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  1. Wow Mongo, that rose is a treasure! In the frame that you have it in, do you also have a photo of Davis?
  2. I tend to think that perhaps the movie makers WANTED to use crapola music, in order to keep focus on what was going on in the STORY, and not have the music overshadow it. I doubt that this is true 100% of the time, but it is another reason why the music would be so bad.
  3. I'm really shocked by this news. I had no idea she was even sick. Just last week I watched her in "Garbo Talks" on one of the cable stations, and she was touching as always. She was great - a true one of a kind. I also love the movie "Fatso" that she directed with Dom DeLuise, among all of her other classics, like "The Graduate," "The Turning Point," "The Miracle Worker," etc. What a sad loss for the entertainment world. May she rest in peace.
  4. Welcome back Feaito, and thanks for that great review! I wish I'd taped this movie too! And you guys are absolutely right about Aline MacMahon. She was excellent and very underrated. I also saw her on TCM recently in "Out of the Fog," an EXCELLENT movie starring John Garfield, Ida Lupino, Thomas Mitchell, and Eddie Albert. Aline played Lupino's mother. Her role was small, but still memorable. Thomas Mitchell was the one who was exceptional in this movie. I still can't get over how great his performance was. You guys should see this movie if you get the chance. And Feaito, you're going
  5. I remember "Misery" with Kathy Bates and James Caan scared the hell out of me as a kid. Especially the scene where he's waking up from a peaceful nap, and then the next thing you see is her standing over him with a huge kitchen knife, with that crazy blank look on her face. For some reason I nearly jumped out of my skin at that scene. It was just so abrupt. That movie to me is very scary, especially since it can actually happen. The movies that are scary in a made up, fantasy-like, nonsense way don't really do much for me. It's the ones that are realistic that are scary. I also remember "
  6. No, I didn't get to go either, there's no way I could have made it from work to see it. But, it's being played again on Saturday, June 11th, at 6pm. This coming Saturday as a matter of fact. I'm almost certain I'll make it to this screening, unless something really important comes up.
  7. Mary Lou, you're probably right about Olivia deHavilland. I'm sure a lot of her fans are just mad at the fact that she won't sign autographs, and will care less about paying $30 or so dollars for her LONG awaited book. It would be great if she went on an extensive book tour to make up for it. At least her fans would get the chance to meet her AND get her autograph in the book if she did that. And of course it makes for good publicity and more book sales. And Kelsea, here's Ann Rutherford's address : Ann Rutherford 826 Greenway Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  8. Coffeedan, Shaina's right, you did put that very well. I also feel the same way when I watch a great classic, especially one from the 30's or 40's. I feel like I'm entering another world. The movie just takes you away for a time, and it's great. Another great thing about the classics is that no matter how far removed we are from the time period that these movies were made in, we can still be entertained, and relate to the stories and situations. I think that's the biggest problem that classic movies face, is that most of the public doesn't think that they can relate to or even understand these
  9. You know, seeing him in that commercial made me wonder if he lives in New York. I know he writes for the Hollywood Reporter, and flies into Atlanta to do the TCM intros, but aside from his work being in other places, he could still call N.Y. home. I'd love to bump into him on the street one day!
  10. Thanks Mongo for that great bio of Fay Bainter. I had no idea she was a star on Broadway back in the day. My favorite roll of hers is as the mother in "State Fair," and she was also great as Danny Kaye's mom in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." And boy, would it have been great to see her in "Long Day's Journey Into Night."
  11. Thanks edgdrv, you hit the nail right on the head with Kelsea's picture question, and I know you have a lot of experience with getting autographs! Olivia deHavilland is just obnoxious about it. Why wouldn't she just sign the photos, rather than compose a letter explaining why she CAN'T sign them. It would be quicker for her to just sign the photos! And I'm surprised that Eva Marie Saint would keep your photos. She seems like such a nice, down-to-earth lady, I can't picture her doing that, but, you never know. And you're right about Debbie Reynolds, she'll keep anything she wants for her collec
  12. I collect posters as well, since my uncle who's a dealer got me started collecting when I was about 12. He taught me a lot about movie memorabilia, and the value of stuff, etc. It's become a wonderful hobby since then, and I also started collecting costumes, props and personal items of the stars (the stuff that's real anyway.) The first poster I bought when I was about 12 was at a collector's show here in N.Y. It's a lobby card from "Miss Grant Takes Richmond" with Lucille Ball and William Holden pictured on it. Since then I've bought as many as I could afford, and ones that I found at a
  13. I think Clark Gable, Judy Garland, Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, and Joan Crawford would also be good contenders for Hollywood's Mt. Rushmore. And I don't think John Wayne's birthday should be a national holiday.
