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  1. Errol Flynn could charm me out of anything, or into anything for that matter. ;-) He certainly did haveto much charm for his own good. Olivia said that he always got his way and that no one could say no to him. And that since what he wanted usually wasn't good for him, that could be a bad thing.
  2. My fav actor is Errol Flynn. I just adore him. No one can compare. He is the best IMO :-)
  3. Well I love almost every Errol Flynn film. My most favorite though has to be The Adventues Of Robin Hood. That film can lift me out of the deepest, darkest place and puts a smile on my face. I really like Dawn Patrol as well. He has such a range to play in that one.
  4. Errol Flynn as Robin Hood - The Adventures Of Robin Hood Errol Flynn as Peter Blood - Captain Blood Errol Flynn as Captain Courtney - Dawn Patrol Errol Flynn as Geofrey Thorpe - The SeaHawk Errol Flynn as Geofrey Vickors - Charge Of The Light Brighde Well you get the idea I think. ;-)
  5. Errol Flynn Not just because I adore him, which I do. He was so beautiful, intelegent, and talented. He would fare much better today where he could have control over his career. I would realy like to know what he would think of the world today.
  6. Errol Flynn is breathtakingly beautiful in every way. When Janet Leigh fist met him when they were filming That Forsythe Woman, she said she actualy gasped out loud because he was so beautiful.
  7. Errol Flynn and Olivia De Havilland
  8. Errol Flynn's smile is the best. His smile just lit up a room more britely then the sun itself. IMO :-) Message was edited by: Jane03
  9. I agree 100%. There never has been or ever will be anyone who can hold a candle to Errol. He had such beauty, inteligence, talent, wit, and charm.
  10. If you go to Amazon.com they have it on video and DVD.
  11. Errol Flynn, Errol Flynn, and Errol Flynn. Errol is the most beautiful man anywhere. Past. present, and furture. No one can even begin to compare with him. IMO. I just love him. Not that you could tell that fact. I hide it so well. ;-)
  12. It would just have to be The Adventures Of Robin Hood for me. It's pure magic. No matter how depressed I am, or how dark a place I'm in, that movie always makes me smile, laugh, and feel good. The effect lasts all day. If that isn't magic, I don't know what is. :-)
  13. If I were a man, I would be Errol Flynn. He was so beautiful, inteligent, witty, and charming. I am none of those. Since I'm a woman, I'd be Mauren O'hara. She's lovey, smart, indpendant, and firey. She' a broad in the best sense of the word.
  14. Errol Flynn has my heart. Every inch of it. :-)
  15. There are some actresses that I like. It ask for my favorite and Errol's it. But I'll humor you. ;-) As far as actresses go, I like: Katherine Hepburn Olivia DeHavilland Maureen O'Hara Loretta Young Garbo And I even like a few actors too. Including Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart among others. Happy now ? ;-)
  16. Thanks PK. So I guess you don't mind that I followed you over here. :-) But I figured as a Flynnatic it's my job to spread the Errol love as much as possible. ;-) Anyone here what to join the Flynnatic? We can always start another branch here. :-)
  17. Well I'm new too, so I'll jump on in here. In my opinion Errol Flynn is a very underrated actor. It seems to many people just see his beauty and charm and don't see him as being a talented actor which he most certainly is IMHO.
  18. Errol Flynn. He is just soooo beautiful. :swoon: There I go again. I just can't help it. ;-)
  19. For me Errol Flynn is the best Pirate of all time. He just got voted number one Pirate in some poll. Captian Blood and The SeaHawk are just great movies. :-) And Robin Hood was not in the boxset because there is a special two disk aniversiry edition of it out. I have it. The restored movie is just sunning. I've seen it at Best Buy and Amazon.com as it as well.
  20. My favorite Swashbuckler is Errol Flynn. No one could swash a buckle like Errol. I think The Aventures of Robin Hood, Captain Blood, and The SeaHawk are the best Swashbucklers and some of the best movies period. P.S. Can you tell that I just love and adore Errol Flynn? ;-)
  21. The Sea Hawk is one of my favorite movies. I grew up watching clasic movies, especially Errol Flynn movies. :-) I just loved and adored him when I was five and I still do. So for me the best part is Errol of course. But I do think Korngold's music is the best in any Errol Flynn movie. It so adds to the richness and grandness.
  22. My Favorite movie is The Adventures Of Robin Hood.
  23. Errol Flynn !!! He is my favorite actor. :-)
  24. For me it has to be The Adventures Of Robin Hood, hands down. It is just so lush and vibrant. It helps add to that larger than life legend feel.
  25. Hi, I just signed up for this forum and this is my first post. :-) My list consists of only one man. And PK, knowing me from another forum knows who it is. Errol Flynn. He's just so beautiful, intelligent, talented, witty, complicated, gorgeous, handsome, well you get the general idea. ;-)
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