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  1. also, The Mask of Dimitrios will be available for pre-order 4/25, to be released 5/7. {font:'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif} {font}
  2. milestone's website is back up, and it likes they're finally releasing their Mary Pickford (DVD & Blu-ray) collection with the new transfer of Sparrows! http://milestonefilms.com/products/rags-and-riches-the-mary-pickford-collection
  3. i got the Universal Pre-Code Hollywood Collection for Christmas last year, it's one of my favorites. Murder at the Vanities is definitely the best in the set, followed by the Cheat and Search for Beauty. it's still selling for $12.52 and i recommend it to everyone. also, looks like the TCM Archives Forbidden Hollywood vols 2 & 3 are only $15.99-$16.99 each right now, also well worth the price for some outstanding movies. and another great Universal Backlot title, Cleopatra 75th Anniversary edition is only $5.39.
  4. ooh, good catch! and i'd also be interested in purchasing the slipcase for the Lon Chaney set, but i just checked with their customer service and they said they don't do that...
  5. from my email this morning, it looks like the archive is re-packaging older releases into box sets similar to the Jean Harlowe collection. these are a much better deal than the individual discs, i wish i could trade in my Lon Chaney packaging for the set, since the image makes it look like they're slim cases too. *The Tarzan Collection starring Lex Barker* *TARZAN'S MAGIC FOUNTAIN* (1949) In the first of his Tarzan films, Barker must keep greedy outsiders from discovering a magical Fountain of Youth. *TARZAN AND THE SLAVE GIRL* (1950) A vanishing tribe seeks to repopulate its numbers
  6. according to ClassicFlix, Wings has a street date of January 24th for DVD and Blu-ray!
  7. just when it seemed like the Warner Archive wasn't releasing anything more from the 30's, they knock it out of the park with their best set ever! alas, if only Red Dust were included, but this is still a phenomenal set at a great value. i'd love to see more like this, the Warner Archive is starting to look like the amazing DVD sets WHV released regularly during the DVD peak.
  8. there's probably no chance of that, infinite1, because the Warner Archive DVDRs are made to order; if the manufacturer doesn't inventory them then there's no way a retailer is going to either.
  9. finally, the Jean Eagels version of the Letter! and a Damsel in Distress!
  10. to clarify, Four Daughters is being re-released as a remastered edition, and is availalbe as either a single DVD or part of a 4-disc collection.
  11. i just got an email from classicflix that these are available exclusively through TCM.com, apparently not even the WHV store has them. it looks like they're starting to make Warner Archives titles with special features! Naughty Marietta (1935) SYNOPSIS: Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald first teamed in this lively Victor Herbert operetta about the romance between a swaggering soldier and a French princess. Determined to avoid an arranged marriage, the royal takes on her maid's identity and hops aboard a cargo ship headed to New Orleans. But when the vessel is hijacked by pirates, sh
  12. i just stumbled upon this, and it ends today, but Criterion is offering 50% off of Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times with promo code MODERN, in honor of Charlie Chaplin's birthday. that's $15.98 for the Blu-ray! http://www.criterion.com/films/27526-modern-times
  13. Edge, if you're using a debit card then those are probably just authorizations, not charges, which will drop off your account after a few days.
  14. now every Abbott and Costello movie is on DVD!
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