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  1. Also missing Swing Time, for only slightly less unfathomable reason.
  2. Houses in many Visconti movies are worth living here. Here is a room from The Innocent: And here's a room from Ludwig:
  3. We seem to be seeing some of the December 202 1 schedule, though there are obvious gaps. It appears Ingrid Bergman is star of the month, staring with her Swedish films. Also, Lubitsch films are being shown throughout the months, along with the expected Christmas films. There re at least three showings of the 1949 Little Women,. Is this anyone's favorite version?
  4. Jonathan Glazer and Alexei German may have made only one science fiction movie this century, but Under the Skin and Hard to be a God are heads and tails above Arrival and Blade Runner 2049.
  5. In thinking about this issue (1) directors and screenwriters are mostly male, and for parts of the Oscar history almost entirely male, so it's not surprising that they focus more on male actors. who, have for most or all of movie history have made up the majority of leading roles (2) As a consequence sometimes actors get nominated for lead acting oscars when they are clearly not the lead in the film. Let's see. I've seen all but five of the Best Actor winners, and all but ten of the Best Actress winners. Of those I've seen Tracy I, Stewart, Niven, Schell, Brando II, Hopkins I, Whitaker are
  6. I saw another three movies this week. I actually saw Topper after years of it being bumped off TCM Canada. It was not commercial free, and while mildly amusing, it had too much Roland young and not enough Cary Grant. Shirley is a fictional movie about the novelist and short story writer Shirley Jackson. Elizabeth Moss plays the eponymous character and who in turn plays various mind games on the young couple whose husband is about to join the English department where Stanley Hyman, Jackson's husband, works. It's not very pleasant but I suppose we're supposed to accept her because she's the
  7. In my view, the best actress of 1948:
  8. I personally think Barry Lyndon is fantastic, one of the greatest of all American movies. But don't take my word for it. Read Geoffrey O'Brien's essay for the Criterion edition: In the wake of Dr. Strangelove (1964), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), and A Clockwork Orange (1971), Stanley Kubrick assumed the figure of a futurologist, at least for his most ardent devotees. Many of these (abounding at the younger end of the cinephile spectrum) saw him as someone endowed with a privileged instinct for what lay ahead and a genius for making his intuitions visible. The four-year wait preceding t
  9. No one's mentioned Lancelot du Lac, so I will. I'll also second Excalibur, Perceval, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Orson Welles made fourteen feature films. One was only recently compiled together, so it's not surprising TCM hasn't shown it yet. One was a documentary about making Othello. Another was a TV movie, which TCM has shown once (The Immortal Story). Can someone explain to why, of the remaining eleven features, the one TCM does not regularly show is Macbeth?
  10. Mary Tamm is dead? And has been dead for nine years? And she was only 62? Damn.
  11. I have not seen The Rainmaker. I will have to remember to catch it the next time it's on TCM. Among American films I would include Invitation to the Dance, The Wrong Man and The Killing.
  12. I saw three movies last week. Silver Streak is a movie that seems to have been structured to match its movie poster, the Streak crashing into Chicago's train station. That this crash does not make a lot of sense is a problem with the movie. The problem with trying to use a train as a getaway vehicle is that trains have a very limited ability to maneuver, so even if you can get away from the police, they can still call ahead and get someone to block your path. Nor is it clear why the villain goes to such lengths, since hijacking a train would dramatically strengthen what appears to be a fai
  13. My favorites, with favorite of the best picture nominees second C'est la Vie (La Baules Les Pins/Goodfellas JFK Bram Stoker's Dracula/The Crying Game Schindler's List Pulp Fiction Richard III/Babe Matilda/Secrets and Lies LA Confidential Saving Private Ryan Time Regained/The Insider
  14. It's understandable, though from The Godfather Pacino, Duvall, Caan, Shire and Keaton are still with us.
  15. I watched Silver Streak yesterday, and was struck by the fact that the actors playing the hero, the love interest, the FBI agent who is murdered halfway through the film, the comedic sidekick who appears shortly thereafter, the villain and his three henchmen are all no longer with us. Which made we wonder how many seventies movies one can also say that about, assuming that we're talking about the five most important cast members. Patton has only two major cast members. Whether it's true of Airport or The Towering Inferno depends on how you define the five most important cast members, but of
  16. Performances that got an oscar nomination but not a Globe nomination continued 1985 Jessica Lange, Sweet Dreams 1986 James Woods, Salvador Jane Fonda, The Morning After 1987 Marcello Mastroianni, Dark Eyes Holly Hunter, Broadcast News 1988 Max von Sydow, Pelle the Conqueror Glenn Close, Dangerous Liaisons Meryl Streep, A Cry in the Dark 1989 Kenneth Branagh, Henry V Isabelle Adjani, Camille Claudel
  17. Does anyone have strong opinions on The Accidental Tourist? Because I remember this caustic review by Stuart Klawans in The Nation: "He [William Hurt] has chosen a new life with Geena Davis. But does he love her? Is he full of joy and Desire? No. He merely accepts her, as if life went around hanging out Geena Davises on every corner. Don't expect to want other people: just make do with them. That's the real moral of The Accidental Tourist, a film that uses mature resignation as a mask for self-satisfaction."
  18. I suspect there are no shortage of "PC" critics who love classic movies, have no trouble with snow at Christmas, especially since they live in New York, and whose main problem with White Christmas is that Danny Kaye isn't as good a dancer as Fred Astaire.
  19. I saw another three movies last week. Autumn Leaves is an odd movie. It stars Joan Crawford in a relationship with Cliff Robertson who starts by being a bit pushy, then deceitful and then has serious mental issues. One might wonder why Crawford stays with him, and the suggestion that he's doing her a favor since she's so much older than him doesn't leave the best taste. And why is his ex-wife having an affair with his father? Roller Boogie is generally considered infamous, and properly so. The two leads have little charisma or chemistry, the disco score is forgettable, and unless you're
  20. If you look at moviecollector's feed your will find many, perhaps most of November's schedule. Much of it doesn't appear to be new, but The Man in Grey is apparently scheduled.
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