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  1. You're very welcome, Mongo! I know how hard it can be to find accurate information on the web, so I tried to steer you to a source you could count on for a biographical sketch on Peter Lorre. Stephen Youngkin wrote that piece (http://www.PeterLorreBook.com/bio.html) based on his full-length biography, "The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre". Best wishes, Cheryl
  2. Thank you for your kind words, ugaarte! I have sent your comments on the Lorre biography (The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre) to my long-time friend Stephen Youngkin, who is always interested in what fans think of the book. There are lots of Lorre fans out there, and if you would like to, you would be welcome to join my Lorre group on Yahoo. Just search on "Peter Lorre" and look for the photo of Marius. We have only 6 members currently, but we're not unfriendly. Cheryl
  3. Thanks for giving my favorite actor Peter Lorre a moment "In the Spotlight". Unfortunately, the biographical material you used -- from Wikipedia or IMDB? -- is not accurate. Peter did not "run away from home at 17" to become an actor. He simply left his home in Vienna and spent more time with his acting friends than his family. You'll find the real story of Peter's life here -- http://peterlorrebook.com/plbio.html -- in a biographical sketch written by Stephen Youngkin, his authorized biographer and author of "The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre". And if you'll go to the photo s
  4. I have read on other forums that sometime this year (2007), "The Face Behind the Mask" is coming out on DVD as an installment of Sony's "Icons of Horror" series. "Icons of Horror: Peter Lorre" will include "The Face Behind the Mask" and "Island of Doomed Men". Nothing said about extras, quality of the transfers, release date, etc. Neither are "horror" films -- but I'll take them! Cheryl
  5. > Was that Keye Luke with Huber and Lorre then? > Hard to say. It doesn't really look like Keye Luke or Sen Young. Maybe it's No. > 3 Son. That's Keye Luke, Harold Huber, and Peter Lorre in the photo, at a boxing match. The film is "Mr. Moto's Gamble" (20th Century-Fox, 1938), and it started out as a Charlie Chan movie, which explains the presence of Keye Luke as Charlie's son, Lee Chan. Cheryl
  6. Thanks for the information, Nic! I'm wondering if the Boston Terrier reference comes from the fact that in the Disney film "The Shaggy D.A.", a Boston Terrier in a dog-pound had a Lorre-like voice. (In that same scene, Bogie "played" a bloodhound and Mae West was a poodle,) I'm anxious to get my copy; Amazon hasn't shipped it yet. And, "filmlover", I'll be watching for your disucssion of the extras, too. Cheryl
  7. Oh, good! The production company hired to develop the bonus features interviewed Stephen earlier this year, but we didn't know how or where his material would be used. I have ordered my copy of the Bogart Collection, but it hasn't arrived yet. What are the other documentaries like? Cheryl
  8. Oh, that's ok! I just wanted to make sure I understood. Stephen Youngkin and I have been friends since the mid-1970s, and I know he enjoys participating in the extra features for DVDs. All he needs is an invitation. And since "The Lost One" was published in September 2005, he has been asked to work on several DVDs. The Criterion "M", however, came out in December 2004, about a year before his book, just in time for him to add a discussion of Peter Lorre's appearance in the French version to the manuscript. Cheryl
  9. You say that William Friedkin is Peter Lorre's biographer? He's the director of "The Exorcist", isn't he? Maybe you mean Stephen D. Youngkin is Lorre's biographer. Mr. Youngkin wrote a book on Peter titled "The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre" (University Press of Kentucky, 2005). You can find out more about that book, and more about Peter himself, on the book's official website: http://www.PeterLorreBook.com There is also a DVD section on this website, with information about Peter's films available on DVD and VHS. Cheryl
  10. > "All Through the Night", an excellent comedy-drama > comes in about three hours !Bogie, Demarest, McHugh, > Wally Ford,and Jackie C. Gleason battleing Nazi's > Veidt, Lorre, and Judith Anderson.Phil Silvers, > Barton MacLane, Edward Brophy and James Burke as a > bewildered Irish Police Inspector also appear. Kaaren > Verne (Lorre's real life wife,at the time) is the > female lead!! It's one of my favorite films, too! But -- Kaaren Verne and Peter Lorre were not married at the time they worked on "All Through the Night". They started dating during th
  11. PetersGal

    Mad Love (1935)

    You may have already heard this, but in case you haven't -- "Mad Love" will be coming out on DVD this October. Warner Home Video is releasing it on October 3, 2006, as part of a 6-film box-set -- "Hollywood's Legends of Horror Collection". Included with "Mad Love" will be the movie's original trailer, plus commentary by Steve Haberman, author of "Chronicles of Terror". Amazon and Barnes & Noble are among the on-line merchants offering the set for pre-release order. And you can find out more about the DVD on the official website for Peter Lorre's biography, "The Lost One: A Life
  12. Dear Larry, If you're interested in "M", you should try to get a copy of the new (Dec. 2004) Criterion DVD of the film. The 2-disc set comes with many extras, including Peter's "I can't help it" speech from the French version of "M" ("M le maudit") and audio commentary of the German film. Have you seen the new biography on Peter Lorre? "The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre" by Stephen D. Youngkin. Official website: http://www.PeterLorreBook.com, where you can find links to booksellers offering the book and information on the book and Peter himself. Plus tons of photos. Cheryl
  13. Apparently, they were offended by the idea of a white man playing an Asian character. They regarded it as "yellow face". They felt the same about Peter Lorre, a Hungarian, playing a Japanese character. But Peter himself had a different view, which that Moto was simply a character he was playing. In the new Lorre biography, "The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre" by Stephen D. Youngkin, there is a very nice "Mr. Moto" section, including quotes from Peter about his approach to playing a Japanese. " As a man thinks, so he moves. Well, I think about the character, and what I do is right.
  14. I second that, Scarlett! Let's see Peter Lorre as "Star of the Month". There's a new full-length biography available on him now: "The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre" by Stephen D. Youngkin. And a Lorre film festival on TCM would be a great tie-in.
  15. The Moto films are great, especially the second one: "Thank You, Mr. Moto". It has an Indiana Jones sort of plotline, with Mr. Moto searching for the treasure of Genghis Kahn by following a map laid out on seven scrolls. The Moto films on DVD? Wonderful news! But how did you hear of it?
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