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  1. Yet another three movies this week. The first two movies are more triumphs over censorship than of the cinematic art. All my Countrymen is a Czechoslovak film from 1968 that is most remarkable for portraying the Communists who take over a Moravian farming village as nasty and stupid. One might think the actual communists were both more ruthless and more popular. One might also suggest that the photography is more pretty than beautiful ("look, we finally have color film!") while the characters could be more engaging. Rafiki is a recent Kenyan example of the lesbian coming of age film. Gi
  2. ACTING III Movies that got five (unsuccessful) acting nominations: Petyon Place (1957), Tom Jones (1963) My choice: A Christmas Tale (2008) First actor to win both supporting and lead awards: Helen Hayes (1931/32, 1970) My choice: Marcel Dalio (1938/1939) Largest gap between acting awards: Helen Hayes (38 Years) My choice: Dustin Hoffman (48 years 1969/2017) Years when none of the four acting winners were Americans: 1964, 2007 My choice: 1945, 1954, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1971, 1973, 1985, 2004, Years when
  3. To answer your question, stupidity? More seriously, it took some time to arrive in the United States. Its release was often truncated, it didn't get oscar nominations, Roger Livesey wasn't as big a star as David Niven (A matter of Life and Death).
  4. ACTING II First actress (and actor period) to win two awards, and in a row: Luise Rainer, The Great Ziegfeld (1936), The Good Earth (1937) My choice: Louise Brooks, Pandora’s Box (1928-1929), Diary of a Lost Girl (1929-1930) First actor to win two awards, and in a row: Spencer Tracy, Captain Courageous (1937), Boys Town (1938) My choice: Jean Gabin, Pepe le Moko (1937), Grand Illusion (1938) First actor to get two nominated in the same year: Fay Bainter (White Banners/Jezebel) (1938) My choice: Myrna Loy (After the Thin Man/The Great Zieg
  5. ACTING I First movies to get multiple acting nominations: Cimarron, A Free Soul (1930-1931) My choices: The Love Parade, Hallelujah! (1929-1930) Best Supporting Actress oldest winner: Peggy Ashcroft, A Passage to India (1984) Best Supporting Actress oldest nominee: Gloria Stuart, Titanic (1987) Best Supporting Actress youngest winner/nominee: Tatum O’Neal, Paper Moon (1973) My choice oldest winner: Ashcroft My choice oldest nominee: Danielle Darrieux, Persepolis (2007) My choice youngest winner: Margaret O’Brien, Meet me in Saint Louis (19
  6. Directors 2 Only director to direct three best picture winners: William Wyler My choice for the only director to direct four bests picture winners: Terrence Malick Days of Heaven (1978), The Tree of Life (2011), To the Wonder (2012), A Hidden Life (2019) (Carl Theodor Dreyer, Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg also directed three best picture winners, but did not win best director for all three) First woman to be nominated for best director: Lina Wertmeiller (1976, Seven Beauties) My choice: Agnes Varda (1965, Le Bonheur) Earliest yea
  7. Last week I saw three movies. I watched A Place for Lovers because it was directed by Vittorio de Sica, and because I remember it getting either a "BOMB" rating from Leonard Maltin, or some other source for bad movies. Certainly this love story between a dying Faye Dunaway and Marcello Mastroianni has nothing special going for it. But then I'm not the biggest Dunaway fan. There's something so death haunted in her three most famous roles (Bonnie and Clyde, Chinatown, Network) that it hampers this more sentimental part. The Erl King is a short feature, under fifty minutes, based on the Goeth
  8. Now that we have the trivia, here's what I thought should have won. Directors I Only movie to be win best direction despite not nominated for best picture: The Divine Lady (1928-1929) My choices: A City of Sadness (1989), Mother and Son (1997), A History of violence (2005) First movie to win both best picture and best director: All Quiet on the Western Front (1929-1930) My choice: The Man with a Movie Camera (1928-1929) Last best picture winner not to win an award for acting, directing or writing: Rebecca (1940) My choice: Pink F
  9. Page 26 Bringing up Baby (E) John Paul Jones (B/E) Last Year in Marienbad (B) Lawrence of Arabia (E) Nineteen Eighty-Four [1984] (E) Robocop (E) Ryan's Daughter (E) Se7en (E) The Shining (B/E) The Usual Suspects (E) Westward the Women Page 27 The Birds (E) The Conversation (B) Goldfinger (B) The Goodbye Girl (E) Good Will Hunting (E) The Magnificent Ambersons (B) A Very Long Engagement (E) The Wizard of Oz (E) Page 28 The Adventures of Robin Hood (E) Badlands (B/E) The Day th
