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  1. This should be updated. I noticed the TCM premiere of Blade Runner when I just checked the schedule.
  2. And now the top 10 actors of the nineties: 10. Michel Piccoli 9. Bruno Ganz 8. Jeremy Irons 7. Tom Cruise 6. Morgan Freeman 5. Jack Lemmon 4. Bill Murray 3. Anthony Hopkins 2. Kevin Spacey 1. Ralph Fiennes
  3. The Boy Friend is the one truly watchable Russell movie. The weird thing about Tommy is that the best scene is the reprise of the key song over the credits, without any of Russell's florid additions. Wh*re wasn't a horrible experience when I watched it decades ago, but does it offer anything Vivre sa Vie offered aside from Theresa Russell's breasts? I barely remember The Rainbow, which seems unimaginative and conventional.
  4. I saw three movies last week, starting with two Ken Russell films. Mahler is the more sober and realistic one, also less interesting. Russell does not seems to have a particularly profound take on the man or his music. So there's his Jewishness, his relationship with his wife, his premature death. There's also an early scene where it's apparent that Russell wishes he had directed Death in Venice. Lisztomania has one idea, Franz Liszt as the 19th century equivalent of a rock star, and when this starts to run out about forty minutes, the movie becomes increasingly deranged, in a sort of re
  5. 1975 Isabelle Adjani, The Story of Adele H. Carol Kane, Hester Street 1976 Giancarlo Gianni, Seven Beauties William Holden, Network Marie-Chrstine Barrault, Cousin Cousine Sissy Spacek, Carrie 1977 Shirley MacLaine, The Turning Point 1978 Laurence Olivier, The Boys from Brazil
  6. This is actually very useful. Now I can see that Gabriel Byrne and Kevin Spacey were in only one movie together, as well as Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt.
  7. Are there any other Paul Scofield/Leo McKern movies? Did Janet Leigh and tony Perkins ever appear in the same movie again?
  8. Much of All the President's Men takes place in the summer, since the Watergate break-in was in June. Chinatown also takes place in the summer (that's when oranges usually grow right?)
  9. Going back in time 83 years is quite the trick.
  10. I saw four movies last week. Three of them were disappointing, yet I can't bring myself to wholly condemn them. Trog is best known as Joan Crawford's last film. By all accounts everyone had a miserable time making it. Not only is the movie amateurish and is of questionable competence, but it breaks the Cardinal rule of caveman movies (caveman and dinosaurs did not live at the same time). And yet Joan Crawford has a certain dignity is a movie where misogynist spite is as important a factor as irrational fear. To Sir, with Love has the problems you'd expect with a black Goodbye Mr. Chips.
  11. 1951 An American in Paris (#10, #7 English) 1952 The Greatest Show on Earth (#26) 1953 From Here to Eternity (#23) 1954 On the Waterfront (#6, #3 English) 1955 Marty (#64)
  12. They should honor stars who died since the last Summer under the stars, so, again, Christopher Plummer
  13. That is to say the final film of a director? Here's five A Fish Called Wanda Ivan the Terrible That's Entertainment II Gertrud L"Argent
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