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  1. Hii AvaG I had written you an email but when I tried to use the spellcheck I had to remove my pop up blocker and when I did it deleted my email ..so here I go again. Janis Stevens has always been the actress in this play to play Vivien. Rick Foster is the playwright...and may I add Mr Foster is one of the nicest people you could ever get to know. He is dedicated in bringing Vivien to broadway and other venues and has had excellant revues to boot. The website i think is www.viventheplay.com. If you or anyone would like to talk about Vivien anytime please feel free to call me @ 704-782-6701
  2. Hii Viv fans. Lets all let Robert Osborn know that we would like to see Viv as a Star of the month. I did send him an email about that subject but he cites the small number of films that are available with her in them. P'shaw is what i say to that. Or if it was Viv ..she would have said.."Fiddle dee F_ _ _. LOL. I really enjoyed the Hedy Lamar movies and she made about as many as Vivling and they still made her star of the month. I think Viv and Hedy couldve been mistaken as sisters..what do you alll think? Ric n NC
  3. No prob...just like to be able to chat with like Viv fans...and also keep everyone posted about 'Vivien Leigh...The Play" which we are trying to book on the Queen Marys'. best Ric
  4. Hmmm...seems more attention is being given to my spellcheck capabilities rather to that actress we all know and love. Lets stay on the subject matter...and I promise not to enter into any spelling bee competitions.
  5. Hii Vivling nation..just wanted to see if you TCM fans would like to start a rapport. My email is ncknight05@yahoo.com. I am helping book a play by playwright Rick Foster that is all about Vivien. Its called Vivien Leigh..The Play. The play and the actress are superb. Just played in San Fran. Let me hear from you guys...ok? Will be playing in Phillie this winter. Ric n Concord,NC Message was edited by: ric2006 Message was edited by: ric2006
  6. I agree I recently this year became aware of Hedy Lamarr.She is absolutely beautiful but reserved.Im so glad that TCM had Hedy Lamarr day this past Monday Aug 28. She along with Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor could all be sisters as far as looks. I just luv those dark haired emerald eyed women. Ric in Concord,NC
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