  14. Regarding the post that I made about Roslyn Herman - I'd like to say that I was mistaken about her reputation as a dealer. I spoke to her today, and we had a nice long talk about the collecting field of movie memorabilia, and she cleared up the misconceptions that I had about her reputation as a dealer. The conclusions that I was drawing, based on her association with other dealers was false. It's because she's been in the business so long that her name has come up in certain instances, and I actually found out that other dealers and collectors have been in the wrong, and I can honestly be
  15. Kelsea - I'll be more than happy to look up Doris Day for you, but the best way to write to her is through her foundation called, The Doris Day Animal League. The website is www.ddal.org. If you write to her care of the league's address, your letter will be forwarded to her. And I've read that if you send a donation along with an autograph request, that she'll gladly sign one. As for Olivia deHavilland, she doesn't correspond with fans at all, or sign autographs. All of the people I've read about that have written to her get a response stating that she's working on her autobiography, and
  16. Moira - I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread, thank you so much for starting it, and I'm looking forward to Part 2. I never would've even thought of a topic like this Moira. And it's really brilliant. A topic like this can be expanded into a book. And it is very informative as well as just plain interesting. Thanks again.
  17. Shaina, 1978? That's not what I was expecting either! I was under the impression that you were much older, and I'll bet you thought the same about me - most people do.
  18. Don't know the answer to today's question, but I just wanted to tell you Coffeedan that I too go through the same mess of movies. I have tapes that have been sitting around for a few years now that I STILL have to watch. And I've also been weeding out some of my tapes of movies that I've since bought on DVD, although I have to say, sometimes the tapes look better! Such is the case with "The Palm Beach Story" So don't worry - We're all fanatics!
  19. WOW Larry! Thanks! It's so great to hear SOMETHING about her! And yes, I can imagine her looking and acting regal as she apparently did. That's great that she's still out and about. They must have some great genes those two sisters, still going strong at their ages. More power to them both. And like Shaina said, I'd love to see a more recent picture of her as well. So if anyone finds one, please let us know! The last picture I saw of her was in the Daily News about 5 or so years ago. Someone on some news show or in print had made a comment about her being deceased, and she of course said
  20. Thanks Mongo for the great bio you did for Polly Moran. I haven't been to the boards much lately, otherwise I would've thanked you sooner. She was one helluva lady, and I had no idea that she and Marie Dressler made 11! movies together! I thought they did less than that. And thanks for the info on Irene Worth as well, who I'd heard of, but didn't know much about.
  21. Hi Kelsea, and welcome to the boards. I have a membership at a "star address" website, which has just about every famous person listed. Who's do you want? Let me know and I'll look them up for you.
  22. This "rebuttal" to my remarks about Rosalyn Herman is quite something. The fact is, she's the one who wrote it, even though she didn't want to identify herself in the response. She also sent me a threatening email in regard to the post I made earlier in this thread. Now, what do you all make of this? I was merely offering advice to a fellow collector, and she is obviously infuriated by it, so much so that she is contacting me personally. Do you guys feel that I was out of line, by saying that I would not deal with this seller?
  23. Larry, that's great that you know Elaine Stewart! I'll never forget that scene of her standing at the top of the staircase in "The Bad and the Beautiful," one of my all time favorite movies. And thanks for filling us in on the status of some of the Hollywood legends that are still with us. And I had no idea that Richard Widmark was not doing too well. I had heard that he was in good health. And I can't believe that Anita Page is still going strong at 95! In this past weeks edition of "Parade" magazine, someone wrote in asking about June Allyson, and her husband said that she's "been u
  24. I was just reading about this on the AOL news thing. And Larry you're right, he was suffering from Alzheimer's - his son said so in the article. This past Saturday I was watching Eddie in "Out of the Fog," with John Garfield, Ida Lupino, and Thomas Mitchell, on TCM, and I was thinking about how he was still with us. What a shame that he passes away only a few days later. He was great in his role, small as it was, and I also enjoyed him in "I'll Cry Tomorrow," and "Oklahoma." You know, I was even going to start a thread about "Out of the Fog," since I really thought it was excellent. I
  25. Wasn't he married to Rosemary Clooney?
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