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  1. I don't think Ted Turner was ever able to colorize "I Love Lucy," since he does not own the rights to the show. Lucy and Desi's kids do. And I doubt that they would let it be colorized, since everyone loves it in black and white. And besides, Turner didn't get very far with his idiotic "colorizing" of classics, since a lot of people including Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese criticized him for doing it.
  2. Thanks for that great info about Jean Parker Mongo! Always interesting to read your bios.
  3. Hey everyone - I wanted to update you all on who's scheduled to attend the upcoming show, which will be on July 30 and 31st, at the Burbank Hilton. So far, screen legends Mickey Rooney and Shirley Jones have been announced, as well as most of the Bond girls which I mentioned in a previous post. Also on the list is the "Bad Seed" herself, Patty McCormack, as well as Donna Martell, and Film Noir beauty Coleen Gray. Also of note is Edith Fellows and Marcia Mae Jones, both legendary child stars, who will be attending on the 31st only. I met Ms. Fellows at one of the previous show
  4. It is a shame about the way Linda died. I've always admired the fact that she was a hero though, since she did go back inside the house to find the girl who she thought was still inside. I had also read, (and I wish I could remember where I read it) that they were indeed watching "Star Dust" that night of the fire, on the Late Show. Deborah, do you remember where you read the details of her death? Perhaps it's the same place I read it. I think it was in a book about Hollywood tragedies, or something like that.
  5. Thanks Richard and Path for the info on "The Hard Way" - I'll be sure to tape it. And Feaito, you should definitely get yourself a copy of "Applause." This movie blew me away. Mamoulian's direction is superb, and well ahead of it's time, and besides that, Helen Morgan gives a powerhouse performance in it that will break your heart. She was so incredibly gifted as a singer and actress, it's a shame she didn't do more film work, and died at a young age (in her 40's, I think) from alcoholism. This movie is well worth buying though, even if you've never seen it, because ANY film fan is sure t
  6. Hi tcmprogrammer - Thanks for replying, and thanks again for remembering Ms. Shearer. And it's nice to see you on the boards, please continue to visit us whenever you get the chance. Take care - -Joe
  7. Feaito, thank you SO MUCH for relaying some information about this obscure movie. As you know I've always wanted to see it, and I'm glad to hear that it's worth seeing. Someday I'm sure I'll get the chance, and until then, it'll be something to look forward to. What I didn't realize is that May Robson, Louise Closser Hale, and Lewis Stone are all in it. They're all favorites of mine, and just seeing them in it will be a thrill as well. And I think I know what you mean about Crawford's acting. Her acting in this is probably similar to her acting in "Possessed," which she made the year
  8. Feaito, thanks for this great review, I'm gonna add this one to my Netflix list as well. After seeing Ida Lupino in "Out of the Fog," recently, I'm curious about seeing her other film work.
  9. This is a great thread guys! First of all I have to say that I COMPLETELY support you Larry, in your quest to get stars for the great Marjorie Main, Mary Wickes, and Connie Gilchrist. You know, just last night I was watching a few minutes of Ingrid Bergman's "A Woman's Face," as I was drifting off to sleep, and all I could think about was Connie Gilchrist, and how memorable she was in Joan Crawford's version of that movie. (Crawford was excellent in it too). And I'm also a fan of Linda Darnell's, ever since I saw her in "A Letter To Three Wives." What really impressed me about her was
  10. THANK GOODNESS! I think it was Paty who first mentioned that "The Black Cat," an all-time favorite of mine was coming to DVD. But thanks edg for giving further info about it, including that great price! Five movies for $27 ain't bad, and I'm sure some of our discount websites will be selling it cheaper.
  11. In addition to the ones you guys mention, I'd also love to see "Weekend in Havana," "The Gang's All Here," and "Springtime in the Rockies" released. Although I always thought that "Rockies" looked a little more drab then their other Technicolor movies. Or maybe it just needs some restoration. I'll never forget the first time I saw "Havana," with the opening credits in yellow with that bright, royal blue backround. And Paty, you're right, I would LOVE to live in ANY of the houses seen in "Leave Her to Heaven." The house in Maine and the one in Arizona were as equally impressive as the getaw
  12. I don't remember the very first VCR that my parents had, but I do remember this Panasonic one that we had for YEARS. We must've had it for about 15-20 years before it finally died. And I don't remember the first tape I bought, but I remember going to the video store with my dad as a kid, and he would rent me Laurel and Hardy and Abbott and Costello movies, and that was the beginning of my love affair with classic movies. And I remember there was this video store that was going out of business, and selling all of their tapes. I bought a few of the "Diamond Jubilee" MGM releases that came o
  13. I watched the beginning of "Murder My Sweet" the other day, and to my surprise, I saw Esther Howard's name in the credits. She's always been a favorite of mine, usually playing the drunken, old, no-nonsense woman, as she did in this film. She also played a similar character in "Born to Kill," which is a favorite Noir of mine, and she was brilliant in it. She also had a very small role as Kirk Douglas' mom in "Champion," and who could forget her turn as the wife of the "Weenie King," in "The Palm Beach Story." And at least she looked glamorous in this film, since usually she was very dowdy look
  14. Paty, is that you? I see you've taken on your old handle. If it is you, it's great to see ya gal! And please visit us more often.
