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  1. I wish more people would watch her on YouTube. An amazing dancer who needs to be remembered.
  2. I only watched this movie because the lovely dancer Barrie Chase was in it.
  3. > {quote:title=Kusz wrote:}{quote} > Hey Smiler, with Mai Zetterling in this picture maybe that's why it's called "Knock on Wood". Ha, yeah---Clarence & Terrence are less wooden than Mai. She wrote a book and said she hated this movie, and didn't like Danny or Panama & Frank either.
  4. Very happy to say that Danny's masterpiece "Knock On Wood" is finally out today on DVD. I just watched it and it's as funny as ever and the picture quality is pretty crisp also. One of Panama & Frank's most clever scripts. "Gromek." "You're welcome."
  5. If you don't like "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," you should have your funny bone checked immediately - by a specialist. "Aunt Belle, say it don't matter!"
  6. > {quote:title=scsu1975 wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=musicalnovelty wrote:}{quote} > > I think you'd better post a few choice shots of Lola to clear our heads after that one! > > Maybe these will help: > > > > > > They Help! Thanks!
  7. And it was a little hard to take the NY teen punks in the neighborhood seriously since one of them was played by Skip Young, Wally on the Ozzie & Harriet Show.
  8. JimCM

    Thelma Todd Day

    I miss Thelma. Bring her back. How about Corsair, This Is the Night, Speak Easily and Babes in the Goods...?
  9. You are so right! Also, you get the impression he doesn't even like classic films with his snarky intro's...
  10. Ha, exactly how I felt. That 17-year old kid(who looked more like he was 34) didn't seem to realize how lucky he was...He hit the Lola Lotto.
  11. Wish TCM would run Wheeler & Woolsey's "So This Is Africa," their one Columbia film. It's funnier than all their RKO movies put together.
  12. I thought Lola Albright was GREAT in "Cold Wind in August." When I was a kid I loved her on the Peter Gunn show, but this may be her greatest role as the world-weary stripper. A very underrated actress...
  13. I went to see Fortune Cookie at the age of 15 when it first came out in '65 - I was the only one in the theatre that night - and loved it! Incredible cast - Lemmon, Matthau, Cliff Osmond, Sig Ruman, Lurene Tuttle, Herbie Faye, Howard McNear, great script by Wilder & Diamond, and great cinematography by Joseph LaShelle(who shot The Apartment, a rather similar film). Also, the witty musical score by Andre Previn really put this movie over. The last of the great Hollywood black & whites of the 60's. An era I was very sorry to see pass...
  14. JimCM

    Thelma Todd Day

    Wow, TCM ran Babes in the Goods and I missed it? And how about that striptease-in-silhoutte that Thelma does in the department store window as a delighted Arthur Housman watches from the sidewalk?
  15. JimCM

    Thelma Todd Day

    TCM's 'Summer Under the Stars' will honor the great Thelma Todd on Monday, August 30 with 24 hours of her films, including shorts she made with Charlie Chase(Dollar Dizzy, High C's), and Laurel & Hardy(Another Fine Mess, Chickens Come Home). Also lots of Todd-Pitts shorts and Todd-Kellys, but it doesn't include my all-time favorite Thelma Todd short, "Babes in the Goods."
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