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  1. This is a GREAT film. One of my favorites. What really impressed me was Dick Powell's acting. He was great as the writer, it's as if the part was written for him. And the music was beautiful - one of the best film scores ever written. And it is a great inside look at Hollywood and its goings on. There was a sequel to it which I believe is called "Two Weeks in Another Town," also starring Kirk Douglas, but I don't think the rest of the original cast is in it. It would be great if TCM scheduled these two films back to back, in a nice primetime slot.
  2. I too am a Lucy lover. Ever since I can remember I have watched her shows and movies. Josie - the film you are thinking of is called "Too Many Girls," in which Lucy and Desi appeared together, along with Ann Miller, Eddie Bracken, and Frances Langford. That was the first film they made together - look for it on TCM. And Toni - yes it would've been great to see Lucy and Joan Crawford together in a movie - Joan actually guest starred on an episode of "The Lucy Show," the series Lucy did after her "I Love Lucy" days. You can find it on VHS and DVD, in compilation tapes of the "The Lucy Show." Nic
  3. Thank you Alix and Moira for commending my choice. I'm happy to find that people have a love for "Dodsworth," as it is one of my all time favorites, and very underrated nowadays. It should be on a higher pedestal among film classics, since it was so brilliantly made. It is one of those rare films like "Casablanca," where everything comes together so perfectly, the acting, directing, sets, costumes, music, even the casting could not have been better.
  4. WOW! I was suprised to see that they edited one of the words I wrote. I didn't know it counted as an expletive - I should have said AMC "smells," and we can use our imagination to think up other names for that "lousy" station.
  5. I think TCM is the best thing on T.V. as well. I'm a 23 year old enthusiast of classic films, and TCM is the Mecca for us film buffs. I bought a satellite dish strictly for TCM, since the Long Island cable company (Cablevision) won't carry it since they own AMC. How shiesty is that! They know AMC sucks compared to TCM so they won't even offer it to the millions of Long Island cable subscribers who are currently lost in the dark, still watching AMC. It is obvious that they do this for fear that everyone will switch to TCM, and stop watching AMC. They simply don't want the competition, that's th
  6. Fabulous topic Alix! One that comes to my mind is Walter Huston in "Dodsworth." He's a self made succussful millionaire, but he's still down to earth, and married to the beautiful Ruth Chatterton, but then finds TRUE love with Mary Astor. Ms. Astor was ok, but I would have to have a **** like Rita Hayworth as the girl I end up with. And give me just about any Clark Gable role - what guy wouldn't want to play the guy that everyone ELSE wants to be, and have any number of gorgeous leading ladies by their side?
  7. I must agree with most everyone else, that this new system is more complicated and aggravating than ever before. I just logged in, and it says I have one post, meanwhile I have been posting and replying for months now. Some wise person once said "If it ain't broke, than don't fix it" but they obviously lived before the days of computers, where things change left and right. Just putting in my 2 cents.
  8. I am also wondering about that promo - I even recognized the baby from those old Busby Berkeley musicals. I can't remember that scene from any particular one though. Hopefully someone will. But leave it to TCM to have such a great Holiday greeting.
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