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  1. AMC, back when they were worth watching, showed this half hour show occasionally and I was able to tape a few. They were interesting and I'd really like to see this aired on TCM.
  2. I would love to see the Ripley's Believe It Or Not newsreels. Are they shown as One Reel Wonders? I'd also like to know if anyone has information on how many were made.
  3. It's great news that TCM has acquired 8 episodes, but I wish TCM or someone else would air the rest of Cavett's shows on a regular basis. I really miss those talk shows that had living legends as guests on a regular basis. Just releasing a few select shows with rock stars on DVD just doesn't cut it.
  4. He was great in Crazy Like A Fox and was in one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes where he's a convict serving his sentence all alone on an asteroid.
  5. I bought this film on a dollar dvd quite some time back and loved it. I'm a little surprised TCM is showing it since it does have a cheese factor to it. You've really gotta hear Shatner's Indian yell.
  6. I thought all true Deadheads could at least spell the band's name right.
  7. This is my first time to see it, so I'll ponder on your post awhile. Meantime, I wanted to comment about TCM's description of the film in their schedule. It says the prostitute killed her pimp but in the opening scene, she only roughed him up and from what I saw, he was very much alive when she left.
  8. Just before TCM played Edge Of Outside at 11pm EST, they showed a comedic short color film with people driving down the street sitting on the ground with no car. Maybe it was stop motion. Would like to know the title of this and if and when it might play again.
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