  15. Tcmprogrammer, did you see my message? Hopefully you will pay us a visit soon...
  16. I think feaito's right, since "The Good Earth" was released right after Thalberg's death, but if it's not that, it may be "Marie Antoinette," which I think Thalberg was preparing for Norma Shearer before he died.
  17. Path, I'm surprised you said that "Idiot's Delight" is not very good on your website. Personally I think it's a delight, especially seeing Clark Gable dancing of all things! But, to each his own. And I still have A LOT of respect for your opinion. And I admit that Norma Shearer overdid it a little, but she was still good, especially when she was playing her normal self during the beginning and end of the film, and not the Russian Countess. Anyhow, I just wanted to remind everyone that this film will be on tomorrow morning at 6am, and Path pointed out to me that it MAY be shown with the alt
  18. Congratulations on your book Chuck, it sounds great. I've always been a big fan of Ms. Moorehead, ever since I saw her in "Pollyanna" as a kid. I also loved her in the films "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte," and "Dark Passage." And of course she was great in "Citizen Kane," a small but powerful role. I would love to know more about her life, and I'm going to request your book at my library. This way they'll buy a copy and others will have the chance to read it as well. And if our friend Larry contributed to the book, then I know it's gonna be good! Congrats again, and thanks for posting
  19. To Tcmprogrammer - A long while ago we were discussing Norma Shearer in one of the threads, and in the thread you said that you would include Norma in this August's "Summer Under the Stars" festival. It just occurred to me to look and see if the August schedule was posted, thankfully it was, and to my delight I saw that Norma Shearer is going to be showcased on Thursday, August 25th as part of the festival. I just wanted to say a special THANK YOU for this. Tcmprogrammer, you and everyone else at the station is a true class act. We were discussing this a LONG TIME ago, and yet you rem
  20. Considering the interest that we all have in Warren William, perhaps TCM can schedule a tribute to him in the future? That would be nice. And Feaito, I can't wait to hear your review of "Letty Lynton." Please keep us posted, as I know you will!
  21. On a VHS copy of this movie that I have, it stated that the "Big W" scenes were shot at a preserve as Fuster mentioned. They went on to say that there is only one palm tree left of the four that made up the "Big W." And the studio did make it look like a park, even though the property that they were on was private. And perhaps someone might know the name of the road they're all travelling on before they get to the park? It looks like main highway/boulevard, and I'm curious as to which road it is. Some of you who live in Southern California may know.
  22. I completely forgot about "84 Charing Cross Road," a movie I've seen many times since I was a kid. I love her down-to-earth performance in it. In it she's bookish, kind, funny, and besides that just a no-nonsense gal. She was great in it. I also enjoyed her in "The Prisoner of Second Avenue" with Jack Lemmon. The two of them made a good movie couple. Just this morning the "Today" show had a segment about Anne, showing an interview that she and Mel Brooks did with Gene Shalit in 1983. In the interview they talk about their marriage, and basically their love for and devotion to each other. S
  23. Kimbo, 1985? Wow, it is great to see a lot of younger people here. And for awhile I thought I was the only one!
  24. And feaito I meant to tell you - Please continue to post reviews of these great Pre-Code (or any) films that you see. And please let us know how you liked the Dressler/Moran movies, once you've had the chance to watch them.
  25. Thanks Path for the compliment, and I'm very glad you got to see "Out of the Fog" as well. It's funny how Thomas Mitchell stole the movie from all involved, and it was a great cast that he stole it from! And John Garfield was so good that he just made you hate him as the small time wannabe gangster. And Ida Lupino was great too, just the way she talked was great. She had all the answers on how to get a better life, meanwhile she's just a regular gal, who belongs with Eddie Albert. That movie really is a forgotten gem. It's funny, heartbreaking, sentimental and suspenseful all at the same time.
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