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  1. Hey Dan, Thanks for your kind response to my response. You clearly took what I said in the spirit it was intended. As for the restored BABY FACE, I saw it in a theater last year, and, no, there are no risque or shocking visuals in it that i can recall. But it is crystal clear that Stanwyck's father is pimping her out, and, I think, there is a pretty clear lesbian subtext to the relationship between Barbara Stanwyck's character and her maid, Chico (the lovely Theresa Harris). I hope that the lack of "sexy' visuals won't keep you from watching (and enjoying, I have no doubt) this e
  2. Dan, I think you may be missing the thing that makes the "racy" Pre-Codes important/interesting: context. By today's standards, pretty much all of these films are tame, talky, etc. BUT, by the standards of when they were produced, they might have been quite shocking, scandalous, etc. I don't think many of the folks interested in Pre-Codes are expecting great doses of sex, nudity, violence, cussing, etc. Mind you, all of these things might be in there, in some (to our sensibilities) mild way, but what really makes the Pre-Codes stand out are the themes and subject matters they deal wit
  3. For me, the hands down winner for most impressive Pre-Code film is KONGO. It has it all: Sex, violence, drugs, voodoo, cruelty, etc. The first time I saw it I was literally stunned. Of course, SAFE IN HELL has a beasitality joke... And BABY FACE is pretty remarkable too...Dad's a pimp! And are those lesbian undertones between Barbara Stanwyck and (the incredibly lovely) Theresa Harris? And anything with Warren William being sleazy or Joan Blondell being teasy is also darn good viewing.
  4. A few of my favorites: An AMAZING Canadian film called THE BIG CRIMEWAVE. (Originally just CRIMEWAVE, the title was changed to avoid confusion with the Sam Raimi film of the same name...) Imagine if David Lynch went back in time to direct a Technicolor movie of LEAVE IT TO BEAVER...with Travis Bickle as the Beaver. This is a dark film, yet it's full of off-kilter humor. A little-noted but excellent straight-to-video horror film called SCARECROWS. (Circa 1988 or so...) Good acting, a simple but solid story, great special effects and some genuine scares. And one of my all-time favo
  5. The movie you're thinking of is A NIGHT AT THE OPERA - which I think is quite possibly the greatest American comedy ever.
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