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  1. I also watched the documentary, and thought it was well done. Just as good as all of the other documentaries that TCM produces. And Mongo you're right, Speilberg was FULL of enthusiasm. That was great to see. In fact, it would be great to see him as a guest programmer, and see him sit down and talk with Robert Osborne.
  2. I just watched this great movie the other day, after receiving it from Netflix, and it was great! I forgot how well done it is, with great performances by all involved, especially Charles Laughton, who practically runs off with the movie! And Ken, I cracked up when Ernest Thesiger said "Have a potato," you're right, it's such a great line. He says it a few times while they're eating, and the look Laughton gives him when he says it is priceless, just hysterical. And Whale's direction is excellent. I was especially impressed with the shot of the front of the house seen from the eyes of the
  3. I heard about the news of Zsa Zsa's stroke on the "Today" show, and they said she was in critical condition. I too hope she recovers, but who knows how badly this stroke affected her. She seems very resilient though. That's great that you got to meet her Larry. You're right, she was never a great actress, but she's a beautiful and classy woman, and she always added something to every movie she was in. When a Gabor is on screen, what else is there to look at? And she's definitely had one helluva life! I hope she gets well.
  4. Lolite - Congratulations on your new home! I'm currently looking for the right place to move myself. And one of my main criteria is, I must be able to get TCM! And your cat sounds wonderful, and it has a very sweet and caring mom, that's for sure. And good choice on watching "Dinner at Eight" - one of my favorites!
  5. I recently watched the DVD of "North By Northwest," and enjoyed Mr. Lehman's interview on the making of the movie. He was a great writer indeed, one of Hollywood's best. I can't think of any writer today who is as well accomplished as Mr. Lehman was. Thank goodness he was honored with an Honorary Oscar. May he rest in peace.
  6. When I read of her passing, I immediately remembered her brief appearance in "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" in the episode that her husband, Fred MacMurray guest starred in. It was nice to see them in something together. I'm not too familiar with her career, but I've seen "Three Little Girls In Blue" and I thought she was delightful in it. May she rest in peace.
  7. Thanks for reviving this thread Mongo, it's a good one. And to Spencer, I'd just like to clarify that Sinatra's favorite singer was Lawrence Tibbet, who was an Opera singer. Sinatra was a very big fan of Opera and Classical music. I read this in the book that his assistant/valet wrote about working and living with Sinatra. And as for the singers of his generation, he thought Ella Fitzgerald was the best. I've heard and read this many times over. And Mongo, Liza must've been real young when you met her. How old was She? She was beautiful back then when she was young. I've been lucky enough
  8. I haven't seen this movie in years, and it's next up on my Netflix list. Hopefully it arrived at home today! And I hope the one I get is with Gloria Stuart's commentary. I remember enjoying this movie when I saw it, since I love the old "haunted house" types of movies. Some others are "Topper Returns"(my favorite), and the "Laurel and Hardy Murder Mystery," which I would love to see again, but it isn't available anywhere. Another great one is "Murder By Death," a spoof on the haunted house movies, with an all star cast including Peter Sellers, David Niven, Elsa Lanchester etc. doing parodies o
  9. Feaito, I'm happy to hear that you've been having a relaxing weekend! It's a holiday for us this weekend too, with Independence Day on the 4th - "4th of July" and I'd like to wish everyone a happy one! Break out the barbecues and fireworks! And about "Peter Ibbetson," I have to say, this too looked boring when I previewed it after buying the Coop collection. But, I really have to take the time to sit and WATCH it, since your review and everyone else's comments do sound good. And thanks again for taking the time to write it. Your reviews are always good.
  10. I would like to remind everyone that late tonight at 3:15 am, TCM will be playing "Min and Bill" with Marie Dressler and Wallace Beery, followed by "Tugboat Annie," also starring the pair. I've seen "Min and Bill," and it's a GREAT movie, with a knock-out performance by Dressler. She just tears your heart out with her incredible acting in this. I urge anyone who hasn't seen it to watch or tape it - it's well worth watching.
  11. I just wanted to revive this thread to remind everyone (as Path did below) that Deanna's film "It's a Date" will be on tonight at midnight. TCM doesn't show too many of her films since they do not own the rights to them, so tonight's movie is a rare treat, and it's part of "Robert Osborne's Picks," so it should definitely be worth seeing.
