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  1. Rear Window Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation Its a Wonderful Life Mr. Smith Goes to Washington The man who knew too much.
  2. To Catch a Thief North By NorthWest Mr. And Mrs. Smith The Man Who Knew Too Much Rear Window
  3. Wow! I was born in the wrong time period lol. If i had ever met Cary Grant.. I would have probably been a gawking idiot. That's amazing! I always knew he was a classy amazing man. Thanks for the story!!!
  4. Cary Grant & Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief.. Audrey Hepburn and George Preppard in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Mynra Loy & William Powell in any of their movies hehe. Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind.
  5. I know I posted this like 5 minutes ago, and its gone. Anyways I was 8 when I started watching classic films. Course my very first classic was a Lucille Ball movie. I grew up on Ginger Rogers, and Lucy. From then on I got quite attached to Ginger, and Myrna Loy. ~Ashley
  6. I am 23 now and i have loved the classics since I was 8 years old. I grew up on Lucy & Ginger. I still adore Ginger, and I love Myrna Loy heaps more then Lucy lol. So I guess Virginia Katherine McMath and Myrna Adele Williams ( Ginger and Myrna) are my two very favorite people.
  7. Stella Dallas makes me bawl all the time. Some parts in Gone With the Wind are so sad, and then of course Imitation of Life is a tear jerker.... Penny Serenade makes me cry too.
  8. I would love to see one of Myrna Loy... that would be really cool. She's my very favorite.. lol.
  9. The Thin Man series!!!! Stage Door Cheaper By the Dozen Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House The Bachelor and The Bobby-Soxer Bringing up Baby It Happened One Night Belle's On Their Toes The Lady Eve The Palm Beach Story
  10. Myrna!!! and Ginger... Cary Grant and William Powell for the guys!
  11. I think she is becoming more and more remembered then forgotten. I think with the help of the dvds coming out, its going to really help! I havent seen Midnight yet, but I think my all time favorite Claudette movie is Since You Went Away.
  12. I think that would be a very good idea! I agree with you about wading through amazon. Its insane! I
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