanks for your help!
  10. i need help! i'm looking for the names of three movies! i don't know the actors names in two of them... the first one is in color and starts out with the main male character being out on vacation or something. he seems to be very rich, seeing as he has this huge mansion where the film takes place. while he's away his maids and people turn his mansion into a hotel, and he unexpectedly comes home so the workers hurry to take down all the signs and everything. i would try to explain the rest... but it would get very confusing haha. the second, i saw a long time ago. it's in black and whi
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