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  1. I DVR's SWEET MUSIC and on my recording there's a a card that comes up saying they're having technical dificulties. After which the screen went complete black and mute for what must be at least 5 minutes. The film comes back in mid stream with the trick trombone player doing an impression of an airplane. The film is in perfect sync once it comes on.
  2. Caricatures of Bing also appear in MGM's TOYLAND BROADCAST and Walter Lantz's TOYLAND PREMIERE. Both from 1934.
  3. GOLD DIGGERS OF BROADWAY (only two reels extant) ON WITH THE SHOW (survives in BW only) SHOW OF SHOWS (survives in BW / only one reel survives in color) BROADWAY MELODY (Wedding Of The Painted Doll survives in BW only)
  4. BixB


    In the trailer for DUCK SOUP, the scene where Groucho tells Dumont "I'll hold your seat 'till you get there. After you get there, you're on your own." is a different take than what appears in the feature.
  5. Two films listed early on are lost films. Joe E. Brown's HOLD EVERYTHING and Dorothy Mackaill's CHILDREN OF THE RITZ. Also MIA from TCM are UNDER A TEXAS MOON (1930) with Frank Fay and VIENNESE NIGHTS (1931) with Walter Pidgeon. Both were restored by UCLA but I've been told there's are rights issues with both films. Two of the very few two color Technicolor survivors. Seems they be worth the time and money to clear.
  6. Had Gloria passed away shortly after her triumph in TITANIC, they would have been falling all over themselves to assemble a tribute, even if they had to resort to stills. I'm so disappointed in the decision makers at TCM over this slight. That said I feel certain that they opted to ignore her both on her birthday and passing due to lack of material in their own library. Outside of GOLDDIGGERS OF 1935 and her first film, STREET OF WOMEN, what else do they own? They simply cheaped out and didn't want to have to pay out to Universal and Fox to use clips from her films. 'Be curious to see if she t
  7. Since both Cantor and Jolson performed at least once in blackface in each of the films, it's very likely that TCM is nervous about running them.
  8. Just a heads up that it airs tomorrow the 23rd at 4:30pm EST. Sure hope my cable or electricity doesn't go out.
  9. Hey! After two months a Mac version has finally return. To those responsible, thanks very much.
  10. That's almost a year since the original air date. Oh well. At least it's happening.
  11. It's November and again no Mac version of the screen saver. Thanks TCM. Sheesh.
  12. Why is it that certain months a Mac version of the TCM screen saver is not provided?
  13. Has anyone heard if or when the rescheduled broadcast may be?
  14. Despite the technical problems, it's gratifying that there has has been such a buzz about this movie. Perhaps it will prompt the TCM programmers to dig deeper into the Universal owned library for more Paramount musicals that haven't seen the light of day in decades. I'd love to see them air more of Bing Crosby's earlier films such as THE BIG BROADCAST, COLLEGE HUMOR or TOO MUCH HARMONY. And since it's been beautifully restored by UCLA, I think it would be a major coup for TCM to broadcast the television premiere of FOLLOW THRU (1930) in all its two strip Technicolor glory. Who wouldn't love to
  15. <> I've gotten the impression that Universal is already doing this, at least in terms of what they've been handing TCM for broadcast. Recently they ran a few Paramount's, DAUGHTER OF THE DRAGON (1931), DAUGHTER OF SHANGHAI (1937) and LAS VEGAS NIGHTS (1941). All three appeared to be old 16mm TV prints (LAS VEGAS NIGHTS even sported the old MCA-TV release logo) and not transfers from decent 35mm material. It's possible that these three films have slipped into puiblic domain (rumor has it that Universal let a good number of lesser Paramount tiles slip by renewal). My thoughts are that
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