  12. Wow, I'm surprised to read that you guys enjoyed "Design For Living" over "Trouble In Paradise." I have to say I LOVE "Trouble," and I've only seen the beginning of "Design," and from what I've seen of it, it doesn't really strike a nerve with me. Johnny, I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it's difficult to see Cooper and March in their respective roles. I always see them as tough, or the everyman, not the artsy types. But I know I have to give this film another try, as I do enjoy Lubitsch, as well as Miriam Hopkins, who was a quite a little firecracker. She heats up and practi
  13. Thanks for this great review Feaito, you do a great service to us with them. I'm about to read your review for "Design For Living" next! And I just want to say that I'm also a fan of Sylvia Sidney's. I think she's too forgotten in today's society, since she was always excellent as the tough, world weary gal. She was GREAT in "Dead End," the first movie I saw her in. And I've heard of Scott Berg's bio of Goldwyn, since he mentions it a lot in "Kate Remembered," but I haven't read it. I'll be sure to now. And if anyone has the chance, try and see the American Masters special that was d
  14. WOW KELSEA! That's great! You must have really made her day that she sent you a CD! I'm glad that you got such a great response, and something to cherish as well.
  15. Kelsea - Please email me and I'll give you the addresses through there. I don't want to post any more star addresses here on the site, just in case it ever comes back to haunt me. Someone who knows someone may see me list an address, and question me as to how I got it. About Mary Tyler Moore, I wrote to her myself through her AOL email, corresponded with her assistant, and received a wonderful signed photo. Ms. Moore doesn't accept any photos through the mail since the Anthrax scare a few years back, so it's very generous of her to not only sign photos but also supply them for her fans. An
  16. Really Richard? I'm surprised that Van Johnson would go out to the Jersey one. It seems to me he would have a caregiver at his apt. before he would make a move like that. But he is getting up there in years. And there's another actress or singer at the Jersey one, I can't remember who though. And I think Geraldine Fitzgerald may be there as well.
  17. Thank you feaito, that was an excellent review. I hope this film does surface for the general public someday. And you are absolutely right in the way you describe Joan Fontaine. Your description of her is why I've always been entranced by this beautiful woman myself, especially in "Rebecca." I find myself just concentrating on her when I watch it. And you're right about "mood" having a lot to do with one's perception of a movie, as well as the quality which neilelmhr pointed out. I only watch things that I'm in the "mood" for, and I try and block out quality issues, and just loose myself in th
  18. Hi cybrspacy, Larry was correct, Edith Fellows does live there. And she told me that it is a lovely place. She said that the grounds are beautiful, like a park. I think Yvonne DeCarlo lives there now too, but I don't know for sure. I've never been there but I hope to visit it one day.
  19. Hi jaguares, and welcome to the boards. I also think Garfield was a terrific actor, and another great movie of his you should check out is "Body and Soul," where he plays a boxer. There's a website called www.spinningdiscent.com that's selling it for only $2.50, plus shipping. They're also selling Kirk Douglas' "Champion" for the same price. Both are great boxing movies, and total powerhouse performances from Garfield and Douglas. Another great John Garfield movie you should try and catch is "Out of the Fog." I watched it on TCM a few weeks ago, and it was EXCELLENT. Garfield plays a
  20. Thanks Deborah for the info on Jean Parker. It seems she was starting to suffer from Alzheimer's at that point. I find it amazing that this lady is still with us after suffering with the disease for so long. But I know from experience with my own grandmother, that when you're suffering from a form of dementia, you're not even aware of your physical state most of the time, and mentally you're in another time and place. I think that's why people like Jean Parker, my grandmother, and even Ronald Reagan live long lives in spite of having this type of illness. And back to the Collector's Show,
  21. Offhand, I know that I share a birthday (July 26) with Vivian Vance, Gracie Allen, and Marjorie Lord - three great ladies of T.V.'s Golden Age.
  22. I have to agree Mongo, I think Veronica Lake was a fine actress. She was endearing and a total delight in "Sullivan's Travels," and she was awesome in "So Proudly We Hail," where she DID act well, and held her own amongst a whole cast of other fine actresses, I might add. Although known as a sex symbol, and rightfully so, since she was so beautiful, aside from that she was also a good actress.
  23. Yes Mongo, it does look like one helluva show this time around. And since there's still over a month to go until showtime, they may have even MORE legends in attendance. I only hope someone here on the boards is able to go and fill us all in.
  24. Larry, it's good that your grandmother went quickly though. I would rather die a quick death after living a full life, then linger on for many uneventful years. And I am WAY too young to remember Linda Darnell's death, but I know I read about it in a book someplace, and I remember how shocked I was when I read it, because I couldn't imagine her dying in that way. But, she seems like she was such a genuinely great person, I guess God wanted her early. And I have to say, I'm honestly surprised to read that Jeanette MacDonald was a difficult lady, and would even refuse to see fellow leg
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