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  1. also, The Mask of Dimitrios will be available for pre-order 4/25, to be released 5/7. {font:'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif} {font}
  2. hpyglf, the HUAC is an example of McCarthyism...
  3. thanks for the heads up, I was literally just looking at Sweet Rosie O'Grady last night and the price was $19.99, but $10 is too good to pass up.
  4. looks like Sweet Rosie O'Grady is only $17.98 now. I hope there are more Betty Grable movies to come, I was always disappointed that Fox never made a Vol. 2 collection.
  5. milestone's website is back up, and it likes they're finally releasing their Mary Pickford (DVD & Blu-ray) collection with the new transfer of Sparrows! http://milestonefilms.com/products/rags-and-riches-the-mary-pickford-collection
  6. > Depressed that I have to buy a new TV in order to watch a Blu-ray. filmlover was saying just take the blu-ray disc to the store to try it out there on another player, not that you actually have to buy a new TV. it sounds to me like either a simple connection issue or a software update could fix it. blu-ray players are unfortunately like that, sometimes when you buy a new blu-ray you have to update the software before you can watch it.
  7. I got mine from amazon today, it's utterly flawless. worth the wait even if it still took Paramount too long, but it looks like it's selling well so hopefully this will encourage more (the Big Parade, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to name a few). with this and the Artist's Oscar nomination, it's looking like silent movie fans are finally having their day in the sun again.
  8. i got the Universal Pre-Code Hollywood Collection for Christmas last year, it's one of my favorites. Murder at the Vanities is definitely the best in the set, followed by the Cheat and Search for Beauty. it's still selling for $12.52 and i recommend it to everyone. also, looks like the TCM Archives Forbidden Hollywood vols 2 & 3 are only $15.99-$16.99 each right now, also well worth the price for some outstanding movies. and another great Universal Backlot title, Cleopatra 75th Anniversary edition is only $5.39.
  9. ooh, good catch! and i'd also be interested in purchasing the slipcase for the Lon Chaney set, but i just checked with their customer service and they said they don't do that...
  10. from my email this morning, it looks like the archive is re-packaging older releases into box sets similar to the Jean Harlowe collection. these are a much better deal than the individual discs, i wish i could trade in my Lon Chaney packaging for the set, since the image makes it look like they're slim cases too. *The Tarzan Collection starring Lex Barker* *TARZAN'S MAGIC FOUNTAIN* (1949) In the first of his Tarzan films, Barker must keep greedy outsiders from discovering a magical Fountain of Youth. *TARZAN AND THE SLAVE GIRL* (1950) A vanishing tribe seeks to repopulate its numbers by kidnapping women - among those kidnapped: Tarzan's Jane! *TARZAN'S PERIL* (1951) The arrival of gunrunners in the jungle can mean only one thing for Tarzan: trouble, and plenty of it! *TARZAN'S SAVAGE FURY* (1952) English jewel thieves dupe Tarzan into being their guide. *TARZAN AND THE SHE-DEVIL* (1953) In his final Tarzan film, Barker must rely on his elephant friends to battle ivory hunters that enslave tribesmen. *The Tarzan Collection starring Gordon Scott* *TARZAN'S HIDDEN JUNGLE** (1955) Gordon Scott makes his debut as Tarzan takes on a team of hunters posing as a film crew. *TARZAN'S FIGHT FOR LIFE* (1957) Tarzan is captured by a witch doctor looking for the heart of a lion - or a jungle lord - for a tribal ceremony. *TARZAN AND THE LOST SAFARI* (1957) Tarzan's first color film sees him helping stranded high-society travelers. *TARZAN AND THE TRAPPERS* (1958) Tarzan takes on poachers and plunderers in this film culled together from three episodes of an intended TV series. *TARZAN'S GREATEST ADVENTURE* (1959) Considered one of the best of all of Tarzan's film exploits, Greatest Adventure also features Sean Connery as the villain! *TARZAN THE MAGNIFICENT* (1960) Scott's final swing as Tarzan includes a climactic brawl with Jock Mahoney, the next actor to play the role. *Elizabeth Taylor: The Warner Archive Classics Collection* *CYNTHIA** (1947) 15 year-old Elizabeth Taylor leaves behind her child star persona to play a lovely woman on the cusp of womanhood. *CONSPIRATOR* (1949) 17 year-old Elizabeth Taylor's is joined by Robert Taylor in this atmospheric, early cold war spy thriller. *LOVE IS BETTER THAN EVER* (1952) Taylor makes her screen transition from junior miss to romantic ingenue in this frolic directed by Stanley Donen (Singin' in the Rain). *THE GIRL WHO HAD EVERYTHING* (1953) Now 21, Taylor packs power and pulchritude playing a pouty Kentucky belle with a penchant for bourbon and dangerous liaisons. *RHAPSODY* (1954) Taylor strives for sweet harmony as a privileged young woman who must choose between the two musicians she loves. Charles Vidor directs. *Lon Chaney: The Warner Archive Classics Collection* *HE WHO GETS SLAPPED* (1924) Lon Chaney alongside Norma Shearer and John Gilbert. *THE MONSTER* (1925) Lon Chaney plays the monstrous Ziska, who gathers candidates for his eerie experiments by causing roadway accidents. *THE UNHOLY THREE* (1925) Chaney plays a ventriloquist who teams with a strongman and a dwarf to embark on a life of crime. *MOCKERY* (1927) In a striking performance, Chaney proves his talents were not confined to prosthetics and makeup. *MR. WU* (1927) Lon Chaney essays dual characters as the sage Grandfather Wu and his grandson, the "Mandarin" Mr.Wu. *THE UNHOLY 3* (1930) In his last film - and only Talkie - Chaney re-creates his famed Silent role, the scheming ventriloquist Professor Echo. *Randolph Scott: The Warner Archive Classics Collection* *BADMAN'S TERRITORY* (1946) Sheriff Mark Rowley (Scott) takes on a band of outlaws while searching for his missing brother. *TRAIL STREET* (1947) Scott takes the badge of lawman Bat Masterson in this sagebrush saga of peace and justice. *RETURN OF THE BAD MEN* (1948) U.S. Marshal Vance Cordrell faces down the Youngers, Wild Bill Doolin, Sundance Kid and more while trying to restore order. *CARSON CITY* (1952) Scott is a man with a mission, building a railroad through the lawless land between Carson City and Virginia City, Nevada. *WESTBOUND* (1959) Budd Boetticher and Randolph Scott's Westerns changed the genre forever, paving the way for Eastwood and Leone.
  11. according to ClassicFlix, Wings has a street date of January 24th for DVD and Blu-ray!
  12. the price on Mysterious Island is really a shame, but hopefully I'll be able to see it at the Egyptian
  13. just when it seemed like the Warner Archive wasn't releasing anything more from the 30's, they knock it out of the park with their best set ever! alas, if only Red Dust were included, but this is still a phenomenal set at a great value. i'd love to see more like this, the Warner Archive is starting to look like the amazing DVD sets WHV released regularly during the DVD peak.
  14. Berzerk and Lot Horizon? strange, as the titles get worse, my interest increases...
  15. 1944's Cobra Woman, starring Maria Montez, is finally on home video!!! plus three 50's color Westerns: Gun for a Coward (1957) -Fred MacMurray, Jeffrey Hunter, Janice Rule, Chill Wills, Dean Stockwell Quantez (1957) - Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Malone, James Barton, Sydney Chaplin, John Gavin Tomahawk (1951) - Van Heflin, Yvonne De Carlo, Alex Nicol, Preston Foster, Jack Oakie
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