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  1. I have several favorites: Barbara Stanwyck's "You unspeakable Judas" in The Mad Miss Manton, Cary Grant's "I'm overcome" in Holiday, Leslie Howard's "Sink me" in The Scarlet Pimpernel, Errol Flynn's "Then it would seem I was not with the governor" in Captain Blood, and many others. What makes a line stand out in my mind is not what is said but rather the manner in which it is said- delivery is everything.
  2. Thanks for the pictures Lucky Dan - she was lovely.
  3. When I started with Classic Movies I was 14. My favorites then were Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Now that I'm 18 my favorites are Barbara Stanwyck, James Cagney, and Cary Grant.
  4. Welcome all! I have been on here for several months now but have been inactive of late as I too am a college student. A great thing about classic movies- its easy to stay "current."
  5. I believe the day of Stanwyck airing tomorrow calls for a favorite Barbara Stanwyck movie thread. I love her in Ball of Fire, The Mad Miss. Manton, The Lady Eve, Meet John Doe... okay, as far as I'm concerned all she touches is gold. :-)
  6. Who is the fabulous male dancer in the I Have a Feelin' You're Foolin' number in The Broadway Melody of 1936.
  7. My favorites are Jack Lemmon, Cary Grant, and Bob Hope in the Lemmon Drop Kid. When he pulls out those knitting needles instead of a gun - now that's classic.
  8. One of my favorite character actors and the lovable Lt. Abrams of the Thin Man series- what are your thoughts on Sam Levene?
  9. What is your favorite movie which at least theoretically centers around an animal? My favorite is Bringing Up Baby.
  10. Wow- this thread is wonderful! I am always singing and although my brother usually attempts to tone me out we have been known to break into song and dance in public (especially when visiting the city). Sadly, no strangers have been moved to join us. One magical moment was when my brother, grandfather, and I were sitting in awkward silence, when suddenly my grandfather sings "New York, New York", my brother echoes "New York, New York" and I conclude with the third "New York, New York," then in unison we all sing "it's a wonderful town!" It sounded awful but it was really fun.
  11. My brother wrote about Hedy Lamarr for a chemistry class once - it was a paper on women in science. Very cool.
  12. Wow! That first one may be the loveliest pic I've seen of her.
  13. Sorry, I haven't been keeping up recently. Toomany's company is always welcome as far as I'm concerned. I too will add my prayers for him and his wife.
  14. I believe that Cary Grant displayed an unusual amount of charm - this perhaps more than his looks is what worms its way into all our hearts. Always (almost) polished and refined with a ready and disarming smile. I wouldn't be surprised to see a bird swoon!
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