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  1. The ending of 'The Searchers' where John Wayne's Confederate vet is left outside the home, forgotten, after he returns his niece to the family..he stands wanting to come in, but no he cant, turns and walks away..the door closing on him.
  2. I have often rewatched a movie that did not really do it for me the first time I saw it and discovered that on second viewing I enjoyed. Maybe because on a second viewing I was no longer operating under the original expectation of something more than what it was. So, I rewatched 'Red Tails'. No, it was bad. I actually disliked it even more! I really don't know what they were actually going for with this movie. Throw historial accuracy out the window, hackneyed characters, hackneyed plot....add comic book nazi pilots. Inneffective bomber crews, uncaring gloryhunting fighter pilot
  3. I agree Joe. Or, maybe just to be different...leave the baby alien being born, but then it immediatley gets crushed by some collapsing part of the pod. Its birth simply a foretelling of future events AND could also be seen perhaps as an analogy to the Builders/Human rejection relationship..in this case Shaw rejecting HER creation.
  4. No, wasn't 'Bitter Victory' either. On the off chance that it was, I watched this a couple of months ago. One day I'll find out! lol
  5. I would not have been upset if they hadnt included the Alien baby at the end. I have been reading some items which have stated that the powers that be dont really have an idea as to where to go story wise in the next Prometheus. That really surprises me as I can think of any number of story lines to go. But Im just a viewer lol.
  6. I think a young Russ Tamblyn plays the young John Dall character at the beginning of the movie.
  7. My understanding was that this was originally supposed to be a pure porn flick, but along the way it transmorgified. I agree that the 'story' and 'acting' are.....well.......not really there. On the other hand, there is so much more that IS! You failed to mention Greg Jein's work, he later on provided great service in so many other scifi films (and since this is a 'cult film' lets not forget the other 'cult film' his work is in....John Carpenter's 'Dark Star'). The art production is wonderful, miniature work fabulous for the day and let's not forget the great homage to Republic Films old t
  8. Ohhhhh.....I'll give it a shot. Exploitation and titillation are always things I can get into..even if A&E gets cold feet and it gets cancelled the next week. Have to see the show to at least be able to trash it!
  9. I think it was Close Encounters...though it might have been ET, anyway...it was Spielberg and it was about the 1955 case in Hopkinsville (or Plattsville?) Kentucky. The funny thing was that I think the Spielberg film was going to be called 'Night Skies' or 'Dark Skies'. Anyway, that plan was dumped and the film we all know was made. I think a farmhouse would have been a better location too...maybe because movie people dont think anyone could empathise with living in the country.....
  10. And they ran several Maxicat's and a lot of really dark ones which I only remember bits and pieces of. Like this one in the future where the only part I remember was a woman sitting under some sort of brain control device.
  11. Really no originality. I though when I saw the previews that it was going to be something a little like what Close Encounters was going to be at first. Based on that UFO incident where a couple of families reported that aliens were attacking their farmhouse.
  12. bongoBill

    Need help

    I remember seeing on several occasions back in the 80s, a short that ran on my local PBS station between programs. I can't remember if this was a Canadian Film Board cartoon, or one that came out of studios in Europe. It was black and white, with no actual understandable dialog and some subtle humor. Basically it shows a short fat politician landing at a test site by helicopter and going into a bunker, on a tv they watch a succesful atomic test. During the congratulations, the phone rings and its a tall skinny politician from 'the other side' and 'they' have just tested 'their' bomb. They
  13. I remember back in the mid 1970's, PBS aired a program called something like "International Animation Film Festival". Jean Marsh was the host. I think it ran half an hour and don't remember how many episodes there were. But they showed some amazing animated shorts with some of the most interesting being ones out of Eastern Europe. The only ones I remember specifically were a few of the 'MaxiCat' cartoons out of {font:arial, sans-serif}{size:small}Zagreb, Yugoslavia. So many of the cartoons were just brilliant. My local PBS station would also air animated shorts between some programs u
  14. If you hadnt said 'early 50's' I would have said it was either the tv movie 'Sole Survivor' which came out in 1970 I think, or the classic Twilight Zone episode 'King 9 Will not Return' which was....1960???? Both dealt with the dead crew who were ghosts and both were somewhat inspired by the finding in the Libyan desert of the B-24 "Lady Be Good" in 1958.
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