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  1. Last week I saw three movies, all about themes of moral dilemmas of not rich people under pressure. Big City has the unusual pairing of Spencer Tracy and Louise Rainer. He's a cab driver, she's his foreign born wife. They get involved in fights with a rival taxi syndicate. Rainer's character is framed for crimes and is faced with deportation, even though she is pregnant. (Could they do that in 1937?). Tracy is quite good as the husband, and the movie has an amusing punchline. Hell Drivers has quite the cast. Peggy Cummins is a non-sociopathic love interest. Sean Connery has a minor r
  2. It would be hard to chose 1957, I like 12 angry Men, and many people like The Bridge over the River Kwai. But it would be hard to say that Witness for the Prosecution was the best mystery of the fifties, while Peyton Place is just a soap opera, and Sayonara is hardly memorable. By contrast, all the best picture nominees of 1939 have their admirers today.
  3. The Big City (1963 d. Satyajit Ray) An Indian housewife gets work to pay the bills and becomes the family breadwinner. The Big City (1928 d. Tod Browning) Lost silent film. Wikipedia doesn't give the plot, but I doubt it's the same. Big City (1937 d. Frank Borzage) A taxi driver has to deal with corrupt rivals whose actions lead to his pregnant wife threatened with deportation Big City (1948 d. Norman Taurog) Three men find an abandoned baby, eventually quarrel over who will raise her.
  4. Casino. It has too much of a sequel vibe, which is the same problem I have with the first two Indiana Jones sequel and The Return of the Jedi.
  5. We do have Andrei Rublev on twice this much.
  6. Last week I saw five movies. Arctic Fury is a docudrama in which a man survives an airplane crash in the far northern wilderness, but makes his way out and adopts two cute bears as pets. Perhaps it's the unintentional inspiration for Grizzly Man. I watched The Town that Dreaded Sundown because I remember playing at my small town movie theater when I was a child. As such, it's not a bad movie about the search for a serial killer in the forties who attacks couples. But there's only so much you can do about a story where you don't know the ending. (The killer was never found.) There's a ce
  7. I am curious about Daisy Miller, At Long Last Love and They all Laughed.
  8. So Gene Hackman is now the earliest surviving Best Actor winner.
  9. Out of a very strong cast for Fanny and Alexander, let's not forget Harriet Andersson:
  10. Here's theyshootpictures.com top 1000 films of all time table. https://theyshootpictures.com/gf1000_all1000films_table.php Look down it, and if you find a title you haven't seen, then you've neglected it at any rate. Also this:
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