  10. And the timezones are still not right? Where are they doing this from, Iceland?
  11. Page 21 Network (E) The Thing [1982] [E] The Wild Bunch (E) Page 22 All the President's Men (E) Cat on a Hot tin roof (E) The Color of Money (E) The Devil and Daniel Webster (E) A Face in the Crowd (E) L.A. Confidential (E) Page 23 Dunkirk (B/E) Erin Brockovich (E) The Incident (E) Jojo Rabbit (B) The King's Speech (B/E) Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (B/E) The Mirror (B/E) The Naked Spur (E) Splash (E) 12 Angry Men (E) Page 24 A Man Escaped (E/B-Page 24)) Page 25 The War Lo
  12. I saw four movies last week. The first two were fine, rigorous movies focusing on women with unusual depth and insight. Adoption is a 1975 Hungarian film about a middle aged widow who would like a child with a lover. Since that lover is already married and already has children, he is, as one might imagine, unenthusiastic. As that relationship dribbles away, the protagonist encounters a teenager who would like to marry itself. The movie is interesting for a number of reasons. It's in black and white, about half a decade when that was no longer the default for much of European cinema. One
  13. Acting ties: 1931/32: Best Actor – Wallace Beery (The Champ) and Fredric March (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) 1968: Best Actress – Katharine Hepburn (The Lion in Winter) and Barbra Streisand (Funny Girl)
  14. The monthly schedule still doesn't have the right time zone. It's two hours from where I am.
  15. Page 16 Flashdance (E) He is Back (E) High Plains Drifter (E) Hombre The Last Picture Show (E) An Officer and a Gentleman (E) Page 17 Austen Powers International Man of Mystery (E) The Candidate (E) Death in Venice (B/E) Dirty Ho (B) Nashville (E) Nosferatu [1979] (E) Out of Africa (B/E) Rear Window (E) Room at the Top (E) Sayonara (E) She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (E) The Sweet Smell of Success (E) The Taking of Pelham 123 (E) True Grit (E) Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (E) Page 18
  16. Page 11 Body Heat (E) Double Indemnity (E) E.T: the Extra-Terrestial (E) The Fountainhead (E) The Getaway The Graduate (E) Man Bites Dog (E) The Natural (E) On the Waterfront (E) Raiders of the Lost Ark (E) A River Runs Through it (E) 3:10 to Yuma [1957] (E) The Untouchables (E) Page 12 Amadeus (E) Cannibal Holocaust Falling Down (B) A Hard Day's Night (B) Man vs. Baboon The Naked Prey (E) Wind Across the Everglades Zulu (B) Page 13 Baron Prasil (B) Cat People (E) C
  17. Peggy Sue got Married can't be a premiere. I saw it on TCM two weeks ago.
  18. I can't say I like the inability to look at schedules months in advance. And just adding photos makes this month's schedule unwieldy. And have they managed to get the correct time?
  19. Page 5 Empire of the Sun (E) No country for Old Men (E) Paths of Glory (E) The Pride of the Yankees (E) Some Like it Hot (E) Page 6 Bonnie and Clyde (E) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (E) Inherit the wind (E) Splendor in the Grass (E) To Kill a Mockingbird (E) Page 7 Duel in the Sun (E) Hondo Nevada Smith (E) Psycho (E) Ride the High Country Schindler's List (E) Vertigo (B/E page 27) Page 8 The Bishop's Wife A Christmas Carol [1951] (E) Cool Hand Luke (B/E page 25) Music
  20. No, the 1990 Whit Stillman film.
  21. But not Metropolitan, a movie that also takes place at Christmas.
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