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  1. Going back to today's stars and their apparant stupidity regarding the history of their own profession, recently I was reading an article about the upcoming remake of "All The King's Men." The director didn't want any of the actors to watch the original so that they would have a fresh approach to the material, and Kate Winslet who is one of the stars of this remake had no idea that there even was an original. It amazes me. Where do these "actors" get their inspiration to act in the first place if they haven't studied the greats of the past, and are totally unfamiliar with film history? Who ins
  2. I can't believe all of the hoopla over this new Sony "Blue Ray" DVD format. It's going to be just like all of the other new things that come out. It will take a while for it to catch on. Look at how long HD TV's have been available, and they're still not really "mainstream," where the majority of people own one. Same goes for an Ipod, or a digital camera, etc. When these new things come out, there are always people who buy it right away, but most of us can't afford it right away when it's new and top dollar. Or, we are savvy enough to wait awhile and buy it when the price goes down, and then t
  3. I just put "Grass" on, and the TCM logo is not in the corner, thank goodness. You guys got me real worried that this was a permanant change for TCM. But, I think the person who said it was because of "King Kong" was right on target. Warners is releasing it on DVD this week, along with the documentary that was aired (I believe). So, showing it with the logo on the whole time forces a lot of people to buy it who would've otherwise recorded it. I wouldn't be surprised if TCM was TOLD to do this by the higher ups at Warners, since they obviously look at the airing of "King Kong" tonight as a way t
  4. Hey TCM - it's been almost four days now, and no response about this small font. What gives? Can someone address this soon?
  5. damn path! You just beat me! And yes, it was tricky. I never would've figured it out if I hadn't seen the movie.
  6. Hey coffeedan! I hope you feel better soon! As for the question, the movie was "It's Love I'm After," with Bette Davis playing Juliet, since their characters are both stage actors in the movie. And it's a pretty funny movie at that.
  7. Thanks tcmprogrammer for re-scheduling "Desert Nights." We were discussing it in another thread and wondering why it was pulled with no explanation. I've never heard of the film, but I'm very interested in seeing it now. And while I have your attention (hopefully), could you dig up any of Norma Shearer's silents for "Silent Sunday Nights?" Myself and a few other members are eager to see at least one of her silents, aside from "He Who Gets Slapped," and "The Student Prince." Thanks for all of your work there at the station, it's still #1 in spite of the small problems mentioned in thi
  8. How come this has not been addressed? I cannot believe TCM starts a thread where we can post our concerns, and then they ignore us! Mary Lou posted a complaint about this, and I complained as well a few days ago, and they've done nothing about it. I can't believe that they don't have a designated web person, who checks this message board every day. And if they do have such a person, why are they ignoring us! I would like to post more, but I won't until they get rid of this small print.
  9. I'm also getting the incredibly small font when I open a thread, and at first I thought it might have something to do with my own computer settings, but it does not. This font gets to be DIFFICULT to read, especially when reading the threads at length. Please change it if you can TCM. Thanks - Joe
  10. Hi Ayres - I'm glad I'm not the only one who messed that word up! And Fernando, I didn't realize that the girl in the photo with Conrad Nagel was already identified. I didn't see another thread relating to the photos. Anyhow, I was proud of myself that I figured out who she was, with only Conrad Nagel and MGM to go by. And I'm glad you found out who the woman in the other photo was too. Mysteries solved! You know, it's actually kinda fun. If enough of us had old movie photos, we could start a thread devoted to identifying the stars pictured. It would make a great game in the "game" s
  11. LOL - I just realized in my last post I said that Betty Compson played Conrad Nagel's "finance." No, she wasn't his finance, she was his fiance'.
  12. Hi Fernando - In the photo with Conrad Nagel, the actress is definitely not Ruth Chatterton, and I cannot figure out who it is for sure. I thought it might be Betty Compson, but they only made one film together, and in it she played his finance', not a secretary, which is what I assume the girl in the photo is. I also thought it might be Virginia Bruce, but I don't think so. Aside from "Kongo" which the still is definitely not from, they made one more film together in 1934 called "Dangerous Corner," at RKO. And you said the still is from MGM, so I don't think it's that movie either.
  13. Considering all of the concern over the pull of this Gilbert film, I wish someone from TCM would give us an explanation as to why it was pulled. I for one am not familiar with the movie, but I am curious as to why it isn't being aired. Could someone fill us in?
