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  1. I saw three movies last week, two the week before. The Star Prince is an early silent movie that deals with a child who comes down from the stars, and has to learn humility. The movie has an all child cast, but it is too diffuse and poorly structured to be as charming as it could be. Lucia is a Cuban movie that deals with women in three eras of that country's history---the war for independence, the thirties and the revolutionary present (early sixties) In each era a woman, named Lucia deals with the politics of the day through the man she's attached to. In fact the movie shows both visual
  2. I suspect it's because the question was deliberately limited to the best picture nominees of that year. If it hadn't been, I would have chosen Rope.
  3. "New York, New York" would have been a much better choice.
  4. It certainly doesn't stay in the memory. And I have an excellent memory for Phil Collins songs.
  5. People, or at least me, wonder who should have won the Oscars. The thing about Best song is that I can never tell if a song wasn't nominated because the Academy was too stupid to choose it, or because it wasn't eligible for some reason. I remember my brother being annoyed that "Man of Constant Sorrow" wasn't nominated for O Brother, Where Art Thou?, not realizing that it was a decades old standard. Any alternatives?
  6. My choice is clearly The Red Shoes. Not merely are the cinematography and choreography excellent, they seminal. And while the message of The Treasure of the sierra Madre important andtrue, the message of The Red Shoes (that true art is difficult and more important than love) gets points for being less popular.
  7. A month of Godard premieres might not be out of place, though I think TCM has shown most of the pre Weekend ones.
  8. For TV, the first and third are probably good, though I've never seen either. As for Lost it's ultimately disappointing (the wrong people survive, and the Big Bad wouldn't be nearly so powerful if the other characters weren't hung up on their own mysteries). But the fourth season episode "The Constant" is the show at its best. As for the movies, Maybe, yes, haven't heard of it, I don't think anyone really believes this was a good movie, and if you have to watch porn, there are probably movies where the actresses enjoyed it more, yes, there are probably better movies you haven't seen, and ye
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