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  1. This is indeed a welcome return, so, welcome back!
  2. THE FOUNTAINHEAD is, without a doubt, hands down, the FUNNIEST film from 1949. The studio gave a pretentious author more than enough rope, and sure enough, she hoisted herself high! I love this film. It would make a great Patricia Neal 1949 comedy double feature with IT'S A GREAT FEELING! Max
  3. Mr. O'Toole is indeed a splendid actor, and the star of some of my favorite films. He is far beyond perfect and wonderful in MY FAVORITE YEAR (which is one of my favorite films ever). I also am amazed by THE RULING CLASS, which is sadly underappreciated. (Too long and too strange for many, I suspect...) It is a shame he hasn't had more truly good roles, and that he has made some of the truly, truly awful films he has. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing him (eventually) in VENUS. Has anyone seen the print ads for the film, and noticed his oddly feminine eyes? Looks like some bad plastic
  4. I had my VCR set to tape pretty much all of these great Sci-Fi flicks, but it misfired early on and I did not get to watch or tape 27th DAY - which was the one I most wanted to see, of course. Does anyone out there have a copy they could lend or send me? It would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if you can help out - Thanks a lot!
  5. As someone who loves classic films AND the Ramones, I was thrilled to see this on TCM. (Of course, I already own the DVD, but still...) It not only fit the theme of the night, but IS also a classic American (Rock) Musical. What's more, the Ramones were a band VERY MUCH influenced by the films they saw and loved. One of their signature songs, PINHEAD (as seen in the film), was written after the band had gone to see FREAKS (1932) in Cleveland after having a show there cancelled. They also covered songs from films they liked, and Johnny Ramone was a HUGE collector of vintage Hollywood autogr
  6. I don't know that she's the sexiest 60 year old in the world, but she DOES look great. Max
  7. As someone who is both an amateur film historian and in a long-term interracial relationship, I feel qualified to comment on this. First of all, these cartoons (and features and books and etc.) from, shall we say, less enlightened times, are what they are. They function not only as entertainment, but also as a looking glass view into what people thought/how the world was viewed in days gone by. Do they contain stereotypes? Yes, of course. Viewed through our modern sensibilities, are some of these images/performances insulting? Yes. Does that mean we change what they are? Do we feel free to alt
  9. MaxMania


    I haven't seen WASH YOUR STEP yet, but someday I hope...I don't know why (dumb luck, deep reserve of talent, etc.) but Hal LeRoy's shorts are - in my opinion - far above average in terms of both cleverness and entertainment value. A DVD collection seems so deserved...Especially if it included HAROLD TEEN. I can dream, can't I? Max
  10. Loretta Young can also be seen in CAUSE FOR ALARM! - which is on DVD, though it may be out of print. She's also in ALONG CAME JONES, in which she looks so beautiful my eyes practically melt. That hair, those eyes, those lips...She was a stunning beauty. Max
  11. Yes, it's the same recording - and I bought it in San Francisco. (And on a related note, I have a friend who is friends with Chico's grandson, who is a teacher in S. Oregon...) Max
  12. THE HAUNTING, followed closely by THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE. I also like BURNT OFFERINGS. After watching POLTERGEIST again last night - for the first time in many, many years - I was struck by how disappointing it was. Some great ideas and good moments, but it's too long and has too many scenes of swirling lights and other "Spielberg magic" touches. I am also (still) amazed that it was rated PG - the scene with the guy tearing his face to pieces is clearly R material... Max
  13. ...and Mel Torme got his start singing with Chico's band. I have an early recording on a record set, where they mispronounce his name and introduce him as "Mel Tornay"... Max
  14. Actually, Erich Von Stroheim was "The Man You Love to Hate" - there's even a documentary about him with that title. As for me, I always enjoy the sleazy weasel antics of Mr. Dan Duryea. Max
  15. Hey There - Do you ever go to the LaSalle Theater on Saturdays? It's the best place for movies in Chicago. Max
  16. It does sound like SCARED TO DEATH, and that is a wonderfully cracked film indeed. A great cast, a senseless plot, and a flashback-from-the-perspective-of-a-corpse that was then stolen for SUNSET BLVD. Max
  17. TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE had aliens that looked just like us, and had ray guns that reduced bodies to skeletons... Max
  18. Sorry to break the pattern here, but, I think THE EXORCIST is a great (and scary) film. I'm not at all religious, but that movie really freaks me out. For an overrated horror film, I'd go with the much more recent BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Not only was it unwatchable (I found myself staring at the EXIT sign in the theater and just listening to it), but it was also decidedly NOT scary. And, as a general comment, I'd say that any and all remakes of horror films are pale imitations of the originals. (Though I'd say that the remakes - reimaginings, really - of THE THING and THE FLY were superior t
  19. Though I watch movies as entertainment, I also study them as art and historical documents. With that in mind, I have always viewed TCM as a great HISTORICAL RESOURCE. And, with THAT in mind, I am GLAD that TCM is starting to include some of the "Underground" films that will make up Rob Zombie's show. From Dwain Esper to Ed Wood to George Romero to John Carpenter, there have always been those who marched to a slightly different drummer - and influenced other filmmakers. I don't see these films as breaking any TCM traditions or standards - I see them as EXPANDING the vision of both TCM and
  20. THE BRAINIAC is SUCH a great movie. Forget horror - it's a surrealist nightmare! Max
  21. Thanks for the IFC tips! I get so busy keeping up with TCM, I never even look at other channels. But I am thrilled to have taped BLACK SUNDAY, and my fiance and I laughed a lot watching FEMALE TROUBLE last night. TCM is still home, but I'll try to keep an eye on the IFC as well from now on. Thanks again! Max
  22. I realize that RASPUTIN AND THE EMPRESS isn't the greatest (or most historically acurate) film ever made, but I do think it's a good film. Not great, but good. And I love the scene where John is trying to kill Lionel, cursing him, flailing at him. It's a truly classic creepy film moment. Am I alone in thinking that little Drew Barrymore looks more and more like Lionel every year? Max
  23. I did tape this movie, and I'd be glad to send it along to you if possible. Please PM me here, and I'll check the tape out and get back to you. Max
  24. I'll get to work watching the other movies I have on the tape with FRESHMAN LOVE, and make it available to send out ASAP. You can PM me here, and let me know where you are. Max
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