  14. Hi Larry and Mongo - Thanks so much for the info on Shearer's house. I've heard of the doc. "The Kid Stays in the Picture," but have not seen it. I'll put it on my Netflix list now! Thanks again for the info. And congrats Larry on winning the contest in the Egyptian Theater. I don't think even I would've recognized Nita Naldi. And how cool to have stayed in the same bungalow that Garbo stayed in! The place must have a great "Old Hollywood" feel to it. Thanks again for your recollections.
  15. Hi Larry, I just read the thread, what an amazing trip! I'm gonna travel with you from now on!
  16. Larry, what an amazing trip! And thank you for asking to see Edith Fellows at the MPH. She's a sweet lady, I hope you enjoyed meeting her! If you ever get the chance, see her in "Music In My Heart," with Rita Hayworth and Tony Martin, or "Pennies From Heaven," with Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong. She's great in both. And thanks for asking about Yvonne DeCarlo, as you said, we DO wonder about our older stars and how they're doing. So you stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel huh! Fancy shmancy! And in a bungalow no less! Did the staff tell you what famous stars had stayed in the bungalow befo
  17. It's great to see another Norma Shearer fan on the boards, welcome Ricky! I'm a HUGE fan of her as well. Did you catch her "day" on TCM in August? It was part of their annual "Summer Under the Stars" festival. They showcased all of her great films. The only thing is, they never show her silents! They've played "He Who Gets Slapped," which is primarily regarded as a Lon Chaney film, and they've played "The Student Prince," but that's about it. Hopefully they'll show a couple more at some point. Norma was so incredibly beautiful, I really don't know what it was about her. Her eyes, smile, s
  18. My favorite is Robert Montgomery. I love the movies he made with Norma Shearer, and he was always funny, usually in a subtle way. Many of his characters were playboy/ richboy types, which aren't always likeable, but I think he played them well, because he always brought humor to the role. He didn't act obnoxious, he just acted nonchalant. I also respect the fact that later on in his career in the early 40's he did "Lady in the Lake," an innovative Film Noir, which was totally against type for him, and yet he pulled it off, just like Dick Powell did in "Murder My Sweet." Isn't it funny tha
  19. I'm back Larry, and thanks for wondering about me and the others! I actually dropped out of sight before this new fangled board, but I've missed it and am glad to be back. I've been very busy at work, which kept me away since I usually post at work. I also moved two weeks ago, and I've been very busy with that as well. But I'll definitely be posting more. And please keep us informed on the Pola Negri documentary, I can't wait to see it!
  20. I've finally joined back up, and this new format seems fine to me. And I see I missed a few of the glitches in the beginning, and I'm glad I did! It's good to know that the font will be a readable size. I can't imagine how small it was before. Even at my age of 26 I would've had a problem reading it I'm sure. And personally I like seeing the most recent post first, which is the way it always has been on the boards, so I'm glad that stayed the same. And thank you TCM for extending the time we are allowed to post a message. I was timed out a few times before, with some of the lengthy posts I've
  21. The most entertaining autobiography I ever read was Pola Negri's "Memoirs of a Star." It's a hard book to come by, but it's fascinating. She led such an interesting life. Going from poverty in Poland to international superstardom to a quiet retirement in New Mexico of all places. Larry, a frequent contributor here on the boards knew her, and said once that she had a lot of help with the book from a ghostwriter, but it's still a great read. Another one I really enjoyed was Lucille Ball's "Love, Lucy." It was published about eight or ten years ago. It was actually a series of tape recordings
  22. Thanks rollspartz for filling us in on Betty. I hope she's still doing well, and that whoever is "caring" for her is doing a good job of it. I think at this stage of her life she needs support and someone to genuinely take care of her. If you find out anything more, please let us know. Thanks again.
  23. Wow Mitchell, you seem to have put a lot of thought into your opinions of Garbo's fans, as well as her so called "dupes." I'm sure you can find something better to do with your time. Personally, I'd rather watch a well made, well acted Garbo film anyday then to conjure up reasons why I SHOULDN'T like her, and then be aggressive about it. TO ME, she had a very unique quality, a quality that I picked up on at a very young age when I first saw her in "Grand Hotel." Garbo was mesmerizing to me, and even though I was only a kid, I recognized her unique beauty and talent. Her presence on screen
  24. "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn?" Just a guess, but it sounds like a line from that movie. A great one, by the way.
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