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  1. I think a young Russ Tamblyn plays the young John Dall character at the beginning of the movie.
  2. If you hadnt said 'early 50's' I would have said it was either the tv movie 'Sole Survivor' which came out in 1970 I think, or the classic Twilight Zone episode 'King 9 Will not Return' which was....1960???? Both dealt with the dead crew who were ghosts and both were somewhat inspired by the finding in the Libyan desert of the B-24 "Lady Be Good" in 1958.
  3. Another movie that was ahead of its time. Get beyond the actual game playing in the movie (which was pretty exciting) and explore the politics and roles that the game plays. No real books, everything electronic and 'controlled'. Way cool. That party sequence....LOTS of things going on there! People crying, **** of destruction, drugged out.
  4. Other than 'Dirigible' and 'Here Comes the Navy' you often would see the 'Los Angeles' or later the 'Akron' or 'Macon' in almost ANY film from the mid to late '30s that had the navy as the service of choice. More recently, other than 'Hindenberg' there was a British WW1 war movie called 'Zeppelin'.
  5. I can't say it's my favorite, maybe because it feels to close to home for me, but I found 'Hamburger Hill' to be the most realistic to me in regards to how the 'soldiers' in the movie behaved and talked, their interactions. Really reminded me of the guys I served with. Always really enjoyed 'Bridges at Toko-Ri' for the action and weirdly enough, the downer of an ending.
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