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  1. hhuzzy

    Mad Love (1935)

    hey thanks for the news! i'll have to check that out when its released. i really like Peter Lorre's movies.
  2. hhuzzy


    Lucky! i saw Sparrows a few years ago on TCM back when i was new to silent film. it almost made me cry, which says alot since i never get weepy during movies. I thought it was a really sweet movie. i was surprised to learn how old Mary Pickford was when she made this film, in her 30's playing a young teenager. crazy.
  3. i remember several years ago they had a festival of Indian films and it was wonderful. it was my first experience seeing Bollywood movies and i loved it. i think they should move the time slot from 2 am or whatever it is now to a more reasonable hour like midnight so it could be similar to silent sunday nights. i'd also like to see more Japanese films so far my only exposure to them has been Akira Kurosawa and anime. which isn't a bad thing but i'm interested in seeing a wider range of Japanese films. they recently showed some Kurosawa and Miyazaki films which made me very happy as i t
  4. > The names that keep popping into my head aren't > really comedians, so much as comic actors. thats what i was thinking too but you put it into words for me. and i can't believe i forgot Gene Wilder. i love him!!! Young Frankenstien is one of my favorite movies. Madeline Kahn is wonderful too. i love the mel brooks movies they were in together. the movie Clue has always felt like a Mel Brooks movie too me even though its not. Kahn is wonderful in it was Mrs. White Colonel Mustard: How many husbands have you had? Mrs. White: Mine or other women's? Colonel Mustard: Yo
  5. in some areas tcm isn't in the basic(or maybe its premium whatever one gives you like 70 channels) cable package. it was part of the digital cable package. maybe they'll do that first before changing the lineup. just make everyone that wants to channel pay more for cable. there are some really pointless channels out there so tcm must have better ratings then those do. its never occured to me that TCM might become a channel like AMC. now i'm going to have nightmares. the movie studios should sponsor TCM since its really the only place that their classic movies have a showcase.
  6. you know there are a number of betty boop(and felix the cat) cartoons in the public domain so i wonder why tcm doesn't show them. if they have in the past i guess i've missed them.
  7. i really like Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Marion Davies, Cary Grant is great in both comedies and dramas, Mel Brooks...i can't think of anyone else specifically right now. my favorite comedy might have to be Some Like it Hot, but its tough to narrow it down to just one movie since comedy is my favorite genre.
  8. hhuzzy

    Star of the Month

    i think some stars whos careers span silent and talkies might have had a day in summer under the stars(thats coming up next month right?). i think marion davies might have had a day...but that was at least 5 years ago.
  9. i had him on my list. i wouldn't call him handsome, but he is uber sexy. hes got that rugged sex appeal. i think the modern equivalent of Robert Mitchum is Michael Madsen. Oh and i forgot to add Warren Beatty to my first list.
  10. i would love to see a silent film star as the star of the month once in a while. i know it might be difficult for some because alot of their work doesn't survive. still i love silent films and wish they could get some more play time. silent sunday nights are awesome but it seems silent films are never shown during prime time. so what favorite silent actor/actress would you like to see given the star treatment? Marion Davies, Lon Chaney, Rudolph Valentino, John Barrymore, Mary Pickford are a few i'd like to see.
  11. hhuzzy

    Mad Love (1935)

    wow i think i was thinking of "The Beast With Five Fingers." i had no idea it was such a popular theme to have severed hands attacking people.
  12. i'm jealous! if i wasn't on the other side of the country i would be at the silent film festival. i love silent films and it would be wonderful to get the theatre experience. i guess i'll have to suffice with watching silent sunday nights. =)
  13. well heres my list(most of them have already been named) James Cagney James Dean Errol Flynn Tyrone Power Rudolph Valentino Ramon Navarro Gene Kelly Frank Sinatra Paul Newman Tony Curtis Clark Gable and not exactly handsome but i find him sexy - Robert Mitchum for a modern actor i have to say Johnny Depp. i'm sure there are others but i can't remember them right now.
  14. i loved them. =) of course i find it hard not to love a heartthrob like Valentino. it was interesting to see the golden gate without the bridge in Moran of the Lady Letty. i was surprised by the young rajah because it seemed like such a taboo subject to have an Indian man marrying a white girl. that plot element seems pretty progressive for the period. i hope they put these on DVD because i'd like to watch them again.
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